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Car Detailing In Delhi To Make Your Car Look Shine

How does 'Car detailing' make you feel? If you are inquiring about car detailing, you should know the entire process of car detailing in Delhi.

Knowing all aspects of detailing is crucial for a car owner. Here is a detailed explanation of the whole car detailing process. 


Car Detailing in Delhi


The Process of Car Detailing In Delhi

Adding polishing and cleaning agents to your car makes it look shiny and clean, providing polish protection treatments like waxes and paints. In general, these methods are used in different places from conventional car cleaning, but they also make your rides look slick and shiny.

Car detailing in Delhi is the process of renovating your vehicle's paintwork, providing some fine touch, etc. Adding a new look to your car will make it appear as fresh as newly bought.

The goal of detailing your car is to make it look good for showing off or driving. You remove scratches and churn inscriptions from the surface of your car and polish its finish to do this. In this process, the body is polished rather than painted.

Cost of Car Detailing in Delhi

Hatchback Car Detailing in Delhi Costing
Car rubbing Polishing 1299
Ceramic Coating 9999
Teflon Coating 2099
PPF 40000
Anti Rust Coating 1299


Hatchback Car Detailing in Delhi


Sedan Car Detailing in Delhi Costing
Car rubbing Polishing 1699
Ceramic Coating 11999
Teflon Coating 2299
PPF 45000
Anti Rust Coating 1399


Sedan Car Detailing in Delhi


SUV Car Detailing in Delhi Costing
Car rubbing Polishing 2199
Ceramic Coating 12999
Teflon Coating 2599
PPF 50000
Anti Rust Coating 1499


SUV Car Detailing in Delhi


MUV Car Detailing in Delhi Costing
Car rubbing Polishing 1999
Ceramic Coating 11999
Teflon Coating 2299
PPF 55000
Anti Rust Coating 1399


MUV Car Detailing in Delhi


Coupe Car Detailing in Delhi Costing
Car rubbing Polishing 3199
Ceramic Coating 15999
Teflon Coating 3199
PPF 60000
Anti Rust Coating 1999


Coupe Car Detailing in Delhi


Convertibles Car Detailing in Delhi

Car rubbing Polishing 3199
Ceramic Coating 15999
Taflon Coating 3199
PPF 65000
Anti Rust Coating 1999


Convertibles Car Detailing in Delhi


Pickup Trucks Car Detailing in Delhi Costing
Car rubbing Polishing 2199
Ceramic Coating 12999
Teflon Coating 2599
PPF 70000
Anti Rust Coating 1499


Pickup Trucks Car Detailing in Delhi


List Of Expert Car Detailers In Delhi


Car Detailing Experts Serving Location Book Now
Vinod Car Detailing In Delhi West Delhi, Delhi Call Now
Neeraj Car Detailing In Delhi West Delhi, Delhi Call Now
Manoj Car Detailing In Delhi North Delhi, Delhi Call Now
Sonu Car Detailing In Delhi North Delhi, Delhi Call Now
Kailash Car Detailing In Delhi North West, Delhi Call Now
Sanjay Car Detailing In Delhi North Delhi, Delhi Call Now
Rohit Car Detailing In Delhi East Delhi, Delhi Call Now


List of Services of Car Detailing In Delhi

Detailing a car requires a lot of devotion. Knowing what kind of job you want to accomplish is key to deciding how you want to handle the various aspects of detailing your car.

Keyvendors has a huge network of car detailers and we deliver car detailing in Delhi and nearby areas with magnificent quality and rates. 

Exterior Car Detailing in Delhi

  • Claying on Car Surface
  • Polishing & Rubbing
  • Paint Sealing
  • Cleaning of Taillights, Headlights, and Miscellaneous

The detailing of the Car Exterior starts with a comprehensive washing to remove all amassed mud in your car. The car cleaning shampoo makes the dirt soft & bubbly enough to be rinsed away.

Claying on Car Surface

Post the car washing with shampoo, the car detailing process starts with surface claying. The clay piece will flush out all grime that hasn't been eliminated through traditional shampoo or washing powder.  

Polishing & Rubbing

After taking the car to a professional detailer (Car Detailing in Delhi), you'll likely end up having your paint inspected and the hidden areas professionally waxed.

Further, you need to erase the existing polish and spray a fresh layer of wax. You can do it manually or with the help of a machine. 

Paint Sealing

Paint sealing protects a car from dust, pollutants & the sun while restoring its brilliant paint job. The purpose of using this is to protect showroom drives that are brand new looking but it has vanished shine over time.

Cleaning of Taillights, Headlights, and Miscellaneous 

The lights on your car are important to know whether they're visibly dirty or not.

You must inspect your car lights and check if they are messy or not. Dusty lights can create problems with clear visibility. Before you can polish them, they must be cleaned. Ensure you've polished and sealed the lights before driving around in them again.

Exterior Car Detailing in Delhi


The next process after exterior car detailing is interior car detailing.

Interior Car Detailing in Delhi

  • Interior Vacuuming
  • Cleaning & Brushing
  • Glass Cleaning
  • Perfuming
  • Engine Bay Clean-Up

Interior detailing is a significant step requiring much more time than you might think. It starts with cleaning, vacuuming, dashboard polishing, etc. Although the process takes too long for you, it is worth the work!

Interior Vacuuming

A car has many parts that are easy to get out of shape. That is one reason why they should be professionally cleaned thoroughly, especially where the AC vents are located. Vacuum cleaners provide a thorough state of cleanliness in most car areas.

Cleaning & Brushing  

Your vehicle needs to be properly cleaned, of course. There is no use in cleaning the outside or inside of your car if you will put it back in storage.

With a special cleaner, it is easy to clean upholstery and mats. Eventually, the upholstery and mattress will look great.

Car detailing in delhi uses leather cleaner to prevent your car from obstinate patches and injuries.

Glass Cleaning

Glass cleaners ensure a seamless transition between the outside world and your car. It helps mitigate the embarrassing moments of having a clean but filthy windshield.


After completing vacuuming the Car, Car detailing will process perfuming a car so that you get a pleasant aromatic ambiance inside your car.

Engine Bay Clean-Up

The engine bay is the central part of a vehicle. This part that many car detailers choose to put aside while detailing.

So if your car needs an engine bay clean-up, ask your auto detailer to take care of it, too, so you can be completely satisfied with the project.

Cleaning a vehicle engine bay can be painful, but it sure beats going to your local car wash. The trick to removing all the mud, filth & grim is using a pressure washer to dislodge the top layer.

After rinsing, wipe up any spills or overflowing water. You can extend your engine's life by using the engine dressing process, ensuring that all rubber or silicone parts are covered in a protective layer.


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Interior Car Detailing in Delhi

The Benefits Of Car Detailing in Delhi

Increase Your Car's Life 

With car detailing in Delhi, you ensure the prolonged lifespan of your vehicle, maintain its cleanliness and performance, and keep your car always a brand new look.

Save Your Scratch Repair And Paint Protection Expenses. 

Car detailing might look expensive, but you can consider it an investment. It provides your car with a gleam appearance and paint protection, and you can reduce your maintenance cost and recurrent breakdown through car detailing.

Provide Protection 

The sealant and wax layering in the car detailing procedure can prevent your vehicle from harmful rusting and UV rays.

An Improved and Flexible Engine 

Routine detailing of your car's engine will ensure that it remains clean and leak-free. Moreover, it will help you eliminate future pricey repairs and maintenance.

Your Car Have Enhanced Resale Value 

Many people plan to sell their cars when they need a new one, and it can be an expensive process. You can reclaim a large part of the vehicle's value through this regularly-scheduled service and take it from an average car that needs some work to one that looks brand new. The resale value of your car will naturally increase when you perform routine car detailing.

Car Detailing In Delhi is Different from Other Car Cleaning Services

Car detailing & car washing are pole-apart activities, but they both aim to clean your car.

A car washing service might include taking care of the exterior surfaces with water jets and bar soaps while detailing a car is more systematic than just washing it.

There's an extreme exactitude, and the process takes a little more labor.


FAQs About Car Detailing In Delhi

How Frequently Should You Detail Your Car? 

Taking car detailing services every 4 to 6 months is recommended by professional car detailers.


Is Car Detailing Effective At Removing Scratches?

Yes, car detailing in Delhi can remove only minor scratches.


How Much Time Is Needed For Car Detailing in Delhi?

Depending on the condition of the car, it usually takes between 3-4 hours. A whole day may be needed in some cases.


Cost Of Car Detailing In Delhi? 

Getting your midsize sedan detailed can cost around Rs 5000 to 7000 based on its condition. The prices would increase for Fortuner & SUV and Mercedes (luxury cars) due to more material used in the entire detailing process.


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