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Why Key Vendors ?

Professionals AC Technician

Our technicians are highly trained professionals when it comes to giving the best AC services in Delhi And other cities. We also prioritize polite customer interaction to ensure that you receive service of the highest standard. 

Online And COD Payments Options

At Keyvendors, we offer both online payments and cash on delivery payment, with no hidden costs and unexpected surprises. Enjoy hassle-free transactions, making the process easy and flexible for your comfort.

90 Days Warranty For Gas Refilling Service

At Keyvendors, we stand behind the quality of our work, which is why, to give you the peace of mind, we offer a 90 days warranty for our gas refilling service, a benefit our competitors may not provide.

100% Genuine Spare Parts

To ensure a long lasting performance of your AC, you should only use genuine parts. When offering AC repair, our technicians ensure that they  use 100% genuine spare parts bought from authentic sources for the repairs.

Lowest Prices Guaranteed

Keyvendors provides affordable pricing to their customers so that they save up to 40% of what their competitors offer. The reason for lower pricing is because we don't use surcharges on the parts we provide for AC repair and services at low cost.

Free Cancellation And Reschedule

With Keyvendors, you have the option of canceling and rescheduling your AC repair schedule anytime you want without any added charge to your budget.

How it Works?

Book An appointment:

Customers can book an appointment for AC services through Keyvendors website or by calling their customer support team.



The technician will provide the customer with a detailed quotation for the repair work needed, including the cost of any replacement parts.


Repair Or Service:

Once the customer approves the quotation, the technician will proceed with the repair or service work, replacing any faulty parts and ensuring that the AC unit is working properly.



Once the work is completed, the customer can make payment via cash, credit/debit card, or online payment.



Keyvendors values customer feedback, and so they will ask for feedback from customers to ensure that they are satisfied with the services provided.

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Quality AC Service In Basantpur Faridabad At Affordable Price

At AC Service in Basantpur Faridabad, we pride ourselves on delivering top-notch air conditioning services to ensure your comfort and satisfaction. With years of experience and a commitment to excellence, we stand as your trusted partner for all your AC needs.

AC Service In Basantpur Price

AC Service In Basantpur Windows AC Split AC
AC Repair Solutions ₹ 199 ₹ 199
Jet Clean AC Service ₹ 499 ₹ 499
Foam Wash AC Service ₹ 599 ₹ 599
Rustproofing AC Service ₹ 749 ₹ 749
Full AC Gas Refilling  ₹ 2,399 ₹ 2,699
AC Installation ₹ 799 ₹ 1,499
AC Uninstallation ₹ 399 ₹ 799

ac service in basantpur


Our Range Of AC Services in Basantpur Faridabad

  1. AC Repair in Basantpur Faridabad: Is your AC blowing hot air or making strange noises? Don't sweat it! Our expert technicians specialize in diagnosing and repairing a wide range of AC issues. Whether it's a faulty compressor, refrigerant leak, or electrical problem, we'll identify the root cause and provide reliable repairs to restore your AC to its former glory.

  2. AC Installation In Basantpur Faridabad: Planning to upgrade to a new AC unit? Let us handle the installation for you! Our technicians will assess your cooling needs and recommend the perfect AC system for your home or office. We'll then expertly install the unit to ensure optimal performance and energy efficiency.

  3.  AC Gas Filling In Basantpur Faridabad: Low refrigerant levels can lead to inefficient cooling and increased energy bills. Our AC gas filling service will replenish the refrigerant in your AC unit to ensure optimal performance and energy efficiency.

  4. Commercial AC Service In Basantpur Faridabad: We understand the unique cooling needs of commercial spaces. Whether you own a small retail shop or a large office building, our commercial AC service is tailored to meet your specific requirements. From installation to maintenance and repairs, we've got you covered.

Common Air Conditioner Issues Which You Face

Restricted Airflow Due to Dirty Air Filter: One of the most common culprits for insufficient cooling is a dirty air filter. When the air filter becomes clogged with dust and debris, it limits the airflow over the evaporator coils. This can lead to frost formation on the evaporator coils, further reducing airflow and hindering the cooling process.

Power Supply Issues: If your AC is not receiving power or if there are electrical issues, it may fail to function properly. Try resetting the electrical switch associated with your AC unit. If the problem persists, it's essential to seek assistance from a professional AC repair expert who can inspect the indoor regulator and wiring for any faults.

Abnormal Sounds from the AC Unit: Unusual sounds coming from your AC unit, such as squealing or grinding noises, could indicate various issues. A squealing noise may suggest that the belt connecting to the motor has slipped or worn out. AC units without belts may require attention to other components like loose parts, refrigerant leaks, or broken isolation feet, which can also lead to abnormal sounds.

Sudden Breakdown: Grimy air ducts can contribute to unexpected AC breakdowns by restricting airflow. Limited airflow can cause issues such as a frozen evaporator coil, leading to intermittent operation or complete shutdown of the AC system. Regular maintenance, including cleaning or replacing air filters and inspecting ductwork, can help prevent such breakdowns.


the world class work that we provide has a genuine and economical pricing which is worth spending

Pay After

We have an excellent policy of giving service and getting payment after the work completion.


We have already given a feasible platform for vendors to connect with us and growth their business.

Round the clock customer

As a tireless and spectacular organization we believe in working consistently and proving customer support 24x7.

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