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Professional And Affordable Salon At Home In Delhi

  • Free video/voice call consultation with Beautician
  • Our experts offer a full range of beauty treatments for women
  • You can book an appointment from your home, no matter what time or day it is
  • We accept all payment methods.
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Why Key Vendors ?

How Beauty Service Online at Keyvendors Is Superlative than Traditional Salon (Why US)

Getting beauty parlor service is soothing, but visiting a beauty salon is a tiresome task that needs time and energy. With Keyvendors beauty salon at home, it is effortless to avail beauty service with convenience and flexibility at your place. We are superlative from others because:- 

We Help Protect Your Time, Energy and Money Wastage: - When you get a salon at home, it naturally protects your energy, time and money. Our online beautician services are budget-friendly, fast delivering and convenient. 

Use Top Quality and Branded Cosmetics: Whoever you hire for any beauty service, all our connected professionals understand what originality, quality and brand mean. We generally use top brands like L’oreal, Huda, Lakme, Estée Lauder, Clinique and many more. 

Trained, Proficient And Certified Beauticians: All beauticians registered under the Keyvendors platform are certified, experienced, professionals and well versed in their respective fields. 

Sanitation and Hygienic: We believe that sanitation and hygiene are essential, especially in the pandemic era. Our beauty professionals take care of hygiene and precautions before visiting customers. They do their work with utmost cleanliness and sanitation. our services comprise:-             

  • Bridal makeup and hair 
  • Party makeup and hair 
  • Haircutting and styling 
  • De-tanning   
  • Manicure
  • Facial
  • Hair keratin
  • Hair and nail extension 
  • Hair Spa
  • Face Bleach
  • Pedicure and many more 

How it Works?

Select a Beauty Salon/Beauty Parlor Service

Pick from the given options of beauty packages and services

Pick your Suitable time and Date

Select time and date as per your convenience. We work for 7 days however the timing is between 9Am to 7PM.

Get Service at Your home

Unwind and get freshness with our professional beauty serivies at home


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Beauty Salon At Home In Delhi For All Your Parlour Needs

Most of the time, it is not possible to visit a beauty parlor for clean-up, facial, makeup, waxing, threading, face bleach, hair cutting, and other beauty services due to the busy timetable. You may sometimes feel sluggish to go for a makeover.

But now you don’t have to be stressed out for such reasons because here Keyvendors has started the best beauty parlor service or salon at home in Delhi. The good news for all ladies is to get a gorgeous look through salon at home Delhi.

salon service at home in delhi

Keyvendors have already set up a portal where users can find salon services at home in Delhi easily.

It is pretty simple to book the beauty services that you require. It is a place where you can get beauty parlour services at home in Delhi for special occasions and events.

Experience the Best Salon at Home in Delhi

salon at home in delhi

Cost of Salon at Home in Delhi

Salon at home Services Cost
Threading 50
Waxing 250
Clean-up 500
Facial 800
Manicure, Pedicure 600
Skincare Packages 2,000
Makeup 2,500
Hairstyling 1,500
Haircut 150
Hair spa 500
Body polishing 2,500

A wedding is always a special day for any individual. Especially a girl has several wishes and dreams for such an auspicious event. Bride-to-be always looks for the elegant pre-bridal package to ensure that everything goes precise and perfect on her most important day of life.; Ladies who plan to tie the knot in 2022-2023 or in upcoming years can get spectacular;pre-bridal packages in Delhiat a budget price.

We have a world-class crew of beautician vendors having a mind-blowing reputation in the fashion and beauty industry. One can pick the best among various salon services at home in Delhi at the Keyvendors platform.

It is not only about having glossy and pretty makeup before the wedding only but also about making your wedding day memorable with pre-bridal beauty packages at a reasonable cost. Don't compromise with the product quality when you want grand and special makeup, hair care, bridal facial, and many more. Selecting the best beauty parlour at home in Delhi;is always a good move, and it is possible with Keyvendors.

List of Beauticians for Salon at Home in Delhi

Beautician Contact
Salon at home in Delhi with Rekha (Senior Makeup Artist) call now
Salon at home in Delhi with  Hina (Hair Stylist) call now
Salon at home in Delhi with Anuradha (Manicure,Pedicure Specialist) call now
Salon at home in Delhi with Aishwarya (Bridal Makeup Artist) call now
Salon at home in Delhi with Tanya(Makeup Artist) call now
Salon at home in Delhi with Renu (Senior Makeup Artist) call now

Our Salon at Home in Delhi Offers the Following Services

Waxing Service at Home

Facial Service at Home

Manicure Service at Home

Pedicure Service at Home

Threading Service at Home

Bleach Service at Home

Hair styling Service at Home

Hair Color Service at Home

Hair Spa Service at Home

Makeup Service at Home

salon at home in delhi

Available Salon Services at Home in Delhi Are:


A facial is all about giving gentle and suitable treatment to your skin. Our salon services at home in Delhi have multiple facial packages, and you can select the best one. A facial helps in nurturing and boosting the glow of your skin. When you receive facials from licensed and certified beauticians, they ensure to deliver skin-friendly services. Our beauty parlour services at home in Delhi ensure good and skin-friendly facial solutions.

makeup service at home delhi

These authenticated beauticians offer deep cleansing, remove acne problems and hydrate your skin. An appropriate facial can glow your skin, eliminate oil, assist in removing clogged skin pores and provide rejuvenated and vigorous skin. We utilize top brands for clean-up, de-tan, and facial as a top salon service at home in Delhi.


salon service at home delhi

Our beauty parlour at home in Delhi offers you budget-friendly manicure services. Our beauty experts will take care of your hands and make them fresh and energetic. A manicure service at home means you get gentle, comfortable, and most peaceful hand makeover.

The purpose of a manicure is to moisturize your hands and feet by filing your nails and massaging your hands, toes, feet, and calves to improve blood circulation. It is essential to do this to maintain the health of the skin around your nails and to promote proper nail growth.


Pedicure is also an important beauty service that is all about taking care of your feet. Our salon at home in Delhifacilitates tension removal from your feet, brings relaxation, cutting and shaping your nails, etc. Based on your needs, you can get any of the 3 ranges of pedicure: Normal Pedicure, Classic Pedicure, and Luxury Pedicure. It reduces tanning, harshness, and uneven surface of your feet and makes them stunning.

Hair Spa and Hair Care

hair spa at home in delhi

Imagine you are sitting at home and receiving a pleasing hair spa treatment at home. Keyvendors beauty parlour service at home in Delhitends to deliver satisfaction and hurdle-free beauty services to the end consumers. We take care of each hair strand and make it softer, refreshed, and full of volume.A hair spa is an essential practice for your hair health, and it boosts your scalp cleanliness, hair texture, and growth. You can get rid of dandruff, and dry and tightly curled hair through a hair spa.

We also offer hair cuts, hair straightening, keratin, hair bonding, texturing, coloring, and styling in addition to a hair spa. Your hair will be strong and healthy for a long time with these hair care services.

Face Bleach

Now don't look for a salon for women nearby your area because you can get beauticians at home. Face bleaching is good for tan removal rapidly from your skin. It also promotes face glow. Our bleaching methods are gentle on all skin, and there is no chance of allergic reactions, side effects, and bad impact on the skin.

Skin & Beauty Care

As a result of our contaminated and increasingly worrying lifestyle, it is difficult to maintain holistic and glowing skin.  Many natural beauty services help in enhancing skin glow and removing dirt and acne from your skin. Our home beauty service will first analyze your skin and work on the root cause of the skin issue. Our home salon services in Delhi are all about offering bother-free services to the people. 

Gain Marvelous Pre Bridal Packages At Home in Delhi

salon at home in delhi

FAQs: Beauty Salon At Home In Delhi

Can you tell me what kinds of beauty services you offer?

Our beauty services include waxing, threading, facial threading, skin clean up, facial bleaching, manicure, pedicure, and party makeup at very affordable prices.

What combo deals do Keyvendors offer for Beauty Parlour services at Home?

We offer package deals and great discounts at Keyvendors. After our beautician visits your home, you will be informed.

Can I Reschedule the service anytime?

Yes, you can reschedule your booking 5 hours before the booked time slot by contacting our Customer Support at 9018181818. Depending upon the availability of the slot and the expert we will reschedule your booking as per your preferred date & time.


the world class work that we provide has a genuine and economical pricing which is worth spending

Pay After

We have an excellent policy of giving service and getting payment after the work completion.


We have already given a feasible platform for vendors to connect with us and growth their business.

Round the clock customer

As a tireless and spectacular organization we believe in working consistently and proving customer support 24x7.

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