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About KeyVendors

Keyvendors, top architects in India, is one of India’s leading and successful Architecture Design company in New Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru and Gurgaon, India. 

The Company implementing modern architecture practices with unique and creative designing work across India. 

Keyvendors have team of building and architecture technologists. They are dedicated to design modern architecture of India specially in Urban India.

 Our architecture firm is known for innovation in building architecture designing, energy-efficient architecture & eco friendly design.

Best Architecture Firm in India for Interior Projects

Architecture Building Expertise

Architecture Master Planning:  A master plan is consist long term analysis, conceptual structure of future plannings to create base for future architecture development.  

Master planning needs skill set, knowledge and experience of building technologies. Only architecture building experts are capable of constructing a full proof master plan of an architecture project. 

Our team of Architects & interior experts have vast experience in architectural master planning. Our Master Planning core team members understand all small details that needed for a perfect master plan. 

Our team collects data before preparing master plan for any commercial or residential architecture projects in India.We do master planning based on local public input, various surveys, existing environment and development, physical conditions & economic conditions. 

Our Architecture Master planning conclude followings:

    • Feasibility & strategic implementation
    • Phasing & scheduling of Architecture project based on project requirements
    • Good Master plan helps clients to get funded from private investors
    • Conclude physical & spatial elements
    • Integrated water management & facility
    • Transportation and other active elements 

Building Architecture is just like a body without beautiful cloths if proper interior design is not done. We have experienced team of interior designers to beautify our architecture development projects.

Interior Design combination of art, human psychology, modern architecture engineering and vastu skills. Professional interior designers should be aware of all elements of Interior designing and decoration.

Our Architecture Interior Designers have experience in:

  • Residential Architecture Designing
  • Commercial Architecture Designing
  • Institutional Architecture Designing
  • Luxury Architecture Designing
  • Office Architecture Designing


Commercial Architecture

Keyvendors  offers architectural building and interior designing services countrywide. Our architects are experienced and trained for different types of commercial and corporate architecture designing and building. Both teams, Interior designers and architects, work as a team to deliver desired results to our clients. Team, experience and expertise in architecture business makes us one of the top architectures firm in India.
top architecture buildings firm in india

Residential Architecture​

Residential architecture (aka domestic architecture ) is the architecture building of residential space such as single-family or independent house, villas and multi storied apartments. 

Residential architecture projects types in India

  • Building Renovations 
  • Remodeling

Keyvendors, a top architecture firm in India, work on conceptual residential architectural design for home and residential spaces. Keyvendors team work all across India to  built dream houses for Indian people.

Residential Architecture​​ firm in india

Office Architecture

Office architecture is synonyms of Corporate identity. Modern and positive office spaces attract clients and employees. 

Firstly, our architecture & interior team gather details about corporate clients such as target industry, age group of employees and target clientele. 

Secondly, we prepare office architecture and interior designing plan based on Urban concept, environmental design and architectural concept.

After approval and finalizing project terms we plan to resolve legal complications ( If any) to start our office / corporate architecture projects. 

If you are looking for India’s top architecture company for your business office or corporate head quarter in Gurgaon, New Delhi, Mumbai or Bangalore then let us know : Call 9018181818 or send details

Hospitality Architecture

We worked in hospitality businesses to design their dream business. We have experience in hotels designing, restaurants design & service apartments design.

Our design professionals understand importance of beautiful architecture and building in Hospitality Industry. To make our client’s concept alive, our creative team and designing team work together to make it happen with perfection.

hotel architecture design company in india

Institution Architecture

Institutional – architecture is related to particular organization like hospitals, jails, nursing homes, government buildings etc.

If you are looking for experts and top architecture firm in India to design your organization’s building then our designers would be happy to give you free consultancy.

Institution Architecture firm in india delhi mumbai

Architect Hiring FAQs in India

Building architecture task is complex and it takes expertise and experience in building architectures. There are several reasons to hire top architects in India but we sorted few and listed below to help you in journey of hiring architects.

  • Professional Architects minimize the risk of building complex sites.
  • Pros are good at maximizing good quality results and development of new structure
  • Professional Architects in India provide vendor solutions and design solution with architect services so you need not to worry about construction material and other essential material for architecture building process.
  • Professionals have understanding and knowledge about modern building architectures so they are right person to implement modern designs to your dream house and office building.

Building a structure / architecture is not a small task. This process involves several micro tasks to make whole process smooth and result oriented.Following services are involved in architect projects.

  • Structure Designing
  • Development Briefing
  • Legal Permissions and authorization from local authorities
  • Project Supervision
  • Craft and administrate the building architecture contract
  • Coordinating with Vendors
  • Drawings, measurements, & Site surveys
  • Environmental and Regional Conditions evaluation.
  • Dispute Resolution Services
  • Master Planning
  • Urban Design Implementation
  • Interior Designing

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