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Why Key Vendors ?

Why Getting AC On Rent From Keyvendors
Keyvendors is a renowned brand that provides top-quality AC on rent services. We provide a wide variety of AC for rent, which ensures you can choose whatever AC type for your cooling needs. Here are some of the benefits of choosing Keyvendors rent AC service:
Professional Technicians:
At Keyvendors, our technicians are highly trained professionals with not less than 5 years experience. They can efficiently diagnose and handle all AC issues and deliver top-notch services. 
Transparent Pricing/ No Hidden Cost:
At Keyvendors, we prioritize transparent pricing, which means you only get to pay for the duration of time that you use our product. We have a no hidden costs policy, so you can be rest assured to expect utter transparency in pricing.
Wide Variety of Options: 
We offer a large variety of AC on rent, from window ACs to split ACs to tower ACs to portable ACs etc, which caters to different needs and budgets.
Online And COD Payments Options:
We offer online and cash-on-delivery payments plans. This means that you get to choose your preferred payment method to enjoy hassle-free transactions, making the process easy and flexible for your comfort.
Prompt Customer Service: 
At Keyvendors, we value our customers and put their wellbeing in high priority, that's why we provide fast and reliable customer service. We are available 24/7 to answer any queries or address any issues you may have.

How it Works?

How to Get AC on Rent With Keyvendors

If you are interested in renting an AC on rent with Keyvendors, then we're going to take you through simple processes that you will follow

1.First, visit the official page of and click on the booking options on the homepage.

2.Next, choose the rent AC option.

3.Choose the type of AC you need from the drop-down menu and then enter your details like name, mobile number, address, etc., on the registration form.

4.Next, select the preferred date and time slot of delivery, and quote the price that you see beside your preferred AC.

5.Submit the registration form on the official website and wait for our customer care to contact you.

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AC On Rent in Delhi - Stay Comfortable and Save Money

AC On Rent in Delhi Price List

You have reached the correct spot if you&chasing a dependable service of ac on rent delhi. This all-inclusive guide to renting AC in Delhi has got you covered. We have compiled all the n details to help you discover Delhi finest AC rental service

Air conditioner is an essential aspect of modern-day living in Delhi. With soaring temperatures and humidity levels, staying comfortable without air conditioning during the summer months is impossible.

However, not everyone can afford an air conditioner, and that where renting comes in. AC rent in Delhi are an excellent alternative, especially if you only need it for a limited time.

In this guide, we cover everything you need to know about AC on rent in delhi. From types of ACs to consider to tips for selecting the best AC rental near me, we got you covered.

Our Available Models For AC On Rent in Delhi

Window AC On Rent in Delhi at 999
Split AC On Rent in Delhi At 1,899
Inverter AC On Rent in Delhi At 2,299

AC On Rent Delhi Price List and Packages

AC On Rent Delhi Price(Packages) Charges
Window Ac On Rent Per Month (10 Months) Rs. 999
Window ac 1.5 ton Per Month (7 Months) Rs. 1399
Window AC On Rent For Full Season Rs. 7999
Split Inverter ac 1.5 ton Per Month (12 Months) Rs. 2299
Split Inverter ac 1.5 ton Per Month (6 Months) Rs. 2999
Split Ac On Rent For Full Season Rs. 11999
Split Ac 1.5 ton Per Month (7 Months) Rs. 1899

How To Choose AC On Rent Delhi NCR According To Room Size

Room Size AC Capacity
Up To 100 Sq.ft 0.8 Ton
Up To 150 Sq.ft 1.0 Ton
Up To 250 Sq.ft 1.5 Ton
Up To 400 2.0 Ton

* Security Amount Will Be Depends On Monthly Plan- Additional ( Refundable)*

Renting air conditioners through Keyvendors comes with a fully refundable Rs. 3,000 security deposit. This AC for rent in Delhi deposit helps ensure rented ACs are cared for and returned in good working order.
The security deposit process works as follows:

1.Deposit collected upon delivery of the AC unit(s)

2.Deposit retained throughout the rental period

3.Unit(s) inspected by Keyvendors staff upon return

4.We will return the full amount if there is no damage to the AC unit

5.If the AC needs repairs, then we deduct the repair charges and refund the rest

Think of the deposit like an insurance policy protecting the unit while in your care. As long as you use the AC responsibly within rental terms, you expect to get it all back.
This refundable deposit provides security for us and accountability for renters - while keeping rental costs reasonable for you. Rest assured, we strive to make returns and refunds smooth and simple after your rental.Check our website or call now for an ac on rent Delhi NCR for productive hours and comfortable nights!

List Of AC On Rent Delhi Technician

AC Technicians Serving Location Book Now
Nasim AC On Rent Delhi East Delhi, Delhi Call Now
Faiz AC On Rent Delhi West Delhi, Delhi Call Now
Zubair AC On Rent Delhi South Delhi, Delhi Call Now
Vinay AC On Rent Delhi Shahdara, Delhi Call Now
Dheeraj AC On Rent Delhi Laxmi Nagar, Delhi Call Now
Khushnoor  AC On Rent Delhi Janakpuri, Delhi Call Now
Malik AC On Rent Delhi North Delhi, Delhi Call Now
Vipin AC On Rent Delhi South West Delhi, Delhi Call Now
Zahid AC On Rent Delhi East Delhi, Delhi Call Now

Choosing the Right type of AC for Rent in Delhi

Before looking for an air conditioner on rent in delhi, you must know what AC are available. There are three primary types of air conditioners to consider:

Window AC On Rent Delhi

Window AC On Rent in Delhi At 999

Are you in search of a window ac on rent in Delhi? Keyvendors offers a wide range of window AC units in Delhi.Window AC are the most common type of air conditioner in Delhi. They are relatively easy to install and are suitable for small to medium-sized rooms. You can take the benefits of window ac on rent delhi at a minimal price from keyvendors.Window AC are the most common type of air conditioner in Delhi. They are relatively easy to install and are suitable for small to medium-sized rooms. You can take the benefits of window ac on rent delhi at a minimal price from keyvendors.

Split AC On Rent Delhi

Split AC On Rent in Delhi At 1899

Split AC are more expensive than window AC but are also more efficient and quieter. They consist of two indoor and outdoor units and can cool more extensive areas than window ACs. So enjoy the split ac on rent delhi from keyvendors. 

Portable AC On Rent Delhi

Portable AC On Rent in Delhi

Portable AC are the most versatile option for air conditioning. They are easy to move around, making them an excellent choice for renters or people who need temporary cooling.Portable ACs have built-in casters for easy mobility and vent flexibility. Ventilate through a window, wall, or ceiling. Most include remote controls for adjusting fan speeds, modes, timers and temperatures.Tower ACs provide robust yet compact cooling. The tall, narrow design is great for tight spaces and access-challenged areas.
Get ac on rent in Delhi for :-
Retail stores and small offices
Server rooms and tech closets
Spots where floor space comes at a premium
Cafes, bars, and standing-area room

Tower AC On Rent in Delhi

Tower AC On Rent in Delhi

Our tower AC on rent Delhi includes casters along with standard features like thermostat controls, washable filters, auto restart, and sleep mode.
The leading tower AC brands we offer are Voltas, LG, Samsung, and more.

Inverter AC on Rent in Delhi

Inverter AC On Rent in Delhi
Inverter ACs give you the most advanced performance for whole-room cooling or multi-zone climate control. Variable speed compressors precisely adjust cooling as needed for efficiency.
Our premium split AC on rent Delhi excel for:-

Open offices and conference rooms
Luxury residences or multifamily units
Hospitality suites and high-traffic lobbies
Facilities with expansive cooling demand

Rent the top brands like Daikin, O General, Hitachi, and Panasonic without a permanent commitment. We handle any installations and maintenance

Benefits of Air Conditioner On Rent in Delhi From Keyvendors

ac on rent delhi

Keyvendors is a well-known brand for providing top-quality air conditioners on rent. Our company provides AC installation and maintenance services for rented ACs. Here are some reasons why you should choose Keyvendors for AC on rent Delhi.

Keyvendors offers brand new air conditioners on rent in Delhi at budget-friendly prices. Our Company provides Benefits such as product change, warranty, and maintenance services.

Wide Range of Options: Keyvendors offer a wide range of air conditioners on rent, from window ACs to split ACs to portable ACs, to cater to different needs and budgets.

Professional and Experienced Technicians: The technicians at Keyvendors are highly skilled and experienced. They have the expertise to handle any AC and provide quick and efficient service.

Transparent Pricing ACfor Rent in Delhi: Keyvendors believe in transparent pricing, which means you will only pay for what you use. We dont have any undisclosed fee involved in our service so that you can expect utter trsparency in pricing.

Flexible rental Periods: Keyvendors offer flexible rental periods, ranging from a few days to several months. You can choose the rental period that suits your needs and budget.

Prompt Customer Service: Keyvendors value their customers and provide fast customer service. They are available 24/7 to answer any queries or address any issues.

ac on rent in delhi

Affordable Pricing: Keyvendors offers competitive pricing for their AC on rent in Delhi services. Users can take pleasure in AC even at a minimal expense. 

Quality Equipment: Keyvendors only use high-quality equipment, ensuring that you get the best value for your money.

Hassle-Free Process: Get ac on rent delhi from Keyvendors is a hassle-free process. They take care of everything, from installation to maintenance, leaving you more time to relax and enjoy the cool air.

You can expect reliable and affordable ac for rent in delhi from Keyvendors. With their extensive array of alternatives, professional technicians, transparent pricing, flexible Rental periods, prompt customer service, quality equipment, and hassle-free process, you can relish the luxury of an air conditioner without any uncertainties.

Which Brands Of Air Conditioners Are Available For Rent in Delhi?

Top Brands
Haier AC on Rent
Lloyd AC on Rent
Onida AC on Rent
Voltas AC on Rent
Samsung AC on Rent
Panasonic AC on Rent
Godrej AC on Rent
Sanyo AC on Rent
Carrier AC on Rent
LG AC on Rent
Whirlpool AC on Rent
Blue Star AC on Rent
General AC on Rent
Daikin AC on Rent
Mitsubishi AC on Rent
Hitachi AC on Rent
Electrolux AC on Rent

Why Consider Keyvendors for AC Rentals in Delhi?

When looking for air conditioner on rent Delhi, you want a provider that checks all the boxes on:


With years in business and thousands of rentals served, we have proven systems to deliver ACs when and how you need them.


Our customized rental packages offer flexible terms, unit sizes, pickup/delivery dates, and more. Rent for 2 months or 2 years - your cooling needs may change, but we can adapt.


Our cost of AC on rent in Delhi is a fraction of buying. No huge upfront expenses. Pay only for the seasonal cooling you need.


From delivery coordination to maintenance to returns, we handle everything start to finish. No hassles for your team.


Access top AC brands and the latest tech without long-term brand commitment. Find your perfect units each year.

Between our dedicated rental expertise, customer care and broad range of cooling options, Keyvendors is the smart, simple solution for renting ACs in Delhi.

Frequently Asked Questions: AC On Rent In Delhi

How Much Do Service Providers Charge for Ac Rentals in Delhi?

The average ac rental cost package for one year is 

Split AC – ₹ 11,999

Window- ₹ 8,999

Call us to get more information at 9018181818.

Is renting AC better than buying?

Renting AC is better for short term/temporary needs, while buying is better for long term and regular usage.

Which AC is best for rental property?

Both Split AC and Window AC is better for rental properties as it's easy to install, energy-efficient, and has better cooling performance.

Can I Get My Rented Air Conditioner Relocated?

Absolutely yes, you can get the Air condition relocation after completing essential formalities with no additional cost.

Which AC is best for bedroom split or window?

Split AC is better for bedroom as it's quiet, energy-efficient, and provides better air distribution.

What type of AC is best for single room?

For single room, 1-ton Split AC / Window AC is ideal as it's efficient, has better cooling, and consumes less power.

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Pay After

We have an excellent policy of giving service and getting payment after the work completion.


We have already given a feasible platform for vendors to connect with us and growth their business.

Round the clock customer

As a tireless and spectacular organization we believe in working consistently and proving customer support 24x7.

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its was good service.

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