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Professional Car Detailing in Gurgaon

If you want your car to look fantastic you must get car detailing in Gurgaon. Generally, car owners perform car washing and car cleaning to maintain the car. But do you think only a convention and DIY car wash is sufficient for your car's longevity?

Not because a car wash is an essential requirement and cannot go beyond that. Car detailing service in Gurgaon is an inclusive process of overall car overhaul and maintenance.

Keyvendors is a portal with car detailer vendors from different parts of the country. People can expect proficient car detailing in Gurgaon through Keyvendors.


car detailing in gurgaon


Cost of Car Detailing Gurgaon

Hatchback Car Detailing in Gurgaon Costing
Car rubbing Polishing 1800
Ceramic Coating 9999
Teflon Coating 3500
PPF 45000
Anti Rust Coating 1800

hatchback car detailing cost in gurgaon

Sedan Car Detailing in Gurgaon Costing
Car rubbing Polishing 2500
Ceramic Coating 15000
Teflon Coating 4500
PPF 55000
Anti Rust Coating 2200

sedan car detailing cost in gurgaon

SUV Car Detailing in Gurgaon Costing
Car rubbing Polishing 2418
Ceramic Coating 14298
Teflon Coating 2858
PPF 55000
Anti Rust Coating 1648

suv car detailing cost in gurgaon

MUV Car Detailing in Gurgaon Costing
Car rubbing Polishing 2198
Ceramic Coating 13198
Teflon Coating 2528
PPF 60500
Anti Rust Coating 1538

muv car detailing cost in gurgaon

Coupe Car Detailing in Gurgaon Costing
Car rubbing Polishing 1299
Ceramic Coating 9999
Teflon Coating 2099
PPF 40000
Anti Rust Coating 1299

coupe car detailing cost in gurgaon

Convertibles Car Detailing in Gurgaon Costing
Car rubbing Polishing 1299
Ceramic Coating 9999
Teflon Coating 2099
PPF 40000
Anti Rust Coating 1299

convertible car detailing cost in gurgaon

Pickup Trucks Car Detailing in Gurgaon Costing
Car rubbing Polishing 1299
Ceramic Coating 9999
Teflon Coating 2099
PPF 40000
Anti Rust Coating 1299

pickup trucks car detailing cost in gurgaon

List of Car Detailing Experts in Gurgaon

Car Detailing Experts Car Detailing Gurgaon Contact Number
Car Detailing in Gurgaon by Mohit Sharma Call Now
Car Detailing in Gurgaon by Hemant Singh Call Now
Car Detailing in Gurgaon by Vivek Bindra Call Now
Car Detailing in Gurgaon by Rahul Singh Call Now
Car Detailing in Gurgaon by Rohit Verma Call Now
Car Detailing in Gurgaon by Ankit Tushar Call Now
Car Detailing in Gurgaon by Sangeet Tiwari Call Now
Car Detailing in Gurgaon by Rishi Shukla Call Now
Car Detailing in Gurgaon by Vishal Sharma Call Now
Car Detailing in Gurgaon by Rajeev Choudry Call Now

Contact Us for Best Car Detailing In Gurgaon

Car detailing stands for cleansing and preserving a car from head to toe by utilizing numerous equipment and methods. However, techniques used in auto detailing are not part of simple car washing.

Car detailing contains some exterior beautifying and fine-tuning of the car. The objective of car detailing is to confirm your vehicle's excellent and new presence.

Expert car detailing in Gurgaon from Keyvendors takes out to the car detailing workshop to eliminate dents and patches on the vehicle. However, the detailing procedure does not include paint and exterior car reparation.

Car Detailing Has Many Things Involved

A complete car detailing procedure contains in-depth cleansing of the exterior and internal parts of the car.

Exterior Car Detailing in Gurgaon

Washing the car 

The outer car detailing operation starts with thoroughly washing using gentle car cleaning detergent, soap, or shampoo. Such cleaning agents create sufficient foam to easily wash out built-up dirt.

Exterior Part Claying

When the car wash completes, the expert applies a clay bar on the exterior of the car, and this process is claying. The clay substance eliminates debris and mud that didn't remove with traditional soap.

Scrubbing and Polishing 

The vehicle polishing technique is performed after the vehicle has been decontaminated. A fresh preventative waxing coating is placed, either physically or automatically, once the initial polish has been scraped from the exterior.

Sealant of Paint

Utilizing specialized automotive sealants or automobile varnish can carry paint finishing safeguarding the vehicle. It is carried out to bring back the car's once-new factory gloss, which may have deteriorated over age.

Tail lights and Headlamps cleaning. 

Car detailing in Gurgaon also involves headlights and taillight cleaning for improved visibility and lighting. Auto Detailers Company will confirm that post-polishing, the lights get sealed properly utilizing polymer adhesive.

Internal Car Detailing in Gurgaon

The interior car detailing is more profound and lengthier than the outer car detailing. It contains panel polishing, cleaning, and dusting from vacuum cleaning. It is also a time taking method because every process related to internal cleaning is comprehensive and proper.  

Vacuuming the interior

The whole vehicle is cleansed using a vacuum to get rid of dirt from the enclosed spaces, Also cleansed are the AC ducts.

Cleansing and Brushing

The car's interior is scoured and properly cleaned, including the carpets. The leather coverings are buffed and cleansed with suede cleaners for a smooth finish and to protect it from dirt and scratches.

Window Cleaning

The windows are wiped with a lens cleaner to ensure they are pristine, do not impede the vehicle's sight, and let the automobile appear bright and fresh.


Scenting or freshening with a high-grade car freshener after vacuuming the car. Scenting can provide a fresh aroma to your car.

Cleaning the Engine Bay

The engine bay is one of a car's mid and significant components. When you hire a car detailing in Gurgaon, don't forget to clean the car's engine bay. A competent auto detailer will never skip engine bay cleansing.

During the engine bay cleansing operation, a forced washer established in the haze mode eliminates the upper coating of dirt, grime, and accumulated mud from the engine. After that, the engine gets proper rinsing, wiping, and cleaning.

Post engine wiping, the detailing operation confirms that the engine has accurate coating application to protect elastic and silicon components of the engine from damage.

Benefits of Professional Car Detailing In Gurgaon

You may want to know the advantages of car detailing in Gurgaon, so have a look.

Worthwhile investment 

Never consider detailing as an expenditure as it may appear costly for you. Instead, it is an investment that gives your car a worthy appearance and long-lasting efficiency. It supports a better engine function and causes lower maintenance expenses. Moreover, it also prevents you from daily damage.

Better Resale Value

The detailing of the car makes sure that your car's depreciation rate gets slowed down a bit. With a regular detailing schedule and routine, you can ensure your vehicle looks new and attractive when you want to sell it off.

It Boosts Resell Worth Of The Car

Surprisingly, car detailing ensures that the devaluation price of the car gets minimized. Along with a recurrent detailing appointment, users can ensure that their car appears fresh and appealing when they want to sell it to another party and expect respectable value.

Provide Security Layer 

The wax layer or adhesive application in car detailing techniques aims to safeguard a vehicle from ultraviolet rays, corrosion, minor scratches, patches, and other petite damages.

An Improved and Uneven Engine 

The car detailing contains engine cleaning in which entire filth and grime wash out easily. Moreover, hidden dust, gaps, and cracks get reparation and lead the engine to operate for longer.

Increase the Car's Life Span

Conducting detailing with Keyvendors prevents your car from fading, and peeling the paint and cracks that usually happens. Moreover, from time to time, detailing can maintain your car's new look for many years, and you feel like you have bought a new car.

Keyvendors the First Choice for Car Detailing in Gurgaon

You may want to know why Keyvendors has the edge over its competitors on car detailing in Gurgaon. We have explained it here:-

Professional Detailers

Key vendors possess a staff of professional's detailers with in-depth know-how or auto detailing. These competent technicians assure you they will care for your car like you. They are car caretakers and never let your car become a useless automobile; hence they use modern tools and techniques to create an excellent ambiance for cars.

Eco-Friendly Chemical and Product Usage

products with harmful chemicals and toxic material can harm your car's exterior and interior. We ensure to apply eco-friendly material and gentle detergent while performing car detailing.  

Timely Service

we never delay our work because we respect your time. We consider time the most valuable asset of life, so once we get requests from clients, we become ready to provide our services.

Warranty Assurance

After complete car detailing, you can expect a warranty assurance from Keyvendors. We have multiple car detailing vendors, so every vendor gives a warranty on his capacity and material used during the services. 

Price is Economical

Do not think that car detailing is a pricey event because it can provide your car with a durable and protective layer. Hence, when you consider tons of auto detailing benefits, the price will seem affordable.   


Frequently Asked Questions: Car Detailing In Gurgaon

Is Auto Detailing Essential?

All of the components of a car that are detailed are given attention. There are advantages to detailing that many people are not familiar with, so undoubtedly, car detailing is essential.

How Much Would a Car Detail Charge?

Based on the car detailing process, the charges can lie between ₹ 5000 to ₹7000. These are not fixed prices; you can ask detailers for the exact amount.  

Can Detailing A Vehicle Get Rid Of Abrasions?

Detailing can definitely fix and remove the dents from the smallest spaces. Frequently there are several degrees of automobile scars. There is the initial layer, which contains the uppermost paint layer. The first coating is the one under that, safeguarding the paintwork on your vehicle.

How Much Time Does Detailing A Car Require?

The procedure of detailing a car is labor-intensive and intricate. Based on the state of the car and the customer's demands, the entire detailing operation might last anywhere from three to four hours to all day.

How Many Times You Should Perform Car Detailing?

An automobile detailing car doesn't have to follow any time restrictions; if you want your vehicle to appear brand new and fresh, you must do it once every six months or twice a year, whatever is your convenience.


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