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We are giving all types of AC services that include, Central, Split, Window, Portable Air Conditioner, Mini Split System, Geothermal Air Conditioning, Variable Capacity Air Conditioners, Ductless Split System and all that. At present we know that the summer season is arriving. Do we have enough preparation to tackle with the roasting season of summer? Well, firstly, you must ensure that your AC unit is working properly. If it is not working, then it is the right time to call an AC repair and service expert at Keyvendors.

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We are offering overall AC services and repairs which comprise Air filter and fin cleaning, Overall inspection of the AC unit, AC installation, Ac un-installation, AC gas refilling, AC AMC services, Drain cleaning and leakage check, AC condenser and evaporator fan cleaning, coil cleaning service

Schedule your Suitable Time to Visit  


In our user-friendly portal, you can set your comfortable time to visit. The AC expert will arrive within a given time slot determined by you. We provide from 9 AM - 9 PM, so you can book your time slot between the service times on any day.

Prompt and Easy Service 

Our experts will communicate with you every time whenever you need assistance. They will come to your place within one hour of complaint or service requested. We have permitted only experienced, skilled, and honest Ac engineers with our agency. We follow a firm verification process, background checks, and scrutiny procedure before registering and approving any of our AC technicians. Hence there is 100% customer satisfaction assurance from our side.

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Amit and arvind are excellent AC techniciana. They have rectified my air conditioner, along with a cost effective services and offered Annual AC maintenance plan.


Rajesh Kumar Baluni

The cleaning of split AC experience was awesome. I can't express my experience in words. Heads off to the keyvendors team


Pankaj pathak

Timily done service ,thanks asif


Gaurav Gupta

What to say and How to define the peace of mind and service given by this team!! Excellent stuff guys!! Keep up the standard high!! Work done upto perfection!! Best of luck and wishes!!


Anshuman Bhansali

achi service dete hai


sonu sharma

Amit Singh and Asif's repair services are very good. They are cooperative and you can depend on them anytime without any doubt.



Amit Singh and Asif's service is very good. Very polite and cooperative. Will surely recommend to call them without any second thought.


Richa Anand

Good timing, quality work, cool price...


Amit Singh

Great servicr


Avinas Dwivedi

The team is good and helpful , I would like to work with keyvendors again . They are highly professional and knowledgeable.


Rajesh Kumar Baluni

Nice services



Low prices and fast service asif



Very good service in NCR


avinas dwivedi

good work and best


Arvind Kumar agcr

nice service



Fast service



Good service and overall behavior


Manish Bagga

All About AC Service and Repair

Services offered in AC Service and Repair At Keyvendors.

Keyvendors is a one-stop solution for all types of AC repairs and services. Now have a glimpse on the wide-range of services offered by us.               


Installing an AC


Waiting for AC to be installed perfectly! Your search for professional AC technician ends here. It's the right time to contact a reliable AC installation service provider in your area through Keyvendors. The expert AC technicians make sure the AC is functioning properly and efficiently without any glitch after installing it.


Uninstallation of old AC


You can choose this option when you require the assistance of the AC profession to uninstall an AC. The expert will detect the AC unit before uninstallation to avoid any damage.  


Cleaning Service


The cleaning services have comprised comprehensive services that include cleaning drains, cooling coils, exterior panels, condensers, and many other parts of the AC. You can opt for this service if you want your Air conditioner to be accurately cleaned and washed.     


Repairs and services 


You can select this service to inspect and repair your air conditioner unit. The experienced AC engineer will thoroughly perform AC inspection and give you the estimated amount of the repairs and services that your AC requires.


Why KeyVendors is excellent for AC Service and Repair


Customer Satisfaction: We do give service until we don't make our customers happy and satisfied with our work.

End to end AC services ensure to meet up to the customers' expectations. 


Economical price: Our reasonably economic pricing do not make a hole in our customers' pocket. We understand the value of hard-earned money of our customers and provide comparably, cost-effective solutions without charging absurd from our customers.


Registered, experienced, and authenticated Experts- All the experts associated with us are experienced, skilled, and proactive in their work. Every professional joined with us have to undergo a strict screening process, in which we background check, track record, and performance are verified.


Warranty on Service: Our service doesn't end with a single visit, we take complete responsibility for the services rendered by us, and we provide a 30-day service warranty.


Customer-oriented: We provide performance-based customized and customer-centric service as customers' satisfaction is our priority. We schedule service visits as per the availability and convenience of our customers. 


Ease of Online payment: Now, you can pay through online methods and can save cash instead. Online payment methods are easy to handle and perform. We send a payment link from our official portal, and you can proceed with the same.


An air conditioner is similar to other machines that require maintenance and frequent servicing for effective operation. Hence, for the longevity of the air conditioner, it is advisable to have a proper course of cleaning and servicing before its regular use every season. Looking for a technician for AC service and repair in the scorching summer can be a hurdle. For that matter, Keyvendors is only a call away, or you can easily book AC technicians online with us. The professionals visit your place within a couple of hours. Moreover, you have the convenience to choose the time that suits you. Our Ac service has become a boon for those people who are short of time and need service at their doorsteps. We are just one phone call away from you. Go through the reviews and testimonials online and also check our successful track records before choosing us.


How do we work?


Get more quality time to spend doing what you like most without bothering about searching for the best professional. Search effortlessly through our web portal and app across the wide range of services like AC Repair, AC service, AC installation, or whatever service related to the AC. Fill the form which appears on the portal with all the required details. Once we get the request and inquiry, our professional will get back to you within 1-2 hours to the desired location on time.


How AC Repair and Service through Keyvendors is matchless


It's time to make a smart move by heading towards a credible AC service in Delhi in the summer. Plenty of vendors are already established in the market, but do you visit everyone? No, you will go there, where you will get 100% satisfactory work. At Keyvendors, we have collected thousands of vendors and the in-house team to work on Ac service and repair. Delhi is one of the crucial areas where the ample population of Delhi resides. People are here quality conscious, and we are committed to giving them the same. We are the best agency for searching for the best Air Conditioner Service in Delhi, and you can access multiple service providers here to get your daily work done smartly.


A sufficient number of AC repair vendors work in the market, but not everyone understands the deep knowledge of solving the AC issues. Moreover, many money-oriented agencies are wandering around you, and they want to earn money and has nothing to do with common consumer's problems; we are not like them; we consider every customer valuable to us because we have taken a pledge to give magnificent AC repair in Delhi so that we can develop a fruitful relationship with our customers. They get fresh air through the AC device.


Keyvendors have become the foremost destination for local vendors, and the air conditioner is necessary appliances these days to be configured in residential and commercial properties. Don't be confused when you are away from this great business to the business directory. We cater to you the ideal Ac service in Delhi at your doorstep. Our Ac engineers are well versed in the different AC issues, and they can solve the issue within few minutes; you just need to contact them, and they will visit your location less than 90 minutes within the Delhi region. Stop thinking about ordinary service providers and go for smart and online mode through Keyvendors. 


You don't have to wind up in a sticky situation since we are here with the exceptional service best ones at this platform. Also, if you are an AC Gas Filling specialist and wish to take your business to the next dimension, you have to pursue the manners to expand your compass among the clients. For that, you have to do is get your business recorded at the popular website. If you are tight on spending plan or would prefer not to overdo it on as it is simply startup, at that point, you may run with this popular free posting site. Being a recognized business directory portal, we are known for the best support of our customers. 


AC Replacement or Repair: What is the Better Option?


This is a very common question asked by consumer because they are fed up with the performance of their AC. It is understood to know how old our AC. is If your AC is five years old or less, so it would be good to get it to repair because every manufacturer gives 5-10 years' warranty on AC condenser and other components of the unit. However, make sure that the manufacturer is giving the said warranty on evaporator coils and other segments of the unit.


The AC technician from the manufacturer will visit and identify the problem and communicate with the manufacturer whether the AC unit is in under warranty period or not. If it is in warranty, they will do the repair work for free or minimal charges.


The various agencies that claim that they are the best AC repair near me company in Delhi must be cross-checked by the customers. If they have adequate experience, certification, license, and skills, then you can ask them for Ac servicing. However, if your air conditioner is older than five years, then it might be possible that the Ac compressor exceeds the warranty span; it is suggested to replace the whole Ac unit. Normally we have seen that the Ac unit that is manufacturing today don't give ten years of warranty on the compressor and they only give few years of warranty on the same which means that, this gave earlier years, but right you will hardly find any manufacturer that will give 10years warranty on compressor.


The premier AC service nearby Delhi, like Keyvendors, will inspect your entire AC and communicate with the manufacturer to confirm the warranty period. This thing is noticeable that replacement of compressor for your AC will normally provide a 1-year warranty, and the cost of compressor replacement of AC is likely to half or two-forth the price of the new AC condenser.


Other parts in your AC except coils are low cost, so it would be good to repair them instead of replacing the unit.


AC, which is older than eight years of age, suggests replacing the unit because, at this age, the AC condenser system is liable to different internal faults with decreased efficiency. By replacing it with a brand new air conditioner, you can save thousands on your electricity bills. However, Ac repair and service in Delhi can be a good option to consult on this issue.


If we talk about AC, which is 12 years older, the replacement of the AC condenser unit is essential. It is because if Air conditioner condenser is working fine or serviced from time to time, then the efficiency of Ac will be increased with the inside evaporator coil. Undoubtedly the AC units that are present in the market are more effectual and affordable to functionalize as compare to those who were manufactured ten years ago.


Other than this issue, if the AC condenser fan motor dismantled and the unit is still running without giving any indication, then there could be a disguised fault that exists in the Ac. The Air conditioner compressor depends on the condenser fan performance, which helps to eliminate heat, tear, and wear on the compressor. The AC compressor is like an engine to your AC, and if it is overheating, then it is a sign of a big fault. Don't want for this situation and contact the expert AC repair center in Delhi, which has the skills to fix the issues. 


Best AC Gas Refill Services in Delhi 

What makes you feel about hunting for the Best AC Gas Refilling services and Air conditioning service in Delhi? The climate of Delhi is changing every year. It is the most vital example of global warming. High temperatures and boiling sunlight are just challenging to combat when you are outside. Now, what is the remedy, definitely the installation of an air conditioner? However, it is crucial to take care of its servicing and repair. We at Keyvendors strive profoundly to correct the failure of an AC. In case your window or split AC is not giving the expected performance if it is leaking, thermostat not working, AC gas top-up requirement, you need to book our technician to look after your AC and keep you cool in summer.  

Different types of AC Gas Filling Services in Delhi 

  • Commercial AC Repair Service in  Delhi
  • Residential AC Repair Service in  Delhi
  • Window Ac Gas Refilling Service in  Delhi
  • Split Ac Gas Refilling Service in  Delhi
  • All Brand AC Repair Service in  Delhi

Why Keyvendors is the First Choice for AC Repair Services in Delhi

  • We provide 50+ AC related Repair and Services
  • We have been rated 4.9 in search engine
  • Over 10000+ professional Vendors are working with us
  • More than 1000+ customers are satisfied with our Work to provide Our Services at Competitive or economical price
  • All the AC technicians and Engineers are Licensed and Certified
  • 100% Quality Assurance and Safety measures implemented during Work on time Service completion
  • Optimum Customer satisfaction

What you get from us

  • Once we get booking from consumers, we will notify about the availability of technician and timings
  • We make sure that our AC repair and service mechanic reach you on time
  • Our AC expert will deeply examine your AC and repair it to keep you calm in the whole summer
  • Profound air conditioner repair and service of all brands and all types of AC
  • Cleaning work of fan coil
  • Cleaning of filter
  • Drainage piping cleaning
  • Inspection of refrigerant leakage
  • The complete examination of the AC unit
  • Assessment of Gas if the AC is not cooling
  • Providing annual maintenance contract (AMC) of Ac Repair and Services
  • Profound inspection of AS Gas leaking before Gas Refilling if any
  • Greasing the moving components if it is needed for AC Service and Repair
  • Deep inspection of air conditioner internally and exterior to check whether it is functioning well or not
  • To check air filters, AC compressor, and AC compressor before Gas filling
  • Providing 1 Month Service Warranty for any Gas Leakage problem after AC gas refilling service, Conditions Apply*


While performing Ac gas refilling services, if professionals find other AC defects, there will be an extra charge for the repair. If any component gets damaged during the warranty period, it will not come under the AC gas filling warranty.

*Guarantee of Top of Ac refrigerant is not covered under AC gas filling warranty. 

*While doing repair work for AC, it comprises many parts and components that the Ac repair mechanic needs to buy, so you need to suggest a mechanic or do at your wisdom. When you buy any product and material from any manufacturer company, then the respective manufacturer company will be responsible for any warranty issues in the future. 

Keyvendors doesn't hold any responsibility for this because we are not the AC component and Repair parts manufacturer.

Points To Consider While You Assign the AC Gas Filling and Other Repair Work 

The Air Conditioning repair and service is not an immediate process; it may take time, which depends upon what type of problem occurs in AC.

Before gas refilling services, it is essential to clean condenser and air filters properly to avoid discrepancies.

It is essential to drain out the refrigerant to ensure that the gas refilling is appropriately done and ensure the maximum cooling.

We endeavor hard to accomplish Work timely, but if task completion is delayed due to an uncommon reason, we will notify you in advance.

We give our Split and Window AC Repair service at residence, office, school, hotel, shop, and shopping mall, theatre, etc. on as per the need.  

Our AC Mechanics near Delhi  

Delhi's temperature is known to everyone, and we know it is scalding and not desirable to adjust. To crumple the heating weather, nothing can better than AC. Unquestionably air conditioner is the best troubleshooter in summer.  

Keyvendors gets countless service requests for AC gas filing service in Delhi, AC repair service in Delhi, AC installation service, AC AMC services, and all that. It doesn't make any difference if you have split or window AC because we give the most economical window and split ac gas refilling services to see the least AC gas refilling charges in our catalogue. Don't worry about AC gas refilling and top up technician near me because we at Keyvendors affirm that every end consumer should get the right professional at their doorstep. Every AC technician working with us pass through an in-depth background check and screening process to ensure the authority and excellent previous work record. It is vital to inspect their ability and trustworthiness in Air conditioning service and repair to maintain quality and safety standards. We adhere to high-quality parameters and choose the top-notch service professional who has been praised frequently by customers.  

We cover areas for AC gas refilling in Delhi, such as  AC Repair in Nirman Vihar, Ganesh Nagar, IP Extension, Patparganj, Vinod Nagar, Mandawali, Rishabh Vihar, etc.

About Keyvendors

Keyvendors and its associated vendors, along with in house AC repair mechanic in Delhi, are endeavoring splendid AC related services classified into split gas refilling, leakage AC services, and repair, Window AC repair not making cool air, AC Gas Recharge or Top-up and inspecting AC related damages. We have a highly talented group of AC repair experts in East Delhi. We tend to encapsulate outstanding AC Repair and AC Gas filling service for Window and Split AC. A long span of expertise in the sector in this field has given us the mainstream entitlement. We have served thousands of customers successfully because we have core knowledge of AC repair and service.  

What things involve in AC Gas Refilling Service

  • At first, it is vital to know the Gas level in AC Unit.
  • After that, inspect entire AC comprehensively to detect whether any gas leakage problem exists in the AC or not. If it is seen, it would be responsible for Ac is not giving cool air.
  • Our AC expert will tell and show you the leakage, and after that, they will repair the unit.
  • After repairing the gas leakage issues in your AC, the gas refilling work is easy.
  • Before Gas filling top up, it is necessary to clean Air conditioner Filters.
  • We will provide a 1-month service guarantee of AC gas leakage issues after gas refilling service by Keyvendors.
  • Our AC mechanic will thoroughly check the AC unit after repair, and he will ensure that the air conditioner is working fines or not before leaving the site.
  • If the client insists on the cleaning of evaporator coils and AC fan cleaning, but the charges are separated

What are the things involved in AC Repair Services? 

  •  An AC technician performs a comprehensive inspection of the AC includes AC filter cleaning, AC compressor, AC condenser, etc. to identify the air conditioners fault.
  • All our AC repair masters thoroughly troubleshoot the breakdown in your AC unit and greasing of the movable parts, if needed.
  • Modern and latest air conditioner tools are helpful to fix air conditioner faults like AC are not turning on, AC compressor is not starting, Ac sensor issue, and many more.
  • No hidden charges, but if we find any major fault while detecting AC problems, we will inform you about the customer's additional costs in advance.
  • Recall and complaints are accepted even when the 1-month warranty exceeded; however, the customer needs to pay additional costs.
  • Visit charge is necessary in the case; customer denies for any repair work on the site.
  • Commonly, AC specialists do the repair job on the customer site. Still, if the fault gets bigger, then the AC technician might take the AC unit to the workshop for 1 or 2 days, and it will not happen without the customer's consent, and the Keyvendors will provide written confirmation.

How AC Gas Refilling Cost is estimated 

Six critical factors include an AC gas top up costing, explained below.

Price of AC Gas per kg 

Generally, AC gas cost estimated between 500 Rs to 700 Rs per KG, but it also depends on the AC refrigerant category, which your AC unit requires.

Accurate Gas Pressure 

The Gas pressure for AC depends on the size and category of an AC Unit.

Last Words 

What is the use of waiting when you have everything in your tips on this web-oriented age? Every business needs the internet, and if a company does not forward to this technology, then the consequences will be absurd for business.

In the premise of Keyvendors, we have fruitfully taken possession of getting online to transfer this facility to all our customers. There is no need for a phone directory and newspaper classified to find the right professional.

We are here to create India's most secure and impervious business portal, where infinite vendors are listed to fetch business and give their services to end buyers. We are into the business of delivering fantastic home service professionals' electricians, interior designers, architects, civil contractors, carpenter, painting and hardware professionals, waterproofing contractors, AC service and repair, and all that.

   AC Common Repair/Service Prices in Delhi

Part Name Spare Part Cost (INR) Labour Cost (INR) Final Cost
Repair Of PCB 1500 499 NA
Gas Charging NA NA 2500(Including Nitrogen Flushing)

Window AC Repair/Service Prices in Delhi

Part Name Labour Cost (INR)    
Installation - Window (Copper Pipe And Stand Extra) 799    
Uninstallation - Window 399    
Wet Servicing - Window 399    

Split AC Repair/Service Prices in Delhi

Part Name Labour Cost (INR)    
Installation - Split (Copper Pipe And Stand Extra) 1499    
Uninstallation - Split 799    
Wet Servicing - Split 499    

Other AC Repair/Service Prices in Delhi

Part Name Spare Part Cost (INR) Labour Cost (INR)  
Copper Condenser Coil 3700 499  
Grill Cover 1000 349  

AC Common Spare Parts Prices in Delhi

Repair/Service Spare Part Cost (INR) Labour Cost (INR)  
Blower 1100 499  
Grill 1100 349  
Fan Motor Outdoor 1600 499  
Replace LVT 900 499  
Replace Sensor 350 499  
Blower Motor 2200 499  
Copper Pipe (Per Meter) 750 499  
Replace Flap/Swing Motor 400 499  

AC Common Spare Parts Prices in Delhi

Repair/Service Spare Part Cost (INR) Labour Cost (INR) Total Cost (INR)
Capacitor 2-5 Mfd 200 349 NA
Capacitor 10-25 Mfd 250 349 NA
Capacitor 35-50 Mfd 300 349 NA
Capacitor 50-60 Mfd 350 349 NA
AC Fan Blade 700 499 NA
AC Valve 700 499 NA
Compressor 0.8-1 Ton (Rs. 2500 Extra For Gas Charging) NA NA 6500
Compressor 1.5 Ton (Rs. 2500 Extra For Gas Charging) NA NA 7500
Compressor 2 Ton (Rs. 2500 Extra For Gas Charging) NA NA 9200

Window AC Spare Parts Prices in Delhi

Repair/Service Spare Part Cost (INR) Labour Cost (INR)  
Copper Cooling Coil 3700 499  
Grill Cover 1000 349  

Split AC Spare Parts Prices in Delhi

Repair/Service Spare Part Cost (INR) Labour Cost (INR)  
Copper Cooling Coil Split 4700 499  
Copper Coil Condenser 1 Ton Split 2700 499  
Copper Coil Condenser 1.5 Ton Split 3300 499  
Copper Coil Condenser 2 Ton Split 3700 499  
Split AC Floor Stand 550 499  
Split AC Wall Stand 550 499  
Contractor (Split AC) 500 499  

Other AC Repair/Services in Delhi

Repair/Service Labour Cost (INR)    
Adjust Grill Locks 249    
Adjust Pipe And Tight Compressor Screw 349    
Cover All Lines By Insulation 499    
Tighten/Replace Thimble 349    
Replace Wires 349    
Remove Pipe From Water 249    

* Branded spare parts will be charged at MRP
*Overall labour cost will not exceed INR 499


the world class work that we provide has a genuine and economical pricing which is worth spending

Pay After

We have an excellent policy of giving service and getting payment after the work completion.


We have already given a feasible platform for vendors to connect with us and growth their business.

Round the clock customer

As a tireless and spectacular organization we believe in working consistently and proving customer support 24x7.

Reviews of AC Service and Repair in

  • Customer Reviews

Rajesh Kumar Baluni

Amit and arvind are excellent AC techniciana. They have rectified my air conditioner, along with a cost effective services and offered Annual AC maintenance plan..

Pankaj pathak

The cleaning of split AC experience was awesome. I can't express my experience in words. Heads off to the keyvendors team.

Gaurav Gupta

Timily done service ,thanks asif.

Anshuman Bhansali

What to say and How to define the peace of mind and service given by this team!! Excellent stuff guys!! Keep up the standard high!! Work done upto perfection!! Best of luck and wishes!!.

sonu sharma

achi service dete hai.


Amit Singh and Asif's repair services are very good. They are cooperative and you can depend on them anytime without any doubt..

Richa Anand

Amit Singh and Asif's service is very good. Very polite and cooperative. Will surely recommend to call them without any second thought..

Amit Singh

Good timing, quality work, cool price....

Avinas Dwivedi

Great servicr.

Rajesh Kumar Baluni

The team is good and helpful , I would like to work with keyvendors again . They are highly professional and knowledgeable..


Nice services.


Low prices and fast service asif.

avinas dwivedi

Very good service in NCR.

Arvind Kumar agcr

good work and best.


nice service.


Fast service.

Manish Bagga

Good service and overall behavior.

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