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  • Visit Our Official Website Keyvendors.Com And Select Car Cleaning Service From Menu
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  • Fill in Essential Information About Your Cars And Location 
  • Schedule Your Car Wash And Car Dry Cleaning Service Online With Us 
  • If You Feel That It Is A Lengthy Procedure, You Don’t Need To Go With Such A Process. All you Have To Call Us at 9018181818
  • We Will Send A Car Cleaning Expert To Your Location Car dry Cleaning in near you


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Car Detailing in Noida At Resonable Price

India's quick emerging home service portal Keyvendors has introduced delivering fantastic car detailing in Noida. Our gigantic know-how and in-professional overture allow us to provide on-time, proficient, and doorstep car cleaning services.

Founded in January 2015, Keyvendors is an efficient organization that provides car detailing services in Noida and many other home services.


Car Detailing in Noida


Car detailing in Noida is a new segment that has stepped up recently. Whenever we integrate any services in our portal, we tend to offer convenient, no hurdle, and spotless home services to all customers.  

We have dynamic, youthful, and knowledgeable car detailing vendors in Noida that work perfectly based on consumers' aspirations. Our crew has joined hands and is diving into creating a milestone in the car detailing section.

When you buy a vehicle, ensure a plan for car detailing in your mind to maintain it for the long run. You may feel top of the town while buying or driving a car, but it is pretty hard to take care of it. However, that doesn't mean it is too hard to handle.


Car Detailing Services in Noida


Each four-wheeler requires holistic maintenance and service to stay longer and appear as good as new. Every person is stuck in their daily routine because of a tight schedule, which makes them overlook their car. 

Types of Car Detailing in Noida 

There is one roof destination for all home services, including car detailing in Noida, India, and Keyvendors. Glow your car look with our extended and vibrant methods. We don't like to praise ourselves because we believe in performing our job with the required essentials.

It doesn't make a difference in the brand of cars you own like sedan, Mercedes, BMW, SUV, Nissan, Renault Duster, or anyone; our responsibility is to clean out dirt, brighten the look, and make it last longer.

Doorstep Car Detailers 

Get eco-friendly and same-day doorstep car detailing services at a thrifty price. Car detailing comprises Teflon coating, ceramic coating, car waxing, car polishing, Car rubbing, and more.

Deep Car Interior and Exterior Cleaning 

Experts say that a car must need cleansing and servicing twice a year to make it everlasting. 

It will appear as a newly bought car from a showroom—avail premium car detailing, polishing, and rubbing services earliest. We give unmatched car cleaning solutions.

Rubbing and Buffing

Our experts utilize 100% original elements and an elevated speed rotating device for car rubbing and buffing. Car owners can get decisive brightness of cars by having sensible car cleaning and maintenance from Keyvendors.

It is a technique that restores the car's original luster and has an accurate working condition. It also eliminates tiny scratches and monotony of the car. It also helps wipe out damaged paint. 

Car Polishing

The specialist will first clean the car and then apply relevant polish to make it younger than ever. Polishing a car can help it maintain its original look and exterior appearance. 

Car Interior and Exterior Detailing

Car interior and exterior detailing comprise mats, seat belts, dashboards, roofs, and more. We focus on inclusive interior and exterior car cleaning. We must give you a hygienic, lustrous, and germ-free car.

Teflon Coating/ Paint Protection Coating 

teflon coating in noida

Teflon coating is all about making a paint safeguarding coat on your car to protect it from scratches, environmental paint harm, and rust. In short, Teflon coating significantly protects your car's paint.

Ceramic Coating 

Ceramic Coating in Noida

Ceramic coating is beneficial in preventing chemical stains and harmful ultraviolet rays. Additionally, the hydrophobic essence of the ceramic coating helps with effortless car cleaning. It makes your car a candy-like glossy appearance.  

Cost of Hatchback Car Detailing in Noida

Hatchback Car Detailing in Noida Costing
Car rubbing Polishing 1299
Ceramic Coating 9999
Teflon Coating 2099
PPF 40000
Anti Rust Coating 1299


Cost of Sedan  Car Detailing in Noida

Sedan Car Detailing in Noida Costing
Car rubbing Polishing 1299
Ceramic Coating 9999
Teflon Coating 2099
PPF 40000
Anti Rust Coating 1299


Cost of SUV Car Detailing in Noida

SUV  Car Detailing in Noida Costing
Car rubbing Polishing 1299
Ceramic Coating 9999
Teflon Coating 2099
PPF 40000
Anti Rust Coating 1299


Cost of MUV Car Detailing in Noida

MUV Car Detailing in Noida Costing
Car rubbing Polishing 1299
Ceramic Coating 9999
Teflon Coating 2099
PPF 40000
Anti Rust Coating 1299


Cost of Coupe Car Detailing in Noida

Coupe Car Detailing in Noida Costing
Car rubbing Polishing 1299
Ceramic Coating 9999
Teflon Coating 2099
PPF 40000
Anti Rust Coating 1299


Cost of Convertibles Car Detailing in Noida

Convertibles Car Detailing in Noida Costing
Car rubbing Polishing 1299
Ceramic Coating 9999
Teflon Coating 2099
PPF 40000
Anti Rust Coating 1299


Cost of Pickup Trucks Car Detailing in Noida

Pickup Trucks Car Detailing in Noida Costing
Car rubbing Polishing 1299
Ceramic Coating 9999
Teflon Coating 2099
PPF 40000
Anti Rust Coating 1299


List of Car Detailing Service Experts in Noida

Car Detailing Experts Serving Location Book Now
Lalit Car Detailing In Noida Sector 15, Noida Call Now
Sachin Car Detailing In Noida Sector 13, Noida Call Now
Danish Car Detailing In Noida Greater Noida, Noida Call Now
Pradeep Car Detailing In Noida Sector 64, Noida Call Now
Saleem Car Detailing In Noida Sector 137, Noida Call Now
Ramesh Car Detailing In Noida Sector 91, Noida Call Now
Rajan Car Detailing In Noida Sector 50, Noida Call Now


The Best Car Detailing in Noida for Your Car

Car detailing in Noida is much more precise, effective, and comprehensive than a conventional car clean, car wash, and car polish. The vehicle detailing procedure can make your vehicle appear seamlessly clean from both internal and exterior.

Car detailing services may consume more time than the conventional car cleaning process. But the end output will make you flabbergasted.

The Keyvendors is an organization with dexterous car detailers that aid in getting them cleaned accurately and preserving their native appearance. The substantial list of companies claims they are the best car detailing in Noida, but picking a random one in haste.

When a car is muddy, dusty, and cluttered; only car washing is not enough. Looking for brilliant car detailing in Noida for comprehensive cleaning and makeover of your vehicle is vital. We also recommend performing online research and marketing surveys.


Car Detailing company in Noida


Your market research may include searching the internet, asking neighbors, colleagues, friends, and relatives, getting existing customers, and more.

Polishing a car can make it lustrous and elegant. Keyvendors has car polishing vendors to perform the task productively. Car detailing in Noida is different from just car cleaning or washing. Often we wash the car with powder foam water and understand that we have cleaned our car and that too from outside.

Now we cannot wash the car interior with water and soap, so what to do about it? Without cleaning and maintenance, your car's interior, including the seats, carpet, windows, and doors, becomes very dirty and stinking. So the best way to do car interior cleaning is to call and book an expert car detailing service in Noida. 

Pressure car washing is an outdated method, and we have been doing it for decades. It generally involves a full water bucket, a gentle cloth, and washing powder to clean the car. But it is a momentary method to sanitize your car.

Traditional car washing may end up having scratches, paint fading, and damage to the native car texture. Instead of it, Car detailing techniques are feasible and effective these days. These methods will save energy and water bills and provide the expected outcome of the shinier, firm, brand-new car.


car detailing services


A credible and top-notch car cleaner provides excellent services and ensures your car paint stays longer. Our expert cleaner uses top brands of car agents, car shampoo, and gel to offer splendid output. Many of these chemicals and agents are combined with car wax that, facilitates smooth car cleaning.

In addition, it supports expelling dirt and bestows a glossy appearance on your vehicle. The cleaning agents and chemicals may be costly, but they can help your car remains firm, maintained, and clean.

Be mindful of getting precise car detailing from time to time. A little hiatus can lead to substantial harm and expensive damage if you service your car but skip detailing; there is no point in wasting your time doing it urgently to avoid car damage and decay.

Reason to Hire Keyvendors for Car Detailing in Noida 

  • We pay attention to the ultra-hygienic cleaning procedure.
  • Our service is available round the clock on all days with on-demand service.
  • Customize services at sensible costs
  • We take care of your car as our own and professionally handle it to ensure seamless detailing.
  • Authenticated, well-versed car detailing, car polishing, Teflon coating, and ceramic coating experts are with us, and thousands of local vendors have registered under our platform.
  • We apply premium quality products, cleaning agents, and chemicals to ensure damage-free cleaning procedures.
  • Complete satisfaction to clients is always our goal, and we have been doing it since our inception.
  • We have a flock of expert, veteran, and certified car cleaning technicians.


Frequently Asked Questions:  Car Detailing In Noida

Car Detailing in Noida: When Should I Book?

You may consider taking a car detailing service once a year.

Can you tell me how long it will take to detail my car?

It may take one day to three days to complete your car detailing, depending on your requirements.

Do You Also Have Any Hidden Cost Other Than Mentioned Price?

No, we don't have any hidden costs, but ensure you have given us the correct details. But if we find any extra damage and issue, it may charge extra. Moreover, GST is included in our service, which is mandatory for customers to pay.  

Is There Any Warranty On Car Detailing Service? 

If you hire car detailers from Keyvendors, you may get three to 5 years of the warranty on the service. Paint protection work will get five years of warranty. For more detailed information, kindly contact



the world class work that we provide has a genuine and economical pricing which is worth spending

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We have an excellent policy of giving service and getting payment after the work completion.


We have already given a feasible platform for vendors to connect with us and growth their business.

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As a tireless and spectacular organization we believe in working consistently and proving customer support 24x7.

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