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Why Key Vendors ?

Why Keyvendors Sofa, Carpet  Dry Cleaning Service is the Most Trusted Among Customers 


Here are the reasons that make Keyvendors, the most reliable brand in carpet and Sofa dry cleaning and other significant cleaning services.


We Use Modern and Scientific Drier Process 

Sofa Dry Cleaning


The Keyvendors carpet and Sofa  Dry cleaning process utilize 80% less amount of water. We use a less water method, which makes the carpet get dries within a couple of hours. It means you don’t have to wait for one or two days for dry carpet.


The Competent Dry Cleaning Services


Our core carpet and Sofa Dry cleaning solution have the element that works vigorously in stains and oil patches. The carbonated solutions go profound inside carpet threads, and it picks up dirt intensely. Our prevailing removal tools provide deep cleaning. Hence there would be no dirt influencing scum pending behind, and the carpet remains cleaner for a long time.


Safe and healthier 


As we have told that our cleaning service uses less water method that indicated there is the least risk of dampness and dirt growth beneath your carpet. We use eco-friendly and environmentally safe materials and solutions that don’t have any harmful chemicals and are completely secure and harmless for families and pets.


Sofa dry cleaning services at your home  

all types of sofa cleaning services in near you


How it Works?

Sofa Cleaning Service

Choose the size and type of your Sofa

Look through different services and packages available 


Select your suitable time slot

You can choose your time as per your comfort. The expert or representative will come over to you between your given time slot. 

Our professional will do your work 

The Sofa cleaning process needs a professional team and our representatives will perform the task in an excellent manner. We will provide compensation in case, anything is damaged during the service. Giving Quality service is our top preference.

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Exceptional Sofa Cleaning Service in Faridabad - Keyvendors 

Sofa Dry Cleaning Service In Faridabad

A sofa is commonly used furniture in a home. Even not only in residence, but you may also find sofa or couch in many workplaces. It enhances the interior beauty of a workplace. 

But the problem happens when you don’t maintain the cleanliness of the sofa. Faridabad is a prime location in India, and when you want a sofa dry cleaning service in Faridabad, you must communicate with Keyvendors. 

Purchasing a new dream home and furnishing your family room with the recently bought sofa sets is an exhilarating experience. Investing in new couches, repainting the walls, and stylishly arranging them can work effectively for the home interior. 

All of the stuff may appear as new as the day you bought it, but until there are no babies in the frame. Furthermore, all people who enjoy having couch settings in their houses should be aware that they quickly collect any filth, grease, or pollen. 

So do you want to live with a dirty sofa and invite many health issues? You don’t want to be in the same situation. Hence, appoint a competent sofa dry cleaning in faridabad through Keyvendors and make your sofa always look like a new. An unclean sofa with dust, grime, and food crumbs is a disaster for home and the workplace. When you have children and pets in your house, you need to precisely take care of your sofa. One other issue with sofa cleaning is that it never happens with DIY methods.

If you think couch sanitization is an easy process, you are wrong. It needs technical hands, cleaning chemicals, and professional expertise. A company that can deal with sofa dry cleaning in faridabad is Keyvendors. Many people have made the mistake of getting things done at home by them, and they have ruined the appearance of their sofa. Moreover, if you are a cleanliness fanatic, you cannot live in a room where the sofa gives you the feeling of a messy interior. Hire sofa dry cleaning in Faridabad via Keyvendors and get excellent results. 

Prices Of Sofa Dry Cleaning In Faridabad

Sofa Dry Cleaning Services Charges
Sofa Cleaning ₹ 799
Sofa Dry Cleaning Per Seat ₹ 179
Chair Dry Cleaning ₹ 149
Cushions ₹ 59
Mattress Dry Cleaning ₹449
Sofa Cum Bed ₹1199

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sofa dry cleaning in faridabad

What's Included in Our Sofa Cleaning Service?

Fabric Sofa Cleaning:

1. Thorough Dry Vacuuming for Dust Removal:
   - We utilize a high-powered vacuum cleaner to expertly clean both the front and back of your sofa, eliminating dust and debris.

2. Professional-Grade Wet Shampooing:
   - Our team employs a top-quality, professional-grade solution to deep-clean your fabric sofa, ensuring a fresh and pristine appearance.

3. Efficient Wet Vacuuming:
   - To guarantee the removal of dirty water and cleaning residues, we perform a meticulous wet vacuuming process.

Leather Sofa Cleaning:

1. Comprehensive Dry Vacuuming and Manual Wiping:
   - Our dedicated team combines dry vacuuming with precise manual wiping, using microfiber cloths to clean both the front and back of your leather sofa.

2. Sanitization with Special Chemicals:
   - We employ specially formulated chemicals to sanitize and cleanse your leather sofa, promoting a hygienic living space.

3. Leather Revitalization with Special Polish:
   - We apply a specialized leather polish to enhance the longevity of your leather furniture, ensuring it looks and feels its best for years to come.

FAQs About Sofa Dry Cleaning Service In Faridabad

How Much Does Sofa Dry Cleaning Service Cost?

Our Sofa cleaning service is affordably priced at just ₹179 per seat.

What Is Upholstery Cleaning?

Upholstery cleaning focuses on refreshing and cleaning the fabric covering your furniture.

Can I Get My Couch Cushions Dry Cleaned?

Absolutely! The skilled team at Keyvendors is equipped to provide professional dry cleaning for your couch cushions.

How Can I Trust Your Sofa Cleaning Service?

With a track record of thousands of successful sofa cleaning work, we're your certified and budget-friendly sofa cleaning experts.

How Long Does It Take For A Sofa To Dry After Cleaning?

The sofa dry cleaning service may take 2 to 4 hours which also includes the whole sofa cleaning and drying wait time.

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