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Get Professional Car Dry Cleaning Faridabad from Keyvendors    

We all understand that vehicle maintenance is essential to keep up high performance. But, sometimes, we take it casually. Proficient car dry cleaning Faridabad is the function and process of cleaning and preserving vehicles in their brand new condition. Car detailing services are more effective, profound, and durable than a simple car wash. You cannot compare car detailing with car washing because the latter is highly effective and needs an expert to perform. Renowned car detailing includes interior and exterior car cleaning, drying, and maintenance.
At Keyvendors, we endow an exceptional series of car dry cleaning services. Our car cleaning services include detailed interior and exterior sanitizing, dashboard polishing, protective coating, upholstery cleaning, and more.

car dry cleaning in faridabad

Our well-trained car cleaners use high cleaning material and premier devices with advanced mechanisms. We have abundant car dry cleaning vendors with us and provide the below-mentioned services:-  

  • Interior and Upholstery Cleaning
  • Upholstery and deep car interior cleaning
  • Cleaning and disinfection from pesticides and gems
  • A pocket-friendly polish application that makes your car shine immediately
  • Paint restoration polish treatment is available
  • High lustrous and furnishing with the designing look of the car is enhanced
  • Safeguard and prevent the car from unwanted exterior impact
  • Durable protection against erosion to the underneath vehicle service
  • Coverage of cooling oil, AC interior vents, and blower disinfection
  • Flush treatment to expel carbon buildup and contamination from the engine
  • Ac disinfection treatment for fuel efficiency

Why Dry Cleaning Of Car Interior Is As Important As Exterior 

It is a common misconception among car owners that only the car's exterior needs a cleaning service. You should all focus on cleaning the interior of the car.  However, car interior cleaning is not a DIY task, and you must hire professional car dry cleaners. Keyvendors is a home service portal where you can book a car dry cleaning service in Faridabad efficiently.
It is our goal to make your car interior hygienic and clean by using the right tools and wisdom. They ensure the complete well-being of your car for the long run. We have summarized a few of the crucial advantages of your car interior cleaning with exterior cleaning:-

Helps in Decreasing Tear and Wear 

It will be risky if you ignore the car interior cleaning process. You may not be familiar that the inside of a car has become dirty and dusty over time if you don't clean it timely. Some stains and dust are hard for coconuts to break. Your car is sensitive to attracting dust, and its upholstery is an easy target for that. Car cleaning in Faridabad is for car cleanliness, enhanced car lifecycle, and protection from possible health risks. Perform car clean-up through car dry cleaning services through Keyvendors at frequent intervals.

Improve Safe Driving Perspective 

Car windows and mirrors in the corner get messed up with dirt. It affects driver competence to see what is coming in front and side of the car while driving. We have a common habit of cleaning windows from the outside, but we hardly pay attention to the interior of the car window. Sometimes that negligence becomes a reason for the severe accident and car damage. However, our professional at Keyvendors suggests frequently cleaning the car interior and sides of the windshield and window. We ensure that car owners will get glossy, clear, and highly visible windows and windshields after car detailing service.

Prevent Health Problems 

Untreated atmosphere, surface, and places can become a house for germs, pesticides, and bacteria. Often our car interiors are closed when we don't use them. It naturally gains dirt and dust buildup. Gradually these contaminated substances can make bad air quality around you and the cars interior. These dirty particles can create a bad odor and health problems for the driver and his family. Car detailing and car dry cleaning services will facilitate users to prevent infection, diseases, and other health issues associated with contaminated air quality. Moreover, if the car interior has a clean atmosphere, it naturally boosts your mental happiness.

What Car Dry Cleaning Services We Provide 

A quick look at our car dry cleaning services:

Interior Car Cleaning:-

  • Leather and fabric Seat cleaning
  • Cleaning of upholstery
  • Basic cleaning and conditioning of car dashboard
  • Car interior vacuum cleaning, including boot and seats
  • Side cabinet and indoor glass cleaning
  • Spraying services
  • Car seat dry cleaning
  • Rubber material and vinyl conditioning

Exterior Car Cleaning:-

  • Car body wash and dry cleaning
  • Number plate cleaning and drying
  • Scratch and rubbing elimination
  • Bumper and wheels covering
  • High-quality wax coating
  • Alloy/wheel cleaning
  • Window/Windshield cleaning

Car Detailing Services in Faridabad 

People roaming for car cleaning and detailing service can stop at Keyvendors. Our car detailing in Faridabad, includes car detailing, car polishing, Teflon coating, ceramic coating, and many more. We have elegant people who apply 100% original material for the complete cleaning and rejuvenation of the car. We are a responsible organization and understand our corporate social responsibility; that is why using eco-friendly chemicals and products. We also provide same-day doorstep car dry-cleaning services for customers' feasibility.

car detaling in faridabad

Sustain your car appearance and operational capacity by receiving authentic car detailing services in Faridabad. Car detailing is a profound cleaning method for the car interior and exterior. It helps in removing obstinate patches and stains and makes your car as appealing as brand new. A traditional car cleaning service includes interior vacuum cleaning, upholstery sanitization, car seat dry cleaning, window-windshield cleaning, wheels dressing, wax coating application, etc.  

The Necessity of Expert Help

An expert car cleaning, dry, cleaning, and detailing service is an episodic maintenance service for your vehicle.  Our car dry cleaning doorstep is probably the finest renovation method for cars. At Keyvendors, the crew of car cleaning veterans uses qualitative expertise and top-class products to secure car surfaces and help maintain brilliant performance. Furthermore, we will help select the precise car dry cleaning and detailing package that matches your needs.

Why Keyvendors Is Reliable Choice for Car Dry Cleaning Service in Faridabad

Transparent services

We are committed to our claims and always provide honest and possible service. We don't believe in exaggerating because the truth is the master of all commitment. You can anticipate quality, original products, authentic car dry cleaning process, and transparency from us. 

Our Proficient Troop of Car Cleaners 

Our company has tremendously proficient, licensed, and reliable car cleaning experts. We conduct a thorough inspection of your car and perform car cleaning services based on the car detailing reports. Our car sanitizing segment has set a quality benchmark because we do our work according to international standards. Our car cleaners are incredibly talented, certified, and licensed. Our hiring process is strictly in-depth, seamless, and authentic. We have thoroughly conducted a background check, previous records, and client’s testimonials before vendor’s registration. Hence the client can easily expect honest and flawless work from us.  

We use best-in-class products in your car

car dry cleaning faridabad

Providing timely car interior cleaning services is our team's specialty, and they use only genuine and authentic products. The quality of our service meets global standards. We ensure that your vehicle becomes stain-less and brand new after applying eco-friendly cleaning products. We know your car needs authentic cleaning and treatment; hence we always use top-quality products and chemicals. The products we apply can remove dirt, dust, and contamination of the car interior without any leftover grease. Our car care products can permanently eliminate dust, patches, and obstinate stains.

Doorstep Car Cleaning Feature

Considering our customer's busy daily life, we ensure to provide doorstep car dry cleaning service. If you don't have sufficient time to bring your car to our workshop to avail car detailing services near me, we will happily visit and perform car detailing at your doorstep. Schedule your appointment with Keyvendors car cleaners, and we will be there for you.

car clean faridabad

Reasonably priced and Time-Saving

 Our auto detailing prices are lower than market standards. However, for deep and shinier cleaning, customers may need to pay higher because quality doesn't come with a low price. 

Up To Date Tools

Every tool, machinery, and equipment utilized for car clean-up are contemporary, up-to-date, advanced, and automated. 


Keyvendors launches free of cost pick up and drop benefits to the customers based on vehicle cleaning requirements at your home and convenience 

Frequently Asked Questions

How Frequently Do I Need Car Dry Cleaning?

A car is cleaned depending on its atmosphere and the type of pollutants it contains. Car conditions determine how often you should clean your car. Car cleaning should be performed by a professional at least 3 times a year.

What is The Price of Car Cleaning Services? 

The price for car cleaning, car dry cleaning, and car detailing has already been given in the price section; customers can check prices. 

Services Price
Exterior & interior Package for Hatchback ₹1299
Interior & Exterior car Cleaning Package for SUV ₹1599
Teflon coating for Hatchbacks ₹1999
Teflon coating for Sedans/SUVs ₹2499
Exterior & interior Package for Sedan ₹1699
Interior & Exterior car Cleaning Package for 7 SUV ₹1999
Car Spa ₹599

Is There Any Hidden Cost Apart From Mentioned Cost For Each Service? 

Absolutely no, there is no hidden cost while obtaining any services (GST applicable as per accounting slab)  

What Things Do I Require To Have For Doorstep Car Cleaning? 

The car cleaning expert will be occupied with all products, chemicals, tools, equipment, and manpower needed for vehicle clean-up. You only need to make sure of uninterrupted power and water supply for the services.


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As a tireless and spectacular organization we believe in working consistently and proving customer support 24x7.

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