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With Keyvedors You Can Get the Best Car Detailing in Faridabad

A long drive with family, friends, and close ones is always a treat. Your car is an ideal companion to help you reach any destination. It is imperative to keep your car working and active for prolonged efficiency. Now, you may be thinking about how you can maintain the car's new shine and appearance long-lasting.

If you consider washing your car every week, it is a temporary solution and may not give you the expected output. Therefore, we at Keyvendors suggest every car owner opt for car detailing for the overall rejuvenation of your car. Our Car Detailing in Faridabad has hoisted the standard in the vehicle dry cleaning sector. 

 Car Detailing In Faridabad

Car Detailing In Faridabad Is Different From Car Washing

Proficient car detailing is the course of action that maintains car appearance and condition up to date like freshly bought. Auto detailing is more inclusive than a conventional car wash. It demands a rigorous workforce and chemicals for cleaning, claying, polishing, rubbing, and buffing.

Car wash usually includes soapy water, fresh water, a cloth or sponge, and sometimes a water hose. But car detailing is more professional and performed by experts in their workshops. It contains both internal and external cleaning of the car. Keyvendors back the robust and exceptional car detailing in Faridabad and ensure the car's durable and shiny look. 

Our Car Detailing Includes the Following Services

An in-depth car detailing is possible with a certified and experienced detailing staff. Keyvendors' crew is unbeatable because they know every essence of the service. They understand the finest utilization of correct chemicals, devices, and top-grade materials.

Mostly, competent detailers prepare car detailing packages for the convenience of customers. Keyvendors has a home service portal and app for auto detailing. It is simple to fix an appointment with detailers to give new life to your vehicle. 

The usual car detailing service we provide includes:- 

List Interior Car Detailing Services

Dusting with Vacuum Cleaner

We clean the car cabinet, backseat, carpet, mats, and seat to wipe out any residual dust with the help of a vacuum cleaner. 

Brushing and Gentle Rubbing

It is imperative to abolish patches, spots, and blemishes on the car's rug, flooring, and carpets. 

Cleaning Through Steam A steam cleaner can eliminate hard patches in seats and upholstery by cleaning the interior of a car. 

Window or Windshield Cleansing

We perform disinfection and cleansing of the glass of the car. 


Our car detailers sprinkle car scents inside the car to create an excellent fragrance to make it breathable and fresh. 

 Car Detailing services In Faridabad

List External Car Detailing Services

Outer Body Washing and Drying 

Skilled detailers from Keyvendors will conduct the washing and drying method manually. The experts will pour chemicals or solvents and rub the car for a thorough cleaning. It also contains manually cleaning glass, door clutches, and rims. 

Claying of The Paintwork 

A top-grade clay slab is ideal for applying to the car's outer area to eliminate all dust, pollutants, remnants, or hidden dirt after car washing. Claying a car can give it a shiny, soft, and transparent surface. It also facilitates the durable efficiency of waxing and polishing. 

Car polish

Car polishing or buffing is a harsh composite on the car's paintwork to abolish a tiny coating of clear adhesive. It can wipe out petite scrapes and eddies in the paint. 

Waxing or Sealing

Applying a preventive coating to the car's paint is necessary to get a lustrous brightness. A sealant or waxing chemical can help in that process.

Supplementary Car Detailing Services

Surplus external cleaning services may include paint fine-tune, headlamp polishing, gearbox cleaning, glass chip restoration, bumbler reparation, and detailing of the engine. Many practiced car detailing companies, including Keyvendors, offer customers additional car detailing services in Faridabad and nearby areas. 

Ceramic Coating 

The ceramic coating contains plastic granules in fluid form, coated on the car's outer surface to provide a secure coating to the car's paint. It is the most appropriate substitute for high-grade waxing.   

Paint Protection Film

Paint protection film provides prevention against tiny scrapes, dents, stone patches, ultraviolet rays damage, accumulated dust, acidic rainfall, and more. It is petite polyurethane covering that delivers inclusive safeguarding compared to ceramic coating.

Fabric Fortification

Our cleaner applies a resin-rich formulation to eradicate remnants, spillage, and dirt from the upholstery and carpet of the car. It protects decaying and discoloration while maintaining the look and design of the fabric.  

Paint Alteration 

Pain alteration is a method for troubleshooting inaccuracies on the topcoat of a car's paint, such as corrosion and discoloration. Keyvendors apply revolving polish equipment to deliver the optimum paint alteration.

Glass Handling

Keyvendors utilizes an advanced window adhesive method to deliver a transparent and stick-less protective layer for unmatched brightness for at least 180 days. We effectively place the application on windows and windscreen, boosting night and day shining while driving in winter, rainy season, or icy weather. 

Leather Protection

It is necessary to protect the leather inside a car that has leather upholstery. Keyvendors apply a high-grade formulation to prevent the vehicle's exterior from grease, water patches, and color stains without destroying the leather's flexible and shining appearance.

Teflon Coating 

The Teflon coating method begins with deep car cleansing to disregard every dirt remnant and debris residue from its surface. After precise washing, a detailer cleans it with water and leaves it to dry naturally. Detailers will then spray Teflon coating on the car surface as lubrication and leave it to dehydrate. It will take almost half an hour to establish the coating. After buffing, the device is necessary to eliminate additional Teflon layers and provide your car with bright furnishing. 

Keyvendors is a Magnificent Company for Car Detailing in Faridabad 

A flock of Well-Understanding Detailers 

 We have a crew of smart, experienced, and well-managed detailers. They implement car detailing services with in-depth practice and zero faults. 

High Efficient Work 

Customers can hop top-grade car detailing solutions from our cleaners or detailers. We perform all detailing processes from evaluation to the final phase of drying naturally. 

No Hidden Charges 

We have charges published on our site already, so there are no extra charges we will ask from consumers. However, if they want surplus work, we will charge for that specific job as mentioned on the website. 

Economical Packages  

Our packages are as per market standard; hence it is a worthwhile investment to get car detailing service from Keyvendors. 


Frequently Asked Questions For Car Detailing In Faridabad

What is The Average Estimated Price of Car Detailing?

If we talk about car detailing, it may stand between INR 5000 to 10,000 (more or less per product and labor-intensive efforts). Still, it is better to contact us directly on 901818181818 for precise rates and quotations.

Why is Car Detailing Essential? 

Car detailing service is essential to maintain durability, efficiency, and a new car look. 

Users can read our car detailing benefits and importance blog for more information on auto detailing essentials. 

What is the Frequency of Car Detailing? 

People should opt for detailing once a year. However, if your car is excessively usable, you must perform car detailing a minimum of two times a year. 

Do Keyvendors Provide Warranty On Service? 

Yes, we offer a warranty on service with terms and conditions that apply


the world class work that we provide has a genuine and economical pricing which is worth spending

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We have an excellent policy of giving service and getting payment after the work completion.


We have already given a feasible platform for vendors to connect with us and growth their business.

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As a tireless and spectacular organization we believe in working consistently and proving customer support 24x7.

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