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All About False Ceiling Service

False Ceiling Contractors in Delhi 


Interior designing of a project is imperfect without a precise false ceiling design. The interior design industry is putting efforts to improve false ceiling service and make it an integral part of designing. It is an excellent choice when the project is four walls with the base structure. The concept of false ceiling is not new because it has existed for several years. However, today they have returned with a unique texture, design, appearance, technology, and material. 


What is a False Ceiling?


False ceiling is a customized ceiling draped under the native ceiling of a room or house. It is hanged via metal edge or wooden. It looks like a subordinate ceiling often. These ceilings are generally wrap up at the least distance of 20 centimeters from the actual ceiling. They come with various designs, sizes, and customizations according to the room and the entire house.      


What are the Different Types of The Ceiling? 


We have explained some popular ceiling types here. Take a glance on below to write up and understand how it is useful today for residence and commercial structure. 


Coffered False Ceiling


Coffers are hollow four-sided figures attached to the ceiling. This type of ceiling generates delusion of elevated ceiling top and several measurements within one space. It brings vibrancy to a room where it is installed.


One-Layer False Ceiling 


The one-layer false ceiling is an energetic technique to rejuvenate a space without transforming the entire room design. You can keep it white because it amplifies measurement without mandatorily expanding the area. There is a variation of shades, layout, lighting alternatives, size and shapes in the single-layered false ceiling. It makes your small area magnificent that don't have enough space for decoration.  

Multi-Layered False Ceiling


A customized ceiling looks good when it has a multi-layered false ceiling. If you have a large space, a multi-layered ceiling can bring vibrancy, making space appear broader. These false ceiling compliment lighting, shades and figure related testing in a structure.


Plus-Minus POP False Ceiling


The plus-minus POP false ceiling is made up of POP as the name refers. The POP false ceiling is appropriate to install where you want to make your ceiling more visible and strong. However, it depends upon the space area and decoration plan of the property owner./ 


What are the features of False Ceiling 


It Helps To Insulate Your Space. 


Residence in the cool area of the country needs a false ceiling as it can insulate the space. The extra sheet made a breach between the original ceiling and itself that grab air and maintain room temperature. It also manages AC operation as it eliminates air escaping and diminishes your utility bills. 


Helps in Disguising Cables and Pipes


Pipes and wires visible in the internal space don't look right. You can add a false ceiling to cover cables and piping with disguised lighting. 


Bring Sky-High Ceiling Down.  


It is the right way for a sky-high room to add a false ceiling to reinstate fraction areas. 


Helps Home to Get A Clear Sound Hearing: 


Installing an extra coating to the native ceiling brings improved and clear sound reaching to the ear. The false ceiling also makes your living rooms, music player and Audio video studio more impressive.


Where to Add False Ceiling? 


An expert will suggest you install a false ceiling in the right area. However, commonly you can find false ceiling in areas such as 


Dining Room 


Living Room 


Children's room 


Bed Room 


Kitchen area 


Keyvendors Contribution to False ceiling manufacturing and Installation 


Smart and extremely skilled team members back Keyvendors and its subsidiary Shree Krishna contractor. We provide an extraordinary false ceiling installation service in Delhi NCR. Our squads of professionals ensure top qualitative service with the following codes and regulations. Other than that, we get admiration in the industry and market because of proactive achievement and appealing false ceiling service. 



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