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High-Quality Car Detailing Ghaziabad

The purpose of car detailing in Ghaziabad is to retain the natural luster and paintwork of the car. It helps in combating the dismal and decayed exterior of the vehicle.


Car Detailing In Ghaziabad


The finishing of the vehicle will come back after the detailing services. Anyone who admires his car must perform car detailing service in Ghaziabad through a professional company such as Keyvendors. 

Many people are not aware of car detailing, but if you come to know the different features and perks of auto detailing, you will indeed take such a service.

Car detailing services are a more comprehensive process than washing the car's outer body with mixed water detergent. Vehicle detailing indicates a deep focus on your car's small details, making it spotless and bright as newly bought. 

Usually car detailing of the vehicles starts from head to toe. It includes inclusive cleansing, applying sealant, waxing, Teflon coating, ceramic coating, and many more.

The process intends to improve and retain paintwork by eradicating small dents and patches that occurred over the period. Such stains and dents can give the paint an unappealing look or a precise layer. Car detailing service is for both internal and external sides of the car.

The usual method of car detailing in Ghaziabad involves all complicated, difficult-to-locate location of the car and need advanced machinery, knowledge, and technical applications. 

Car detailing does not forever include maintenance and repair services; however, it can provide a paint revamp and prevent a car's paintwork from applying a stringent paint preventive layer. 

 car detailing services in ghaziabad


Car Detailing Ghaziabad Price List

Cost of Hatchback Car Detailing in Ghaziabad

Hatchback Car Detailing in Ghaziabad Costing
Car rubbing Polishing 1299
Ceramic Coating 9999
Teflon Coating 2099
PPF 40000
Anti Rust Coating 1299


Cost of Sedan  Car Detailing in Ghaziabad

Sedan Car Detailing in Ghaziabad Costing
Car rubbing Polishing 1299
Ceramic Coating 9999
Teflon Coating 2099
PPF 40000
Anti Rust Coating 1299


Cost of SUV Car Detailing in Ghaziabad

SUV  Car Detailing in Ghaziabad Costing
Car rubbing Polishing 1299
Ceramic Coating 9999
Teflon Coating 2099
PPF 40000
Anti Rust Coating 1299


Cost of MUV Car Detailing in Ghaziabad

MUV Car Detailing in Ghaziabad Costing
Car rubbing Polishing 1299
Ceramic Coating 9999
Teflon Coating 2099
PPF 40000
Anti Rust Coating 1299


Cost of Coupe Car Detailing in Ghaziabad

Coupe Car Detailing in Ghaziabad Costing
Car rubbing Polishing 1299
Ceramic Coating 9999
Teflon Coating 2099
PPF 40000
Anti Rust Coating 1299


Cost of Convertibles Car Detailing in Ghaziabad

Convertibles Car Detailing in Ghaziabad Costing
Car rubbing Polishing 1299
Ceramic Coating 9999
Teflon Coating 2099
PPF 40000
Anti Rust Coating 1299


Cost of Pickup Trucks Car Detailing in Ghaziabad

Pickup Trucks Car Detailing in Ghaziabad Costing
Car rubbing Polishing 1299
Ceramic Coating 9999
Teflon Coating 2099
PPF 40000
Anti Rust Coating 1299



List of Car Detailing Experts in Ghaziabad

Car Detailing Experts     Serving Location     Book Now
Rohit Car Detailing In Ghaziabad Indirapuram, Ghaziabad Call Now
Sanjay Car Detailing In Ghaziabad Vasundra, Ghaziabad Call Now
Kailash Car Detailing In Ghaziabad Mohan Nagar, Ghaziabad Call Now
Sonu Car Detailing In Ghaziabad Vaishali, Ghaziabad Call Now
Manoj Car Detailing In Ghaziabad Raj Nagar Extension, Ghaziabad Call Now
Neeraj Car Detailing In Ghaziabad Chander Nagar, Ghaziabad Call Now
Vinod Car Detailing In Ghaziabad Kaushambi, Ghaziabad Call Now


Car Detailing In Ghaziabad - What Is It?

A messy vehicle compartment and inner area appear terrible and stink poorly. It can lead to functional issues because mud, debris, and roadway particles can find a way to accumulate inside the car as time grows.

When you cannot manage time to disinfect and wipe out dirt from the interior with a vacuum cleaner, it becomes essential to opt for car interior detailing from Keyvendors. 

Our car interior detailing service can rehabilitate your vehicles inside and give them the appearance and experience of newer models.

Once more in a manner that you could not be capable of doing on yourself alone using a mix of cleaning solutions, hoovers, brushes, and repair equipment & products.

Process of Car Detailing In Ghaziabad

We will know the entire car detailing progression here:-

Exterior Car Detailing Services in Ghaziabad

While driving here and there, your car gets messy, with dust, rubble, roadside grime, and many more filthy materials on the exterior surface. Such material can cause wear and tear, paint fading, scratches, dents, and an ugly look. But the good news is that Keyvendors has lucrative solutions for your car paint restoration and new look. 

Inclusive exterior car detailing contains chrome components, windshield, alloy, paintwork, taillight, headlamps, and outer paint reparation. Detailing focus on the below-described points:-


Exterior Car Detailing In Ghaziabad

Scratches Lessening

A car with scratches or dents looks old and unattractive. Hence detailing of a car can reduce such marks so that they can have less visibility. 

Deep Paint Analysis

While performing outer detailing, we inspect the overall exterior paint of the car. We work accordingly if any dent, scratches, or dullness is present. 

Remove Paint splotches and Water Traces

The process also helps in eliminating any additional paint splotches and water traces.

Debris and Grunge Eradication with Degreaser and Cleanser

The deep sanitization and wiping of the gunk and debris from the car with a cleanser and degreaser are essential to exterior detailing. 

Coating Refurbishment

Our coating refurbishment services have a specialized feature to abolish obstinate pollutants from the car surface and revive native showroom finishing and appearance by a sequential process. 

Headlight Reinstatement

The headlights of the car are also worn out with age. Unwanted smog and dirt distort them terribly and damage the sprinkling of the light also. The headlight reinstatement application disregards the gloomy layer from the headlights and brings back their shine and hygiene. 

Chrome Re-establishment

Chrome elements are responsible for the inclusive elegance of the car. Components including chrome wiper edge, chrome fit, and apparatus swing environs attract corrosion, dents, and stubborn water patches that damage the first-class look.

Wheel Renovation

Wheels are vital parts of a car; if they are dirty, the overall appearance of the car becomes messy. We have a significant wheel renovation service that restores the native look of the car's wheel. 


Interior Car Detailing In Ghaziabad


Professional Car Detailing Services In Ghaziabad

Upholstery Preservation

To rehabilitate the interiors of the cars to their former, sparkling condition, we provide our exclusive Upholstery Recovery Solution.


The seating, rugs, mats, canopy, back passenger compartment, and luggage are all vacuumed to remove dirt.

Brushing and Wiping

Wiping down and combing are used to remove contaminants from flooring and rugs.

Steam cleansing

Steaming is an efficient way to remove sticky gunk from carpeting and upholstery.

Window Cleaning

Windshield cleaning involves cleaning the windows and windscreen.

Cleansing of Leather Upholstery

All suede trim in the vehicle is cleansed with detergent and a leather solvent.


The inside of a car is often scented by auto detailing to depart the inside feeling fresh and tidy.

Fabric Rehabilitation

A fantastic fabric rehabilitation service was created considering the lovely yet sensitive nature of material components. Fabric Preservation keeps the upholstery of the car looking brand-new for several years.


Car Detailing in Ghaziabad with Ceramic Coating

A transparent layer called ceramic coating contains fluid polymerization. Based on the layer's substance, ceramic coating is available in different shapes and variations. Two elements are added together To create the ceramic coating. The physical element that prevents paint and the chemical element that preserves the car's luster

The polyurethane and the original paintwork chemically connect whenever ceramic coating is put to a car's exterior. Once sprayed, only bruising can eliminate it. Ceramic coating, when properly applied, may even endure the entire existence of the vehicle.


ceramic coating in ghaziabad


Car Detailing in Ghaziabad with Teflon Coating

Teflon coating is an artificial binder that adheres to the paint on your car and develops a protective layer over it to guard against tiny dings and blemishes. It makes your car's sheen endure lengthier and retain its new look. The treatment preserves the paint on your car by providing a transparent covering. Teflon coating also aids in eliminating paint fading brought on by sunlight and paint degradation brought on by dampness.


Car Detailing in Ghaziabad with PPF Coating


The Best Car Detailing Services In Ghaziabad

We Are the Innovator

Since 2016, Keyvendors has been an innovator and market champion. No one knows automobile care better than we do. We have started a premium car detailing in Ghaziabad by introducing ceramic Our R&D centers are located in various locations of Delhi NCR. 

Experienced & Certified Team

We are fortunate to have a well-versed squad of technicians, detailers, and dry cleaners for the car. The crew has the necessary expertise, license, and certification to perform auto detailing. 

Ecologically Supportive Materials Used For Detailing 

We cautiously select products, chemicals, and cleaning solvents to prevent environmental harm. We ensure every consumer that our goods and cleaning supplies are ecologically balanced and they don't have harmful Volatile organic compounds present. No toxic substances have contributed to the detailing process. 

International standards

You can get help from our experts as you go through the detailing procedure. Additionally, we assist you in making the strongest defense choice and walk you through the suggested planned maintenance so you can preserve your expenditure.

The client is the first Mentality.

We emphasize client contentment and are very honest & upfront about our company and approach. Our client's needs are seriously evaluated during the choice and creation of our products and services.


best Car Detailing In Ghaziabad


FAQs: Car Detailing Ghaziabad

How long Does it for car detailing in Ghaziabad?

It takes only 2-3 days to complete the car detailing In Ghaziabad. In rare cases, the time may extend to one whole day but not more. 

Can Keyvendors Provide Warranty On Detailing? 

Yes! Keyvendors offer a warranty after giving an inclusive car detailing service. However, clients need to talk to professionals and the company for more details. 

Why My Car Requires Detailing?

Like other machines and automobiles, your car also needs maintenance at periodic intervals. Moreover, if you want your car to look like a new showroom and have bought the car for a long time, you must go for detailing.

Do Keyvendors Have License and Certification To Perform Car Detailing? 

We hold all necessary licenses and certifications to provide auto detailing services


the world class work that we provide has a genuine and economical pricing which is worth spending

Pay After

We have an excellent policy of giving service and getting payment after the work completion.


We have already given a feasible platform for vendors to connect with us and growth their business.

Round the clock customer

As a tireless and spectacular organization we believe in working consistently and proving customer support 24x7.

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