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in south Delhi keyvendors is only best trusted waterproofing service provider.



in rohini i can"t trust any other waterproofing service provider keyvendors is my always first choice because of their work .


Ram lakhan

they done fine qualty work in mayur vihar at my home terrace really work is out standing.


love kumar

they provide absolutely finest work i m happy with their service of waterperoofing



they provide absolutely finest work i m happy with their service of waterperoofing



i m from preet vihar get service of waterproofing from keyvendors great work done by them i m very satisfied with ther work of quality



All About Waterproofing

What is Waterproofing?

Waterproofing is a process to protect your property from moisture, humidity, rainy season.  Basically, it is about preventing your place from unwanted cracks, wetness, and dampness due to water leakage. Implementing a waterproofing service to prevent unusual building damage is always a wise step. It is best to contact professionals about your need for waterproofing work. Today, during construction and repair, many methods are used to separate the structures from moisture. Hence, one should keep the material of the building before selecting for waterproofing to the construction. 

We know that moisture and water present in the structure's walls and the surface can depreciate the structure's strength. Possible areas that are sources of moisture are roofs, walls, foundation, and broken floor. The absolute way to combat this leakage problem is to waterproof your place with an expert waterproofing company.

The material used for waterproofing works is so great that the choice of one or the other is not easy; the choice should be made with the full benchmark because it differs based on aesthetics, thickness, waterproof duration, and atmospheric conditions, and weight. The choice of waterproofing material for the life of the building and its residents' health is paramount: This is why finding the right professionals in this field is not an option that can be made lightly.

Why is Waterproofing Important?

Waterproofing is essential at different levels of building construction. Protection should be started with water so that the building is durable and does not suffer from excessive moisture.

Generally, waterproofing is an important part of any construction. Before you start building a structure, you should consider all the details of waterproofing tasks. This will help you reduce construction costs and ensure better manufacturing quality.

Quality is not an option for us, but a goal! Our clients include historic construction companies and companies and individuals; especially, for the prefabricated cement area, Keyvendors have been working for 15 years with the prestige of renowned and certified waterproofing contractors in Delhi and India.

Foundation Waterproofing

The stability of a structure depends upon its foundation. Its strength depends entirely on the quality of home construction and durability. The rain and groundwater can destroy the sustenance and strength of a foundation. The moisture absorbed by the basement enters the walls and floors, causing mold and fungus to create adverse effects on human health. Using a trusted and top quality Waterproofing service for Foundation helps to prevent such problems. It will stop the water from entering the building's basement and make it long lasting. Apart from this,

The waterproofing will save repair cost that usually occurs when anything cracks in the building. Hiring waterproofing contractors in Delhi NCR is an ideal decision to eliminate water leakage and dampness in the property.

We charge reasonable as compared to competitors. Waterproofing of concrete structures, building's roof, and balcony are important for their durability. Water can cause degradation and hinder the firmness of the building.

Fiber-reinforced mortar is capable of waterproof and preserves the concrete with only one application. Due to the ease of use compared to the conventional two-component product, the guarantee of elasticity and waterproofing is given quickly and easily. Certified waterproofing is ideal for protecting tanks and hydraulic structures such as pools, tanks, pipes, pipes, and concrete pipes.

There are several ways to protect the foundation from moisture. This process depends on many factors: groundwater, frost healing force, and soil characteristics. With less environmental impact, it retains its elasticity over time and provides an excellent ability to crack and perfect adhesion with almost all types of substrates. Hybrid and ecological technologies are based on water, odor, and volatile organic matter. It is resistant to UV rays, atmospheric agents, and electricity. Four color variations allow you to change each surface's appearance quickly and, in particular, its white color provides a high reflection, increases energy efficiency, and reduces consumables.

Another way to protect the basement from moisture is vertical basement waterproofing. Builders use different types of materials. The most practical and affordable concrete bitumen is waterproofing. The right advice and consultation should be taken from the renowned agency that deals in Basement Waterproofing in Delhi or wherever the property owner resides. The hot bituminous mixture is applied to the foundation with several layers of brushes and is brought to a total thickness of 3-5 cm. This type of insulation has a warranty service life of 5 years, but with modern bitumen-polymer additives, it can be greatly increased.

In addition to ensuring the proper waterproofing of experienced structures, pipes, bridges, canals, and floor layers, it is made of white cement in waterproof pools and tanks.

Coating materials have shown a good result of waterproofing. The most common is Ruberoid, which is mounted using bitumen mastic. However, it can be replaced with more modern counterparts with excellent waterproof properties. Only the certified Waterproofing Company in Delhisuch as Keyvendors, can do this task fantastically.

Existing Rooftops and Hanging Gardens

When vertical surfaces and skylights and crystals are installed in difficult areas, employees pay particular attention to the expansion. After the investigation of the first roof, the company processes the request for a special maintenance plan. Waterproofing involves cleaning and preparing an existing substrate to form a uniform surface on which the membrane is applied.

Types of Waterproofing

Backfill waterproofing Layering produced in the water-resistant layers of bulk waterproofing material allows you to create and waterproof and simultaneously heat insulation. Water resistance of bulk material is moderate, so unique layers should be given to release layers, which should have a fair amount of water.

Cast waterproofing hot asphalt mortar and mastics are spread over vertical and horizontal surfaces. This waterproofing is a very high power, but the cost of the material will be increased. Apart from this, not everyone can do such waterproofing. To properly handle cast waterproofing, some skills will be required.

Plastering waterproofing Professionals can use the method of cold or hot isolation. When using this waterproofing layer, no more than 2 millimeters is applied. Waterproofing work is done using polymer blends, plastering, asphalt, waterproofing mastics, and mortar. Plastering waterproofing, whose price is much lower than the one cast, is ideal if your structure includes reinforced concrete.

Paint waterproofing Along with plaster, it can be hot or cold. Cold epoxy-rubber and hot polymer-bitumen mixture are applied to the surface in a thin layer of 1-2 mm. Best of all, this waterproofing capillary is suitable for protecting the moisture and erosion of the structure.

Everyone wants to build a strong and beautiful home that will make his family happier and comfortable in the long run. Special attention should be given to the construction of the housing, waterproofing, which guarantees the general operation of the building and enhances its reliability and stability.

Hanging Gardens can be waterproof with the resistant layer of root penetration. Thus, the lining structure is insulated, which creates an effective solution for green roofs. Our staff specializes in providing long term and safe waterproofing over time. Not only this, it is a flexible system, which is ideal for complex waterproofing, such as palm staples, diaphragms, and shades. There is an injection in a special structure of hydro-extensible synthetic polymers, which seals it continuously. Without destruction, polyurethane sealant allows scales to be used in marble, marble, and tiles without destroying the existing pavement. It enables you to consolidate the facades of polycarbonate panels and facades with a cement mask. They also need to stabilize the soluble cement components. You should know also about growing mold issue and waterproofing can eliminate possbility mold growing.

These are osmotic penetrating concrete coatings that produce insoluble crystallization in the structure's capillaries, which leads to the formation of waterproof obstruction. They fill the pores of concrete structures and allow them to breathe the surfaces. Waterproof plaster for counterblow this intervention is particularly suitable for repairing underground fences made of brick or masonry: basement, inn, underground buildings of ancient buildings. Waterproofing plaster is applied to the rollback of cement mortar, in which special adhesives are added to make an adhesive bridge for special processing. The plaster has a minimum thickness of 2 cm, it is extensively connected with waterproofing agents and is covered with superficially impermeable solutions. It is especially visible in the waterproofing of civil and hydraulic works Such as underground parking, steps, and underground tanks. Even crawl space moisture is risky for your house structure but with the help of experts you can prevent it timely.

Today, more than ever before, with the financial condition that has affected everything, we have always felt the need to protect our possessions more and have enhanced it, but look at your family's budget. Structures and buildings are protected from exposure to moisture as well as other environmental factors that harm them. Since this process is very important in any construction, it is necessary to pay special attention to waterproof material choice. people have several myths about waterproofing that it is expensive, but you can consult experts to clear misconception about waterproofing

Remember that waterproofing and waterproofing materials prevent the entry of moisture in building structures, so they should be: waterproof, flexible, heat-resistant, and mechanically robust. The key feature that separates us from rival waterproofing services, of course, is the reliability and accuracy of conducting our activities in different areas. According to the law, in the professional qualification, adding adequate knowledge and experience in regulatory matters ensures the highest quality standards required in the field of development, implementation and maintenance, and implementation of their quality system. The result is a company that works with severity and ability and ensures credibility for its products and services.

The waterproofing material must be adequately and securely connected to the base and face severe water pressure and air and other mechanical loads. that is why there is always a sheer need of hiring waterproofing contractors to save structure from water leakage

It has a limited period of adequate protection, which is linked to the mode of operation, quality of insulation, and the presence of interaction with an aggressive environment.

Using high-quality waterproofing and repairing it on time will make the house warm, extend the life of more comfortable and important features.

However, services are related to designing, supplying, installing, and maintaining materials to satisfy customers during and after production phases. Today, iron is forged and roasted after passing through the fire, this process is done in the hands of a blacksmith, in a skilled hand, and a simple black case is to be converted from iron to the real work of art.

Surface Hydraulics Pocket & Paint. Renovated, full, ventilated the wooden roof, interior, exterior flooring, nails, paint, insulation, heat insulation, and specialized in the tops of a construction company. The construction company is working in the field of new buildings and the restructuring of apartments and whole condominiums. Thirty years of experience in the industry is present in the reconstruction of municipalities in the last five years after the earthquake. She works with employees specializing in full compliance with safety rules and regular contributions. Even we have experienced that seepage problem can damage structure's strength, howver with the help of waterproofing team it is easy to safegaurd your place.

Penetrating Waterproofing

Concrete is often used in construction, a waterproof material, but, as practice shows, it is permeable to water. Penetrating waterproofing contributes to the protection of concrete structures from moisture and further destruction.

The principle of operating this waterproofing is quite simple. The special waterproof substance is diluted with water and applied to the surface of the wall. When it enters concrete micro cracks and holes, the substance's active structure reacts with the cement, causing crystals that block ducts and cracks. As a result of the conversation, crystals grow, displace the water. Apart from this, with the presence of moisture, their growth starts again. Thus, concrete becomes a monolithic stone, impervious to moisture, which will continue its life importantly.

Penetrating action against moisture is one of the most effective protection. It is not dangerous for human health, and it is used for both underground and ground structures. Also, it is used for the impregnation of old and new concrete. As a result, the coating is one with structure, fully consolidates concrete, and is not responsible for mechanical stress.

Floor proofing

An essential element of maintaining heat and comfort in the house is the floor. It becomes even more important when small children grow up in the house. It is necessary to use water-resistant water to avoid problems of wood board's moisture, fungus, or dehydration. There are several options to protect the floor from moisture.

The product is easily applied to the vertical walls and the roof, it has the permeability of water vapor, and there is no crack in it. It is also pigmented to get pastel coverings for swimming pools, fountains, and urban furniture.

Liquid Flooring Waterproof This is impenetrable castor protection. The cast is used to prepare the surface of the work before inserting the concrete screw. This is a flat waterproof film that is formed due to covering the floor with polymer or bitumen solution. Explanation of liquid waterproofing uses polymer accumulation and primers that allow the floor to penetrate to a certain depth or solidify on its surface.

The stability of the waterproofing material is determined by the condition of the bitumen contained in it. Still, if it is not safe from harmful ultraviolet radiation, its aging cannot be stopped. Hazel plays an aesthetic role, which is important, but it's a much more important role in bitumen's security. Paste material can also be adequate floor protection from moisture. Experts traditionally split the waterproofing of glazing into three types: simple roll coverings (often without fastening) of any floor; Attaching the material on the floor surface using a gas burner; Roll insulation based on the floor basis using special glue or mastic.

It is healthy and more durable; it maintains its integrity for a long time and, unlike cellulose packaging, is not damaged by rain or moisture, which can be completely destroyed as a result of humidity and thus, difficult or almost impossible - Later surcharges and packet forwarding plants were supplied and installed by the reputed Italian companies according to the highest European standards in this area.

Waterproofing of the floor can be done by painting or painting on its surface. Various mastics are applied to the prepared site, as well as varnish and paint. In this case, a sufficiently thin water resistance layer is obtained, which has anti-corrosion and anti-fungal protection.

Waterproofing of the floor - This is a necessary condition for every home, saving heat from the house and guarantee protection from mold and mildew. Apart from this, special skills are not required in this process, which allows a person who does not have construction education to produce it.

Liquid waterproof

Liquid waterproof is a cast or impenetrable protection. Molded waterproofing is used to prepare the work surface before inserting concrete screws. This is a waterproof film formed due to coating the body of a structure with a polymer or bituminous solution.

Impregnating the liquid waterproof uses polymer impregnation and primers that get a certain depth or tightness on the surface.

Basement waterproofing

A basement is a place that is ideal for a storeroom, gym, and private space for meetings. That is why basement waterproofing is a responsible matter both at the level of construction and later. There are many types of basement protection from excess moisture. For these purposes, continuous humidity is necessary; however, its excess can cause rot, mold, and mildew on the cellar walls. Plentiful basement waterproofing options are easily accessible through Keyvendors.

Keyvendors waterproofing this is a protection against groundwater, which is located near the bottom or at the basement wall level. Simultaneously, between the layers of the solution, it is important to use the mastic based on polymer bitumen.

Waterproofing prevents water from entering the basement due to rains or ice melting along with the flood. In this case, the room floor's front is not safe because of its walls and ceilings. For their isolation, they actively use bitumen mastics, which have proved to be very good. Keyvendors waterproofing is designed to protect against moisture from the floor and walls through the capillaries. Provide this type of protection will help in crossing the water-resistant, as well as eradication of cracks and seams. You can also know about top 5 waterproofing techniques to make your home dry and out of moisture, as we also provide essential information in our blog section.

During the premises' construction, basement waterproofing should be performed, paying special attention to external conditions (soil characteristics, temperature, and depth of groundwater). In this case, you can use both external and internal waterproofing, which will double the desired effect.


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in south Delhi keyvendors is only best trusted waterproofing service provider..

Ram lakhan

in rohini i can"t trust any other waterproofing service provider keyvendors is my always first choice because of their work ..

love kumar

they done fine qualty work in mayur vihar at my home terrace really work is out standing..


they provide absolutely finest work i m happy with their service of waterperoofing.


they provide absolutely finest work i m happy with their service of waterperoofing.


i m from preet vihar get service of waterproofing from keyvendors great work done by them i m very satisfied with ther work of quality.

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