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Prevent excess wear and tear 

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Increase driving safety

Stain removal and prevention

Retain vehicle’s value

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How it Works?

  • Visit Our Official Website Keyvendors.Com And Select Car Cleaning Service From Menu
  • Choose Service Type and Location Where You Want Service 
  • Fill in Essential Information About Your Cars And Location 
  • Schedule Your Car Wash And Car Dry Cleaning Service Online With Us 
  • If You Feel That It Is A Lengthy Procedure, You Don’t Need To Go With Such A Process. All you Have To Call Us at 9018181818
  • We Will Send A Car Cleaning Expert To Your Location Car dry Cleaning in near you


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The Best Car Wash In Noida From Car Experts

Keyvendors gives the perfect car wash in Noida to its clients. We are blossoming in the car washing industry due to elements that guarantee we are the only ones that can provide you with what you need.

car wash in noida

Our car wash in noida varies from glass cleaning to spark therapy, motor protection to metal tire preservation, headlamp recovery to moisturizing leather conditioner, rear subframe coated to upholstery safeguard, and paintwork safeguards to wiping and polishing.

We specialize in providing car maintenance for your vehicles.Throughout the copious services we supply, we continue to work toward presenting you with the most effective & unique approach to your car washing requirements.

With the development of new characteristics and innovation, the car industry demands continuous improvement of car care products; that's what we achieve at the car wash by responding to the requirements of the car.

To expand more on the financial aspects, purchasing a car is a significant financial commitment, but if servicing it costs too much money, it isn't viable.

Thus, Keyvendors car wash service also seeks unique designs and ensure that our user won't be forced to flush money down the sink. In addition, we go to great lengths to continue discovering sustainable products.

To make our merchandise readily available, we have extended our car washing and shining operations throughout India. Our excellence, cost, and timeliness are our USPs. Cost-effectiveness is important to Keyvendors.

car wash in noida


Car Wash Price in Noida


Type of Car Exterior Interior Interior and Exterior
Hatchback 750 650 1200
Sedan 1099 900 1700
SUV 899 850 1449
MUV 999 950 1549
Convertible 1399 1199 2700
Coupe 899 799 1500
Pick Up Truck 1149 1499 2399
Mini Van 699 599     2700

List of Car Wash In Noida Experts

Car Detailing Experts Serving Location Book Now
Manoj Car Wash In Noida Sector 50, Noida Call Now
Zuber Car Wash In Noida     Sector 91, Noida Call Now
Kailash Car Wash In Noida     Sector 137, Noida Call Now
Mukesh Car Wash In Noida     Sector 64, Noida Call Now
Sonu Car Wash In Noida     Greater Noida, Noida Call Now
Neeraj Car Wash In Noida     Sector 13, Noida Call Now
Vinod Car Wash In Noida     Sector 15, Noida Call Now


Available Car Washing Services in Noida

Keyvendors offer a deep cleaning workforce, machinery, and expertise. Whether it's a home car washing operation, a car washing solution supplied to your door, or an automobile service program, our competency matches our supplies.


car washing services in noida

We concentrate on the vehicle's aesthetics and sanitation after washing and transforming the bodywork. In these areas, our customers have indicated fulfillment. Among the services we offer:-

• Complete car shampooing and cleansing

• Inclusive car shampooing and sanitation 

• Outside and inside car washing 

• Extra shine and waxing 

• Erasing hard marks, oil, dust, and pet leftover

• Water-less window washing 

• Air conditioner dusting and vacuuming 

• Car panel disinfection 

• Deep washing and drying of car rugs 

• Steam cleaning of the car 

• Hot water engine cleaning 

• Sanitation of car air vents 

• Car Spa and Perfuming 


How is Car Cleaning Performed?

Booking our car washing services is a cinch. You can complete it by using the identical procedures listed below:-

car wash in noida


Automated Car Wash Schedule Planning
You may now make an online appointment and have a car wash come to you. We'll dispatch our reliable, educated, and amazing cleaning staff.

We Deliver Elevated Solutions
All of the cleansers that operate for our company have enhanced their commercialization, competence, and confidence. They are well-versed in the knowledge and talent needed to clean cars. All car washers in our company have been allowed to work only after a profound background check and exceptional instruction.

Pay a Fee and Provide Reviews
After our car washing service is finished, the client can pay for the services. We kindly ask and advise our customers to provide us with their sincere opinions and evaluations so that we can amend our products and assistance to better suit their needs.

best car wash in noida

We do The Best Car Wash in Noida

Well Versed Cleaning Crew
A car wash service is incomplete if the expert cleaners are not around you. We at Keyvendors are responsible for equipping a standardized car washing workforce to clean your car and provide you a chance to become happy with a spotless and bright car.

Prompt Service with Time
We never let our customers wait for a minute extra once we receive their query or demand for the car wash. Our professional car wash team will reach the mentioned address within 30 minutes to the maximum. We will ensure that car gets through cleaning within a couple of hours.

Up-to-date Equipment with an Ecofriendly Approach
Pour car washing kit may include car cleaning solvents, car polish, waxing, and other products for cleaning. We ensure that every tool and product we use to wash your car is completely eco-friendly and safe for you.

Trusted and Honest Process
The proficiency of our car washing crew has won us a lot of trust in the industry. We don't just do business to generate revenue. With our services, clients can achieve magnificent car cleaning results. There is no clause of hidden expenses because we have been an honest and trusted organization in the car washing industry for more than 7 years. 


Commonly Asked Questions about Car Wash In Noida

Do I Need To Wash My Car Regularly?

Generally, a user needs to wash the car at least twice a week. However, if you have a tight work timetable, you should wash your car once a week.

How Do I Get Doorstep Car Service In Noida?

You can book doorstep car service by exploring the website It is easy to book a car wash in Noida through Keyvendors website and app.

What Is The Cost Of a Car Wash in Noida

The car wash cost may vary from Rs 2000 to 5000 depending on the car condition, dirt, grime, and unhygienic state.

Does Your Company Remove All Stains And Dents From Cars?

A normal car wash cannot remove stains and dents on the car. Car detailing can work on stains and dents.

What Includes Car Wash in Noida?

A car wash in Noida includes: Interior and exterior cleaning that may include seat and upholstery cleaning

  • Wax polishing
  • Wheel cleaning
  • Underbody anti-corrosion solutions
  • Engine cleaning
  • Car shampooing
  • Wheel cleaning and many more


the world class work that we provide has a genuine and economical pricing which is worth spending

Pay After

We have an excellent policy of giving service and getting payment after the work completion.


We have already given a feasible platform for vendors to connect with us and growth their business.

Round the clock customer

As a tireless and spectacular organization we believe in working consistently and proving customer support 24x7.

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