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Top Architect in Delhi NCR - Designing Your World

Architect in Delhi can transform any building into magnificent masterpieces. Are you in need of an architect to create designs for your project? It might interest you to know that you can find top architecture firms in Delhi to do the job for you. 

Architect in Delhi

These experts have a perfect blend of skill and creativity to make your building classy, beautiful, and functional. At Keyvendors you can find the best architects in Delhi that would get the job done. Service Offer By Architects

Service Offered by Architect in Delhi NCR

best architecture firms in Delhi

Schematic Design by Architect in Delhi

The first phase of the design project is the Schematic Design. It can also be said to be the phase for preliminary drawings. About 15% of the entire project of the architect and charges fall under this category. In this phase, the architect carries out research and analysis of the property. 

The architect in Delhi also tries to figure out any building code and zoning issues that are capable of negatively impacting the property. Space planning is done in this phase; the size and relations between the sizes and the location are established. The main purpose of schematic design is to ascertain how the building will look and function. 

Development The Design by Top Architects in Delhi NCR

About 20% of the architect's job and fees fall in this category. In this aspect, the client works with the architect to choose appropriate materials for the project. These materials include appliances, fixtures, windows, doors, etc. The architect may also review the initial drawing from the schematic design phase and add specific details. 

Architect In Delhi offer Construction Documents

Before this stage, the architect and client must have concluded on the final design they are going with. Then, they will start getting ready drawing notes and all technical specifications for the application for construction permits. This phase of the project takes up 40% of the entire architecture work as well as fees.

architecture firms in Delhi


This phase will take less than 10% of the architect's fees and time. This phase is when a contractor is selected for the job. In this phase, the owner assigns the job to a contractor, and contracts are signed to commence work. 


This phase takes about 20% of the fees and time of the architect on the project. In this phase, the job of the architect is to visit the site to ensure the contractor is still following the plan. The architect can also review the monthly invoice of the contractor to confirm the percentage of work completion.


Benefits of Hiring an Architecture Firm in Delhi NCR

best architects in Delhi
Whether you have a new construction project or you want to remodel your old one, an architect's touch cannot be overlooked. Here are a few ways hiring an architect can be beneficial to your project.

Full Understanding Of What You Want: The architect starts by getting an insight into your lifestyle. In the end, they bring the details together to give you a beautiful design that reflects your needs.

Good Design: The architect gives you a great design that matches the surroundings and works with the natural elements. At the same time, consider the client's budget. 

They Can Guide You To Choose The Appropriate Material: Since the architect has a thorough understanding of the project, they can assist greatly in choosing the ideal material for the project. They can guide your choice of material from start to finish. 

Negotiation With Contractor: Having an architect can be beneficial when it comes to hiring a contractor. An architect will be able to ascertain whether the contractor is reading the blueprint correctly.  Also, they help to provide answers to questions the contractor might have. 

Fee Charges By Architects For Their Services: The fees for architecture company in Delhi varies; however, you can get a skilled architect to hire in Delhi when you hire from Keyvendors. Below is a list of architects in Delhi NCR and their charges.

Charges of Architect in Delhi NCR

Architect Services In Delhi

Estimated Charges

Floor plan for a simplex

Rs. 4000 to Rs. 6000 per floor

structural and operating drawings

Rs. 8000 to 9000 rupees per level

Designing exterior elevations

Rs. 4000 and Rs. 6000 per story.

Site visit and supervision

Rs. 1500 and Rs. 2000 each visit

Per floor, electrical, plumbing, and drainage drawings cost

Rs. 6000 and Rs. 7500.


architect in Delhi NCR

Top 10 Architects In Delhi

From a recent survey, these are the top architecture firms in Delhi. You can find skilled New Delhi architects at Keyvendors. 

Top 10 Architects In Delhi Serving Location Book Now
MK Jha's Architect in Delhi South Delhi Call Now
Gaurav Singh's Architect in Delhi Dwarka Call Now
Nidhi Sharma's Architect in Delhi Pitampura Call Now
Neha Sharma's Architect in Delhi Rohini Call Now
Baweja's Architect in Delhi Hauz Khas Call Now
Ravi Kumar's Architect in Delhi East Delhi Call Now
Ajay Sharma's Architect in Delhi Vasant Kunj Call Now
Imran Khan's Architect in Delhi Rajouri Garden Call Now
Mr.Patel's Architect in Delhi West Delhi     Call Now
Gurbaz Saikh's Architect in Delhi Greater Kailash   Call Now

What Is The Role Of Architect In Construction

A Lot of people confuse the role of an architect with that of a civil engineer. Though they both work on construction projects, their roles are greatly different. Below are the main roles of an architect in construction.

new Delhi architect

Draw Designs for the project

The architect has the responsibility to draw the design that every other person who will work on the project will follow.

Obtaining Government Permit For The Project

The architect is in a better position to help the client obtain a permit from the government as regards the construction. Before the project begins, the owner needs to seek a permit from the government. 

Supervisory Role

The architect begins the foundation for construction, and they are in a better position to supervise the project and ensure everything is going according to plan. 

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Types of Architects Services in Delhi

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FAQs:  About Architect in Delhi

What Do Architects In Delhi Specialize In?

Architect in Delhi specializes in different areas. You can find landscape architects in Delhi Residential, Commercial, Urban Design, Green Building Design, Industrial Architecture, and Interior architects in Delhi.


Do Architects In Delhi Focus On Sustainability?

Yes. They design and oversee the project construction and focus on the impact of the structure on the environment. They use materials that won't cause damage to the environment.


Can Architects Help With Interior Design?

Yes. The architect designs the foundation of the building's interior. They have an impact on the placement of stairs, ergonomics, lifts, lighting, and other design elements.


What Sets Keyvendors Apart For Architectural Services in Delhi?

Keyvendors are skilled in innovative designs. They have a highly skilled architect team. Client collaboration is top-notch, and they are known for timely response and project completion.


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