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KeyVendors is the best Interior Designer in Dwarka Delhi for designing, renovating, re-designing, decorating your residential, commercial and any other space.

What Sets Keyvendors Apart from other Interior Designer Companies in Dwarka?

Do you want to make your space beautiful and appealing? Well, we at Keyvendors has a cluster of talented and certified interior designers who can create a masterpiece when it comes to interior designing in Dwarka area, New Delhi.  We have successfully completed thousands of  home and office interior projects over these years which makes us the top interior designer in Dwarka and other regions of Delhi. 

  • New House Interior and Old Home renovation, we do all type of Interior Projects
  • Our Interior Designers are expert in theme based residential and commercial Interior Designing
  • We also provide turnkey interior design services in Delhi, Noida, Ghaziabad area
  • Our Interior designing cost is less than other interior designing companies and interior designers available in Dwarka, Delhi
  • 3D Designing Consultancy, New Home Interior Designing, Wood and furniture work suggestions we do almost everything when it comes to Interior Designing of Spaces.
  • Low budget and modern Interior designing services
  • Professional consultancy for all size and all type Home interior designing Services near Dwarka, Delhi
  • Home, Office, Villa, Farm House & Luxury Penthouses are covered in our Residential Interior Services.
  • We also provide turnkey Home Interior Designing Services
Home interior designer in Dwarka delhi

How our Interior services work

  1. Step: 1
    Our Interior Professionals will meet you to discuss interior designing requirements for this you need to provide these details- projects, Location, design, preferences.

  2. Step: 2 Expert Interior Designers suggest ideas and discuss budget requirements.
  3. Step: 3 Working Start on project
  4. Step:4 Share your Review and Feedback
Suman and Rahul

Suman and Rahul

Couples from Dwarka Sec 7

Interior consultant from keyvendors was fantastic! She patience fully listened to all of our house interior and renovation needs and provided various modern designing ideas and home interior solutions for the renovation project. She answered all of our design queries.

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Interior Designing Cost in Dwarka Delhi & Nearby Localities

How much do the interior designers in Dwarka charge?

Interior Designing services charges depends on several factors such as interior designing theme, interior material quality and types of Interior Designing work. Interior project area is the most important factor and we listed our prices for interior designing services in Dwarka based on Space in Square Feet.


 Interior Services TypeBasic Package (per Square Feet)Standard Package (per Square Feet)Premium Package (per Square Feet)
Interior Consultancy₹ 50-60₹ 70-90₹ 100-250
Interior Execution₹ 1000-1500₹ 1700-2000₹ 2000-2500

Why Choose Keyvendors for interior designer in Dwarka

The name Keyvendors hasn’t built in one day as it requires incessant efforts, dedication, determination, appreciation, acceptance and potential wisdom to deliver extraordinarily project.

There are several budget interior designer in Dwarka working with us and they have gained enormous fame in offline as well as in the online market.

Withholding the 16 years of expertise in interior designing, now things have become easy for us because we can immediately create a design plan after analyzing the space and clients desires.

Tough interior designing is not a child play, but when you are working with veteran people then there is no sign of stress and flaw in the work.

There were many challenges, obstacles and rejections we have gone through in this span of period, but now we have come up as the standardized interior designing firm in Dwarka.

We make an appropriate equilibrium between the client’s choice and market trends along with our own input to the project.

The simultaneous work strategy makes us better from others and it reflects in our projects and client’s feedback.

How Keyvendors Has Become the First Choice for Interior Company in Dwarka

Reaching into the top level in the business is not a piece of cake because it will take legs and arms to achieve that momentum. The interior designing sector has a vast opportunity and there is a manifold company working in this segment, but not everyone can survive because you needed to be updated and ware of the newest trend and customer’s complicated demands. For us, we do things as per the guidelines of the industry and also keep quality parameters in our mind.

Keyvendors is a famous home service portal and construction company in Delhi, delivering flawless interior designing in whole Delhi. Though we are mainly giving our service in East Delhi, that doesn't mean that we are into the other region of Delhi. Currently, we have been appointed as the interior designer in Dwarka Mod and our team is handling the job of interior design for apartments, school, hotel and shopping mall, restaurants, etc.

The era of customized and modern interior design has come, people are now hiring an interior designer because they have understood the significance of a designer to a home or commercial space. A structure which is built with the help of bricks, iron rod, pillars, cement, flooring, walls paint and whitewash can be your office and home. But it will look incomplete if you haven't designed and furnished the room and don't make the mistake of doing it yourself because if you don’t know anything about the interior designing, then it will be a new thing for and for the quality designer, one needs to be skilled and experienced, which you might not have the same until unless you are not a professional interior designer.

We are also giving our duty as a prominent interior designer in Dwarka Sector 7 where we know that there is a need for advanced and elegant interior designing. We take care of material, workmanship and commitment for our clients. Today the ergonomics concept is getting very popular because of its wide acceptability among the customers and industry. Fortunately, we have become the master of this segment.

Frequently Asked Questions

        1. What Does An Interior Designer Do?

    Retail Interior Designer in Dwarka actually makes your space look amazingly beautiful and incredible. They decorate it as you always want it. You would not have to worry about how everything would be fit into your space. Interior decorate use the entire space of your home in an ideal way.

        • They make your home looking amazingly beautiful
        • They let you know where everything should be and how
        • They know how to make even your small home look amazingly big one
        • They suggest you the ideal shade of your home as per your personality

    In short, it could be said that you are a professional interior designer can take the beauty of your home to the next level. Hiring them is not a splurge but saving indeed. Keyvendors is the right place from where you can find the variety of interior designer at the same place.

        1. Why Should I Hire An Interior Designer?

          You must hire a Home Interior Designer in Dwarka if you want to get your look amazingly good. It actually takes the beauty of your home to the next level. The interior design involves many interrelated projects so that the interior of your space is functional, efficient, beautiful and adapts to the lifestyle you have. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead to have the beautiful space hiring the Turnkey Interior Contractor in Dwarka. It includes the conceptual development or the design of the interior space, which in turn can include everything from the design of woodwork to the windows and other large and small characteristics of the interior spaces.

              1. When Should I Hire An Interior Designer?

          You can Hire Interior Designer Online in Dwarka whenever you want to get your home in an ideal way. You may hire a high trained interior designer while construction is going on or whenever you need modification in your home. Hiring an interior designer can truly help you in many ways. They are trained in an ideal way and adhered to serve the best such as

              • Communicate with clients to identify their needs, preferences, security requirements and space purposes
              • Discuss and agree on details with the client.
              • Keep customers informed during the project
              • Provide advice on the selection of
                • Colors,
                • Finishes And Materials,
                • Floor And Wall Cladding,
                • Window Treatments,
                • Interior And Exterior Lighting,
                • Furniture and Other Elements

              1. How Do I Choose The Right Designer For Me?

          Hiring the right designer is considered ideal. They take your stress away from you imparting the best to you. They transform rooms or spaces according to your specific requirements, optimizing the available area. They supervise everything so that you could have your home in an expected manner. They also go with advanced technology in order to develop innovative design concepts that are

              • Practical,
              • Aesthetic,
              • Safe And Consistent With The Purpose And Functionality Intended For The Spaces,
              • Making Sure To Reflect The Client's Objectives
              • And Respecting The Designated Budget:

              1. Why Should I Hire You?

          The next thing comes in your mind that why should you hire a particular interior designer. Keyvendors is the platform where you can find a wide array of interior designers matching your needs and requirements. You do not need to get confused, as they would not leave any stone to serve the best to you. You can choose the right one who understands your needs and requirements specifically. These interior design professionals are experts in Interior Architecture, building materials, and building codes as well. These highly specialist interior Designers are specialized in designing for

              • Residential,
              • Commercial,
              • Institutional,
              • Cultural And
              • Industrial Buildings Or
              • For Airplanes,
              • Boats,
              • Trains,
              • Commercial Events or Exhibitions.

          On the other hand, this Commercial Interior Designer in Dwarka professionals is distinguished by their expertise in the decoration of residential or commercial interior spaces, visual optimization, and organization of the areas, as well as in the advice for color selection.

              • What Is The Difference Between Interior Design and Decoration?

          For most people, there is confusion between the concept of interior design and decoration. However, each of these disciplines requires different types of skills. In the following points, we will talk about each one and its differences between them.

              • Interior design - Interior design is the art and science of understanding people's behavior to create functional spaces within a building. Residential Interior Designer in Dwarka has to deal with the architectural integrity of the interior of a building, house, office or commercial premises (by the professional Office Interior Designer in Dwarka).

          They have to deal with the renovations and changes of the interior structure, which is why in many cases they are required to have knowledge of architecture. Interior designers have to study about environmental psychology and how does it create pleasant spaces that adapt to the lifestyle of their clients.

          For example, when designing a house that will be inhabited by older people; the best thing is that the stairs do not abound, because climbing them can be an odyssey for them.

              • Décor - The decoration consists of furnishing and decorating a space with elements that are in trend. A decorator is especially responsible for enriching the interior of a space and giving it the final additions.

          It does not study the structural functions or the design of a building. Do they have to deal with things like what wallpaper, carpets, curtains can be used in space? What kind of furniture should be placed in each interior space?

          Color combinations, room themes, the layout of furniture, an arrangement of decorative items and what kind of lighting fixtures will be used. In the simplest sense of the word, its name implies. They are responsible for decorating the spaces.

          You can also give your project hiring the Turnkey Contractor in Dwarka if you have a big project. Keyvendors is the best platform to choose in order to have the best results within a stipulated time.

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Hire best interior designing professionals in Dwarka Delhi and other nearby localities. We provide pocket-friendly Interior and renovation services for residential and commercial spaces.