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Why Key Vendors ?


Reason to Pick Keyvendors from Others 


Experienced and Qualified Painting Experts

Our team concludes with veterans from the painting industry. We have expert exterior painters, interior painters, wallpaper experts and so on. Hence you can expect elevated quality and durability from our painting services. 


Scientific Site Examination

 Once we discuss with clients, we generally perform site inspection scientifically and suggest necessary changes and repair work. We confirm that all recommendations are on the board to get magnificent paint finishing. 


Customized Color Recommendations and Selection

Today, technology has helped create a wide variation of paint shades. Computerized paint shades have allowed people to choose as per their likings and choices. That's why we are professional painters who help in paint colour finalization. 


Strict Safety Standards

We never take a single risk with customers and our workers. We take complete precautions to avoid mishaps and injuries while working on the site. Every painting worker and staff is insured. So there would be no possibility of injury, damage of belongings from our side.  


Painting with Supervision and Monitoring 

All paintwork we deliver is under the scrutiny of our experts. They keep monitoring and supervise everything from starting to the finish. They pick out errors and spot where there is scope improvement. The constant supervision and management help us to rectify things at the same time and complete painting works timely.  


Advanced Machinery and Tools

No painting team is complete without advanced machinery and tools. We have the latest equipment that helps in making your house refreshing and excellent paint finishing. 

How it Works?

How Does Keyvendors Painting Service Work?

It is natural to make changeover your home when you opt for painting. Painting a house is a delightful experience but selecting accurate color, material and house painter is time-consuming. Before hiring a home painter, it is vital to ensure family security and safety. It is good to ask your friends, relatives, neighbours or office colleague for any recommendations. Additionally, the internet also helps you locate the best and most reliable painting contractor in Delhi NCR because it is filled with infinite vendors. 

Well, considering the successful history, overall client's satisfaction, previous work, Key vendors painting service is secure and provides optimal contentment. You can expect your house rejuvenation after our painting services. 

Consult with Keyvendors secured painting services and solutions, and allow us to show you the artistic layout of your house. 


Keyvendors Approach for Painting Service 

You may have different questions in your mind, and one of the most sought questions would be: how does Keyvendors painting service work. Now we will know about it. 

Step -1

Book an Appointment on Our Website

It is simple to fill query form available on the website and submit all the important information. You will get calls from the customer help desk to book an appointment for Keyvendors secure painting services. You can discuss the budget and many other details with our customer support team. 

Step 2

Material and Site Discussion

Once we receive your query, our painting experts or painting service executive will communicate with you—the executive help to answer all your questions and give you material, site and project overview. 

Step 3

Colour Selection 

Keyvendors secure and highly advanced painting service provides an opportunity for customers to choose their preferred painting colours. We will help to select the perfect color for house painting. These computerized colors are countless, and our painting expert assists in deciding an appropriate painting shade for your house. 

Step 4

Start Painting Work 

After deciding on paint colour, we begin with applying primer wherever applicable; cover the floors and belongings through plastic sheets. We have master painters, and they know mounting quality parameters and safety standards during application painting on the site. We disinfect the entire site before painting work completion. 

Step 5

Site Finishing with Top Quality Tools And Material 

Painting is not the only task we perform; we also confirm that the final finishing is up to the mark and perfect. Our painting crew utilizes the latest machines and accessories such as a hand sprayer, paintbrush, laser distance device for site evaluation. Correct use of painting material can bring top efficient finishing in the end. 

Step 6

Project Completion and Handover Site To Client

After painting sanitization and house disinfection process, we perform and hand you to experience the difference between the new wall and the entire house painting. 

We Help Different Painting Process Such As:

  • Wall texture and design that suits your house and compliment your energy

  • Wallpapers application is also significant when you choose wallpaper over painting. 

  • We also help in wood finishing, which is an integral part of home painting.

  • Without proper and precise waterproofing, you cannot become sure about successful painting completion. Leakage and moisture can spoil your painting. We provide waterproofing services so that your house painting doesn't get damaged and last longer as much as you maintain it properly. 


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good prices achha kaam karte hai


bunty bhola

local painter se acha hai inse kra lo kam sekam company wale response to kar dete ahi


dinesh pandit

All About new

Expert Painting Contractors in Delhi

Your house looks good when the interior and finishing are perfect. The contribution of painting in a home is vital. It is correct that professional house painters can add life to a structure.

Keyvendors is also working as leading painting contractors in Delhi, and it has been in the industry for more than a decade. So far the company has completed 200+ projects. We are glad that our expert painters understand complete details about the painting.

Apart from experience, we understand how to execute the painting work excellently. We have local painting contractors with deep knowledge to ensure the house's interior and exterior look unique and magnificent.

The finishing of the house will be on the top if you hire us. Undoubtedly we are ahead of many house painting companies in delivering qualitative and customized painting services in Delhi, Noida, Gurugram, Faridabad, Ghaziabad, etc.

We focus on completing the project with high perfection. We don't just paint a house or workplace, but we pour our efforts, emotions, ideas, and decoration inputs into it. We are familiar with giving utmost preference to clients and know their perquisites. Our work comes with absolute excellence. We are fully-fledged house painters in Delhi, having vast years of expertise to transform your ordinary house into a delighted palace.

Our pricing is transparent, and we don't claim that we are the cheapest painters in Delhi; we ask for genuine fees for our services. However, we make sure to provide services within the client's budget. We are an honest house painting company in Delhi and there is no hidden pricing in our bills and cost; you don't have to take stress for that.


Expert Interior Painting Contractors in Delhi

Operational output is essential to have an impact on interior house painting. Keyvendors interior painting services provide seamless, proficient, and eye-soothing interior painting solutions. Our painting would craft an extremely creative outfit for your house. We bestow house painting services that come under your financial capacity and quality standards. As top-notch painters in Delhi, we pay attention to all your perquisites along with timely project accomplishment and dedicated supervision, crystal clear assessment.

Professional Exterior House Painting Contractors in Delhi

Exterior house painting service is a crucial task, and it needs a high degree of expertise. The exterior painting is also time-taking and complex because it is not simple to apply just a coating and sit calmly. The fastest and secure method to do the job correctly is to appoint a proficient exterior paint company.

At Keyvendors, an exterior painting company in Delhi, We provide the correct devices, procedures, expertise, and machinery to precisely do the job. Our crew is proficient in delivering enormously efficient paints for an exterior home project. We also provide durable finishing and warranty for our services.

Other Available Painting Services

Wall Texture Painting Services in Delhi

The look of your walls tells the complete story of your house decoration. Trends don't finish with the lustrous layout of your walls, but the main ambition is to make it expressive. Today textured wall furnishing is in trend, and they can change the lackluster room into a striking one. These textured wall furnish methods are accurate for amplifying glamour and elements to your house walls.

Keyvendors painting contractor service in Delhi offers you an exceptional soothing experience that only happens when you hire well-versed painters in Delhi. Having more than 200+ clients' positive feedback means a lot to us.

Wood Painting in Delhi

The wooden stuff in our home, such as doors, wall cabinets, etc., requires utmost maintenance and care to validate longevity, performance, and functionality. We are a real company that deals in trendy wood Painting services in Delhi and try to find copious trends and patterns for wood painting in your house. An exceptional method of transforming your house's appearance is to choose unique paint for windows, doors, and furniture. Wood painting requires little research, and preventive measures are necessary to utilize wood paint and apply it effectively on the wooden area.

Metal Painting (Metallic Paint)

Metal painting is complex, and it is not just painting a shade and color layer on your walls. Metallic paint becomes significant when the metal door gets corrosion, rust, and damages from exterior elements. Applying primer to the painting makes it firm and durable. Metal build-up oxidation (an oxide coating) leads to rust and corrosion, hence it is suggested to select primer paint for metal. We can assist you in choosing the metal primer that eliminates oxidation.

Our Painters Are Available In

Painting Contractors in Noida

Painting Contractors in Gurgoan

FAQ’s About Painting Contractors Service

How To Hire A Painting Contractor

At Keyvendors, it is effortless to hire a painting contractor. Would you mind opening our website and filling the inquiry form? You can also call us directly on 9018181818 and fix the appointment. We will hear you and provide you with an economical quotation based on your expectations and financial capacity.

What to Ask Painting Contractors?

workers vaccinated themselves?

  • Before hiring any painting contracto>How long are you working in the industry?

  • How much experience do you have in painting?

  • Do you have expertise in all types of painting or a specific painting?

  • Are you certified and licensed in painting contractors?

  • Are your workers insured? What if an injury happens to the worker?

  • Can you provide the previous client list and projects?

  • Will you compensate in a case where you damage any home stuff during painting?

  • Are your painters skilled and experienced?

  • Do you follow safety precautions and use sanitizer during painting?

  • Do you maintain physical distance, as it is essential in the pandemic era?

  • Is there any hidden cost?

And many more

How much does a painting contractor charge?

It depends on the project requirement; there is no fixed cost because sometimes clients want an only room painted, sometimes they need wall painting. Hence the cost of the painting relies on the client's requirement.

What is the right time to hire a painting contractor?

Usually, when you feel that the painting of your structure is outdated and you need something magnificent, you must hire a painting contractor. There are many other reasons, such as

To remove stains on the wall

Repair broken surfaces

Protect doors, windows from corrosion and oxidation, etc

Why do people look for professional painters?

Every person wants flawless service, and when you hire an unlicensed and inexperienced painter, there are high chances of damaging the existing paint and design of the house and workspace. People in Delhi or all over India hire professional painters because they understand that professional painters have experience, license, good track record, skills, and a high success rate in doing the painting job.

What are the factors influencing the painting cost in Delhi?

A painter's total cost estimation is based on how many hours they consider it will take to finish the job, in addition to a few varying factors, which make an account of:

The painting cost depends on the various factors mentioned below:

  • Days or hours require completing the job

    • Location of the project

    • Weather conditions

    • Skills and experience of the painter

    • Type of project ( interior, exterior, residential, commercial)

    What is the additional costing that falls under house painting?

    Here is some additional cost that fall under house painting

    • Paint cost

    • Labor cost

    • Repair work

    • And other additional costs

    What are the trending paint colors for home interiors in Delhi?

    You may search for answers on the internet, but still, there are some trending colors for home interior.

    • Ripe olives,

    • Bright greens

    • Enlightening Yellow

    • Nurturing Neutrals

    • Potent mushroom

    • Perfect Pastels

    • Gray

    • Cavern Clay

    • Blueprint Blues

    • Rich blues

    And many more

    What is the standard process of painting a new house?

    The standard process of painting a new house is as mentioned below:

    • Make a decision and be ready

    • Choose paint color or take the help of a painter

    • Shift the furniture anywhere else

    • Cover the household items and tape it

    • Clean the walls and surface

    • Prep-up the walls

    • Apply primer on the wall

    • Apply putty and POP if repair needs

    • Apply paint with complete precision 

    What about paint materials and their quality?

    We use top-quality painting material that ensures long-lasting and appealing painting, including solvent, pigment, additive, raisins, and many more.

    Any warranty for your service?

    We provide a warranty as per company standards.

    Will my house be cleaned after the painting job?

    Yes, we will clean the entire area where we perform the painting job.

    What About Painting a new house vs. Repainting

    Both are time-consuming processes; still, we consider painting a new house easy because the newly built house doesn't need repair work. Repainting is a time-consuming task, but it depends on your home structure. It would be better to consult our professional painters to pick the best one.


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As a tireless and spectacular organization we believe in working consistently and proving customer support 24x7.

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bunty bhola

good prices achha kaam karte hai.

dinesh pandit

local painter se acha hai inse kra lo kam sekam company wale response to kar dete ahi.

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