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Quick AC Service in Ahmedabad

  • Professionals AC Technicianc in Ahmedabad
  • Online and Cod Payments Options
  • 90 days Warranty on Gas Refilling
  • 100% Genuine Spare Parts
  • Lowest Prices Guaranteed
  • Free Cancellation And Reschedule
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Why Key Vendors ?

Professionals AC Technician

Our technicians are highly trained professionals when it comes to giving the best AC services in Delhi And other cities. We also prioritize polite customer interaction to ensure that you receive service of the highest standard. 

Online And COD Payments Options

At Keyvendors, we offer both online payments and cash on delivery payment, with no hidden costs and unexpected surprises. Enjoy hassle-free transactions, making the process easy and flexible for your comfort.

90 Days Warranty For Gas Refilling Service

At Keyvendors, we stand behind the quality of our work, which is why, to give you the peace of mind, we offer a 90 days warranty for our gas refilling service, a benefit our competitors may not provide.

100% Genuine Spare Parts

To ensure a long lasting performance of your AC, you should only use genuine parts. When offering AC repair, our technicians ensure that they  use 100% genuine spare parts bought from authentic sources for the repairs.

Lowest Prices Guaranteed

Keyvendors provides affordable pricing to their customers so that they save up to 40% of what their competitors offer. The reason for lower pricing is because we don't use surcharges on the parts we provide for AC repair and services at low cost.

Free Cancellation And Reschedule

With Keyvendors, you have the option of canceling and rescheduling your AC repair schedule anytime you want without any added charge to your budget.

How it Works?

Book An appointment:

Customers can book an appointment for AC services through Keyvendors website or by calling their customer support team.



The technician will provide the customer with a detailed quotation for the repair work needed, including the cost of any replacement parts.


Repair Or Service:

Once the customer approves the quotation, the technician will proceed with the repair or service work, replacing any faulty parts and ensuring that the AC unit is working properly.



Once the work is completed, the customer can make payment via cash, credit/debit card, or online payment.



Keyvendors values customer feedback, and so they will ask for feedback from customers to ensure that they are satisfied with the services provided.

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Table of AC Service Charges | Table of Technicians | List of All AC Services | Jet Clean AC Service | Foam Wash AC Service | Rustproofing AC Service | AC Gas Filling | AC Installation | AC Uninstallation | AC Duct Cleaning | AC Compressor Repairing | AC Fan Motor Repair | Type of Air Conditioner | Window AC Service | Split AC Service | Tower AC Service | Inverter AC Service | List of AC Brands | Related Blogs | Related Videos | AC Service Top Cities | Related Services | FAQs

AC Service Charges In Ahmedabad

Here is a tabular representation on ac service charges in Ahmedabad

AC Service In Ahmedabad Windows AC Split AC
AC Repair Solutions ₹ 199 ₹ 199
Jet Clean AC Service ₹ 499 ₹ 499
Foam Wash AC Service ₹ 599 ₹ 599
Rustproofing AC Service ₹ 749 ₹ 749
Full AC Gas Refilling  ₹ 2,399 ₹ 2,699
AC Installation ₹ 799 ₹ 1,499
AC Uninstallation ₹ 399 ₹ 799

AC Service In Ahmedabad by Professional Technicians

AC Technicians Serving Location Book Now
Bhanu's AC Service In Ahmedabad Aslali Call Now
Amit's AC Service In Ahmedabad Sabarmati Call Now
Mintu's AC Service In Ahmedabad Ramol Call Now
Sudhir's AC Service In Ahmedabad Naranpura Call Now

ac service in ahmedabad

List of All AC Services In Ahmedabad

Keyvendors offers top-notch air conditioner service in Ahmedabad to keep your systems running efficiently. Our experienced technicians leverage the latest methods.

Jet Clean AC Service in Ahmedabad

Jet Clean AC Service in Ahmedabad

The Jet Clean service deeply flushes AC systems using pressurized water streams without chemicals. This dislodges debris for cleaned coils, reduces repairs, and purifies air. Annual jet cleaning maintains health and efficiency. This removes pollutants for:

  1. Clean fresh air
  2. Improved cooling
  3. Reduced risk of repairs

Foam Wash AC Service in Ahmedabad

Our exclusive Foam Wash breaks down stubborn buildup with an advanced foaming solution. Meticulous washing of coils, filters and drains restores cooling capacity, prevents breakdowns and saves energy bills. Benefits include:

  1. Eliminates stubborn buildup and grime
  2. Restored cooling capacity
  3. Prevent unit breakdowns

air conditioner repair service in ahmedabad

Rustproofing AC Service in Ahmedabad

Internal corrosion shortens AC lifespans through wear and tear. Our anti-rust treatment coats all components to shield them from rust and oxidation. This:

  1. Extends equipment lifetime
  2. Reduces costly part replacements
  3. Enables the unit to run efficiently

AC Gas Filling Ahmedabad

Gas filling is crucial for depleted systems. After testing for leaks, we meticulously drain, vacuum and recharge ACs to optimal refrigerant levels. Proper gas levels enhance cooling and durability and prevent complete failure. Our experts will:

  1. Test for leaks
  2. Drain and vacuum the system
  3. Recharge gas to ideal levels
  4. Verify performance

ac gas refill price ahmedabad

AC Installation Ahmedabad

Our certified technicians handle AC installation Ahmedabad for residential and commercial spaces while following best practices. We size, select, and mount appropriate units along with careful copper piping, electrical connections, and gas charging, adhering to safety codes. Our ac installation charges Ahmedabad is also very competitive.

AC Installation Ahmedabad

AC Uninstallation In Ahmedabad

Proper AC uninstallation requires care to avoid system or property damage. Keyvendors uses methods protecting pipelines, wires, walls, and other fixtures when transitioning ACs for replacement, relocation, or storage.

AC Duct Cleaning Service in Ahmedabad

Accumulated dust, debris, and pollution reduce airflow and cooling. Our duct cleaning services deeply remove contaminants from vents and channels using industrial vacuums and air-blowing equipment. This rejuvenates air quality and temperature regulation.

AC Compressor Repairing in Ahmedabad

Faulty compressors account for major AC failures. Rather than full unit replacement, Keyvendors provides more affordable compressor ac repair Ahmedabad and rewiring to restore optimal performance, reliability and longevity.

ac compressor repairing

AC Fan Motor Repair

AC fan motors fail over years of use. Our technicians troubleshoot issues for cost-effective ac fan motor repair versus replacement, overhaul internal components if possible, or install new fan motors matching OEM specifications. This returns functioning, upgraded cooling.

Type of Air Conditioner We Serviced

With another blistering Indian summer approaching, ensure Keyvendors' experienced technicians service your cooling systems. This ac service in Ahmedabad near me expertly maintains and repairs major AC types to deliver the urgent relief you need.

air conditioner service in ahmedabad

Window AC Service in Ahmedabad

Window air conditioners are a common sighting in Indian homes and older buildings. As affordable and straightforward systems, they efficiently cool single rooms. However improper installations or lack of maintenance can result in dysfunctional cooling, higher electricity bills and even dangerous electrocution risks.

Our ac repair service in Ahmedabad include:

  1. Efficient re-installations and removal
  2. Refrigerant gas recharging
  3. Comprehensive and deep cleaning
  4. Troubleshooting and repairs

Split AC Service in Ahmedabad

Split ACs are the preferred cooling system for modern spaces like apartments and offices. Our qualified experts handle a wide range of split AC maintenance needs:

  1. Ductwork cleaning of indoor evaporator units
  2. Condenser unit repairs and fan fixes
  3. Refrigerant pipe assessments and patching leaks
  4. Music system control integrations
  5. Optimizing efficiency configurations

Tower AC Service in Ahmedabad

Heavy-duty towers and central air conditioners require specialized care to maximize uptime. Key vendors offers:

  1. Variable refrigerant flow (VRF) system maintenance
  2. Cooling tower cleaning and water treatment
  3. Air handling unit (AHU) servicing
  4. Ductwork sanitization
  5. Spare parts inventory and replacements

Inverter AC Service in Ahmedabad

With advanced inverter technology varying compressor speeds to save electricity, these ACs require precision. Our updated expert teams handle ac compressor repairing:

  1. Inverter-specific component replacements
  2. Gas pressure tuning and optimizations
  3. Software error troubleshooting
  4. Refrigerant upgrades to newer gases
  5. Fix compressor air conditioner

Trust Keyvendors air conditioning technicians to keep your system - modern or dated - running at peak condition year after year. We help ward off Ahmedabad's heat!

ac repair ahmedabad

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FAQs: About AC Service in Ahmedabad

What is the best AC service company in Ahmedabad?

With years of expertise, advanced equipment, and skilled technicians, Keyvendors is among the top AC servicing companies in Ahmedabad.

What are the signs that my ac is overheating?

Unusual noises, reduced cooling efficiency, and the AC unit blowing hot air are key signs of overheating.

What is the cost of gas refill in split AC?

The cost typically ranges from ₹1,500 to ₹4,000, depending on the refrigerant type and amount required.

What is the cost of gas refill in window AC?

Gas refills for window ACs cost between ₹1,000 - ₹1,500 on average.

How many times AC needs to be serviced?

It is ideal for servicing your AC 3-4 times a year - before summer, during peak season, after the monsoon season, and before winter.

Can we operate AC without service?

While possible, operating an AC without regular service can lead to decreased efficiency and potential damage.

Why is my AC not blowing cold air?

This issue can be due to low refrigerant levels, dirty air filters, or issues with the compressor or thermostat.


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Round the clock customer

As a tireless and spectacular organization we believe in working consistently and proving customer support 24x7.

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