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We are giving all types of AC services that include, Central, Split, Window, Portable Air Conditioner, Mini Split System, Geothermal Air Conditioning, Variable Capacity Air Conditioners, Ductless Split System and all that. At present we know that the summer season is arriving. Do we have enough preparation to tackle with the roasting season of summer? Well, firstly, you must ensure that your AC unit is working properly. If it is not working, then it is the right time to call an AC repair and service expert at Keyvendors.

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We are offering overall AC services and repairs which comprise Air filter and fin cleaning, Overall inspection of the AC unit, AC installation, Ac un-installation, AC gas refilling, AC AMC services, Drain cleaning and leakage check, AC condenser and evaporator fan cleaning, coil cleaning service

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In our user-friendly portal, you can set your comfortable time to visit. The AC expert will arrive within a given time slot determined by you. We provide from 9 AM - 9 PM, so you can book your time slot between the service times on any day.

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Our experts will communicate with you every time whenever you need assistance. They will come to your place within one hour of complaint or service requested. We have permitted only experienced, skilled, and honest Ac engineers with our agency. We follow a firm verification process, background checks, and scrutiny procedure before registering and approving any of our AC technicians. Hence there is 100% customer satisfaction assurance from our side.

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Things You Should Avoid While Servicing AC 

Your Air conditioner is competent to eliminate heating temperature. In case you detect any problem with your AC, you should not overthink. Applying the DIY technique can make your AC in trouble. That is the reason we recommend AC users to communicate with our skilled AC technician for all types of Ac repair in Faridabad and the nearby area.

We always give homeowners maintenance tips, but there are few things they need to avoid, such as replacing the air filter, cleaning the air fan, and all that. Today we will showcase some point that C users should avoid at any cost. These things will tell you that why AC technicians are essential for AC maintenance.

You have many advantages if your air-con unit has stopped working: the warranty card, service surety and original spare part replacement. Don't take the risk on your Air conditioner wellbeing by applying DIY tips. Ensure you contact a skilled engineer for AC repair service in Adarsh colony Faridabad to look after AC breakdown. 

Stop Trying Yourself And Handover To The Experts. 

You are a layman, and you don't have a clue what went wrong in your AC. If you have managed to detect an AC issue, it is not your mastery to look after troubleshooting techniques. If you feel confused and don't have any option, it is always wise to ignore it. If you try anything in your ac that could disturb ac mechanism. Any defect occurs in the AC machine; you need a technical person to take care of it. Call Keyvendors AC repair in Adarsh Colony Faridabad Expert for that.

Unlocking Your Air Conditioner 

If you can easily open up your AC machine without any expertise, it is not a good approach. The idea of trying to open your AC and detecting issues is not a cakewalk. When you touch the inner side of the air conditioner, there is bountiful risk waiting for you.

First of all, vacating the AC unit means you are violating warranty terms and condition. Secondly, repairing ac yourself means there is a high chance for mistakes and harm. Thirdly tracing the faults and troubleshooting them with the proper equipment and the chemical is a highly technical task. If you tease any part or components that you are not aware of, it can cause several unit breakdowns. Moreover, it can damage or break your ensure air-con unit. When professionals are there, don't put yourself in a risky situation.

Covering Refrigerant Leaks 

Assume that your AC is creating unusual sounds; what you understand by that? The abnormal sound-making problem can become the reason behind the refrigerant leak. If you feel that you can cover refrigerant leak or rectify it with the support of DIY tips available on the internet, you are wrong.  

Troubleshooting refrigerant leakage problem is not a child play. If you are not trained, touching refrigerant means creating breathing issues, eyes, skin, and mouth and nose infection. Licensed technicians can operate it with accurate tools.  

It is not just applying sticky duct tape surrounding your AC's refrigerant and assume fixing the issue. This repair needs the supervision of veteran AC engineers and the right chemicals and devices to ensure the entire process happens on quality standards. We recommend to don't mess with your AC and contact Ac professionals.  

Preserve Air conditioner operational efficiency by appointing excellent troops of AC service in Adarsh colony Faridabad via Keyvendors.

Top 5 Reasons for AC leaking Water and Their Solutions 

In summer, AC is important because it helps to maintain the cooling temperature. When our air-con unit works seamlessly, we don't feel maintenance requirement. If you think that service and maintenance of air condition don't matter, then it is a big mistake. A non-maintained AC with no servicing record can lead to malfunction in Ac components. Air conditioner leaking water is the most generic issue.

Please have a glance at some general AC leakage issues and their troubleshooting techniques.

Water coming from the central machine indicated that your air conditioner has a water leakage problem. There might be multiple causes for such an issue. We have explained some of them.

Broken Drain Pot:

In your old AC machine, the drain pot gathers unwanted moisture, and that results in a rusted and spoiled drain pan. In such circumstances, water doesn't get stick in the pot but outflow from the central unit.  

 Dirty Air Filter:

Air conditioning internal air flowing can make AC filter muddy with dirt. The dirt present in the air conditioner filter can hinder the airflow from evaporator coils. It makes coil temperature down to the freezing phase. In such circumstances, ice buildup in coils and additional water leaks in the drainage pot. The pot cannot handle the weight of access water that leads to leakage in the central unit. The best way to keep AC maintenance efficiently is to hire expert AC operators.           

The Drain Pipe is Clogged.

The debris and dirt can hinder the drainage of the air conditioning pipe. That will obstruct the condensate to stream out from the drainage system. If the water cannot pass through the outer side, it can overflow to the AC's central unit. This can cause leaking water issue; that is why AC cleaning daily is the key to avoid such breakdown.  

Incorrect AC installation

In case you have installed Air conditioning unit freshly, but it is leaking, then the common reason is an incorrect AC installation. It indicates that drainage pipes and AC has not concurrently configured. This may dislocate water flow from the drain port to the unit. If water is not flowing in the right direction, then it may stream on the backside. At the time of AC installation, ensure that the drainage pipe is proportional to the central unit's stature, enabling the water to stream downside to the drainage channel.

Low Refrigerant/Gas

If The AC gas or refrigerant level is low or leaking, it can lead to insufficient air conditioner pressure. Such a process can cause evaporator coil freezing. The freezing coil is also one of the reasons for overflowing water in the drainage pan.

What Are Repair Solutions For The Above-Described Problems? 

After reading the information mentioned above, you understand the different AC leaking problems; it is also considering to choose the repair method. The repair of the AC leaking water relies on the damage ratio of the AC unit. However, only a perfect and experienced technician can solve such water leaking in AC.

How to troubleshoot generic AC leakage issues

Air Filter Cleaning: 

You must clean the AC filter on a Daly basis whenever it needs. After every periodic gap, like in a month, you need to remove the unit's air filter and clean it. Get the help of trained professionals.

 Change The Drain Pot:

 If the AC drain pot is broken, damaged or causing water leakage, the best thing is to throw it in the bin and replace it with the new one.

 Release The Clogged Drain Pipe: 

 If the water leakage problem comes because of a clogged drain, you must clean it. You can clean it with the help of a dry or wet pump that can squeeze the entire clog. The process will clean the obstruction in the drain pie and enable water to blow clearly.

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