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Best Interior Designer in Gurgaon

Keyvendors, an Interior Designer in Gurgaon, Delhi NCR, as we know that has achieved the supremacy in Interior designing and we have been excelled in different modules of space designing which shows that we are not master of one skill but we are a jack of all trades. In Gurgaon, we delivered various types of Interior Designing projects such as Home Interior, Office Interior, Space Renovation, Hotel Room Interior, Fashion boutique design etc.

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Residential Interior Designers in Gurgaon

residential interior designers in gurgaon

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Independent Floors
Small Rooms

We have team of top-rated residential interior designers in Gurgaon. Our Interior professionals are capable of changing the look and vibes of your home and apartment.

An Apartment is just a structure of walls until unless an expert interior designer touch it to make it place to live happily with his interior designing and decorating skills.

We Designing all size of residential apartments – from tiny to large and luxurious apartment.

Let’s get idea, what we can do with Residential Apartment Designing projects in Gurugram

  • Tiny Space Designing
  • Modern Tech-Equipped Apartments
  • Apartment Revamping or renovation
  • Residential Apartment Interior Decoration
  • Re-structuring of Apartments etc.


We have top-notch Flat Interior designers in Gurgaon, Haryana. Our Designers have 1 BHK to 4 BHK flat interior designing experience and beautifying spaces since 2012 in Gurgaon, Delhi, Noida, Ghaziabad residents.

Our Flat Interior Services

  • Directions and Interior based on residential vastu directions
  • Affordable Interior Designing Services in Gurgaon
  • Creative Use of Small Spaces
  • Vibrant colors for Interior Decoration of Flats etc.

Independent Floors

Independent houses and floors Interior designing with modern bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, lobby, guestroom and study room look.

If you own an independent house in Gurgaon city then you need interior designing professionals in Gurgaon like us to make it beautiful and positive space for living.

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Small Rooms

Do you own or rent a house/ flat the size of the small cupboard? Do you want to revamp your tiny rooms into WOW rooms? Whether you have small flat rooms or kid’s study rooms – Keyvendor’s experts, Interior designers in Gurgaon, are always ready to help you with small room interior ideas and designing.

Our professionals can provide services listed below:

  • Kitchen designs
  • Clothes storage space design
  • Furniture Ideas
  • Paint Colors on wall / roof and outer area

Luxury Space Designers in Gurgaon

luxury interior designers in gurgaon
Luxury House
Farm Houses
Luxury House

Luxury is the expression that gives you enormous feelings in which you will experience the comfort that your soul craving for.

There is something magnificent about to be a luxurious encourager and when it comes to considering luxury interior designing for your home then you need an expert that can craft the visualization of grace.

Keyvendors has always this kind of mindset to transform the ordinary layout of the space to vibrant outlook through the impressive interior designing and that is what we are doing because we understand the aspiration of consumers.


If you are looking for luxury penthouses interior design in Gurgaon then you opened right webpage.

We have experience in renovating ordinary penthouses into super luxurious spaces. Our experts, Interior Designers in Gurgaon, can manage following luxurious projects-

  • Small Penthouse Design
  • Modern Penthouse Design
  • Modern Luxury Penthouse

Our Interior Professionals take each and every small space very serious and give their 100% to it. We will design  your penthouse roof, penthouse rooms and penthouse floor designs as per your taste.


Modern classic villa interior designing is our expertise. If you are looking for Modern Indian House in Gurgaon then Keyvendor’s interior designers are the right fit for Villa Interior designing in Gurgaon, Haryana.

KeyVendor’s team of interior design consultants who are experienced in fields of luxury space designing such as villas design, modern home interior design and home decoration provides detailed and very specific concepts in order to make your dream home a reality.

Farm Houses

Looking for Farmhouse designers in Gurgaon or Kapas Hera border?

If you are fond of Huge open garden & landscapes then our farmhouse designers are trained for your needs.

Farmhouses architecture and interior is a mixture of natural elements ( Greenery, Trees, landscapes) & Modern Interior.

We already designed and prepared Farmhouse plans and architecture in Delhi NCR.

If You want to hire us fill the form or call us at 9018181818

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Commercial Interior Designer in Gurgaon

commercial interior designing company Gurgaon Harayana

Designing interior for commercial space is totally different from residential space. There are multiple commercial spaces in which hotel, restaurant, school, office, hospital, and much other commercial building are included.

To design a commercial space, it is very crucial to address the business goal and as well as the vision of the owner. It must reflect the comfort, aesthetic and valued infrastructure that has the power to glue the audience.

Keyvendors as the big player in the interior designing field has prior experience in handling the commercial interior and it has done a commendable job. The track record of Keyvendors has fetched the award of most credible commercial interior designer, which is definitely the matter of adding feathers in their cap.

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Types of Commercial Interior Design

restaurant interior designers Gurgaon Delhi NCR

Restaurant Interior Design

When you visit any restaurant you definitely watch the ambiance, infrastructure, and decoration. Even you closely stare on the sitting arrangements and presentation. In short, the interior of a restaurant should be appealing enough to make your guest repeat their visit. To have an eminent restaurant interior designing, you must hire the interior designing company that can design what your consumer needs and what you want to depict. Keyvendors is the right restaurant interior designer in Gurgaon to make you believe that the ambiance, designing, and decoration part of the restaurant must showcase the grace.

showroom interior designing Gurgaon

Showroom Interior Design

The retail industry is booming and we are experiencing it vigorously but we should not forget that the interior of a showroom plays a great role to influence consumers. The more customer walking in a showroom the better it has the possibility of sales and revenue. The showroom interior designing needs a certified interior designing agency that can do this job properly and who could be better than Keyvendors. This is a home service portal which genuinely focuses in interior designing and it has already worked in many retails or showrooms project and give them an outstanding design that has been appreciated by the end consumers.

hotel architecture design company in India

Hotel Interior Design

Designing a hotel is not an easy job, specifically when you are planning an interior of the hotel. There should be synchronization of traditional and innovative norms when you choose the interior designer. The modernized aspects and artistic front must have the glue to make your guest stick to your hotel. Food and hospitality shouldn’t be the only reasons to attract your customers but the interior of the hotel can play a great role to get back your guest every time. Keyvendors has understood these aspects and it has dealt with several hotel interior designing and they are capable to bring the great hotel designs concepts.

salon interiors Haryana

Salon Interior Design

A salon is not just a place where you can only get your hair cut but it is a comprehensive place for all over makeover. The interior of the salon has a big influence on the customer’s mind. While entering in a salon, you must have things in mind, that it should give the feeling of comfort and luxurious ambiance. Keyvendors has a team of salon interior designer who is having the prior experience of making a normal salon into the corporate looking salon. The business of salon is largely influenced by its interior and Keyvendors make sure that salon interior should address the comfort and demands of customers.

office interior design Gurgaon NCR

Office Interior Design

When you enter in your office, you just want to feel the relaxation, energy and positive working atmosphere. Every company owner has the dream to run a business with cooperative nature. The staff must blend with the company’s guidelines and they should also feel freedom as well as responsible. The office interior design should not only address the mainstay of owner perspectives but it should also have the essence to give positive working relationship among the workers which are real assets and promoters of any organization. We at Keyvendors has the strength to address these nuances and make any office look gracious because we are ideal and perfect in office interior designing and we have done it often during our work span.

shop interiors Gurgaon

Shop Interior Design

The interior of a shop is as important as a big retail showroom. You need the certified and experienced interior designer who can address your needs and implement it to the design and layout. It should not be restrained to the designing only but it must have the indulgence of smart space utilization. Keyvendors is an experienced shop interior designer and they can do this work with all professionalism.

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FAQ for Interior Designer Companies in Gurgaon

Why should hire an interior designer or Interior designing company?

Professional interior designers are known for their advice and because of their skills and past experience in space designing, they are the right person to tackle interior design complexities and implementation of right ideas. Few interior designers in Gurgaon are expert in commercial spaces and few in residential sectors, now it depends on your space requirement if you need luxury interior solutions or space designing solutions for tiny rooms. You should hire interior designers if you love your living spaces and want impress other people and for commercial places (especially service sector business) such as hotel, restaurant, clothing shops/fashion stores, playschools or education institution.

What program do interior designers use to design spaces?

We are living in the digital era, and traditional way of hand-drawing space designs are not enough for modern interior designers and interior design companies to compete with their industry competitors. Designs are easier to draw and render using interior designing software and interior design tools. Interior design tools make designs more realistic and lively, thus making it easier for Gurgaon interior designers to visualize space design ideas better for design projects.

Following is a list of commonly used best interior designer‘s softwares

  • Planner 5D
  • Roomstyler 3D Home Planner
  • Ikea Home Planner Tools
  • Design a Room
  • SketchUp
  • Autodesk AutoCad
  • Autodesk Revit
  • Infurnia
  • Photoshop
  • Archicad

What are the Interior services you deliver in Gurgaon?

KeyVendors do almost everything when it comes interior designing or space designing in Gurgaon, Delhi NCR, Noida and other parts of India.

In shorts, Our Interior professionals design & decor spaces where people live with family, work for living, runs business, & learn. We create positive places or you can say places for positive vibes to boost productivity and joy in the premises. our major Interior design Services in Gurgaon are-

  • Architectural Services
    We are India’s leading architecture company , delivering modern architectural design and interior design solutions to the customers.
  • Residential Interior Designing
  • Hospitality Interior Designing
  • Commercial Interior Designing
  • Turn Key Projects
  • Interior Decoration 
  • Customized Interior Furniture Services
  • Handmade Furniture
  • Modular Furniture

The Cost Of Hiring An Interior Designer: Is It Worth It?

 This is one of the most asked questions among the customers whenever it comes about hiring the professional residential interior designer service providers in Gurgaon. People want to know how much exactly they have to spend on it. The cost of hiring an interior designer also varies from platform to platform. Apart from it, there are many other factors responsible for having an interior designer. You must not get confused. It would be ideal to find the best platform to discuss. A cost of an interior designer also depends over many points such as –

  • Do tell them what kind of changes you want in your home
  • How much time you want to give them to do all this
  • In what area, you need the specific design
  • What kind of material you want to get used

After analyzing all this, the best and professional Home interior designer service providers will let you know the exact cost that you have to spend on this project. The cost of hiring an interior designer is not that way much if you discuss with the expert ones.

How to Find the Best Interior Designer in Gurgaon?

Put a full stop on your hunt and go with the reputed platform called Keyvendors. It is regarded as the best platform where you can find a wide array of Highly Professional Interior Designer in Gurgaon. What makes it the best among the customers is that it is adhered to deliver outstanding quality to its customers? As of now, it has catered so many clients and customers whether it is commercial or individual. Professionals’ clients always prefer it since they can achieve supremacy in Interior designing. We always keep the customers’ demands and requirements in the mind. We are having excellent team adhered to go with different types of models going with available space. Moreover, they are highly creative to make you have amazing solutions within budget. Whether you are in need of home interior, space renovation, hotel, fashion boutique design or something else related to interior designing, we handle everything in a detailed manner. Go and have the best Interior designers on a budget to make your area look completely amazing and different.

When You Should Hire The Residential Apartment Designer?

Stop getting confused that when to hire the best residential apartment designers. Keyvendors is here to bring the best service in front of you. Residential Apartment Designing makes possible for you to have the best results that you have always been wanting. They can help you to get the beautiful house no matter even if you have tiny space designing. Modern Tech-Equipped Apartment option is also available to have if you want to grab more features to your home. Make sure that you are going to have Interior Designers & interior decorators near you so that they would not have to travel a lot to access you.

How experts help you to get classic villa interior designing?

Go with the incredible and unique Interior design ideas and only professionals can suggest you the best. The professionals always understand the needs and requirements of the customers. They understand you right from the core of the heart. They know how to make your classic villa interior designing in a creative and innovative manner. All you need to do is share your requirements with them.  The professionals are here to cater in a great way. They do have wide experience along with having a close eye over the new trends and that is why they can deliver you the best results. Make sure that you are going to hire a highly professional commercial interior designer. They can also serve you in case you are hunting for the retail interior designer because they cover many categories.

What Are The Types of Commercial Interior Design?

There are many different types of commercial interior design such as office interior design, restaurant interior design, showroom interior design and so on. Stop getting confused and discuss with the best platform available in the form of Keyvendors to discuss all this. Say yes to Affordable and reliable interior designers exploring at Keyvendors. Before getting into any commercial interior design project, they always make sure that each and every point has been covered such as

  • What would be the ambiance
  • Infrastructure to go with the theme of the commercial project
  • How it should be a decoration of the project get done

Moreover, the same goes when it comes to hiring the office interior designer commercial sine you have to discuss in a detailed manner that what kind of office you exactly want so that experts can follow those guidelines to make you have the amazing results. So, what are you waiting for? It is time to Hire Interior Designer Online.

How You Can Have More Business Going With Showroom Interior Design?

Hiring the Right interior designers & decorators means half of your stress will go away from your head. Yes!!! You can have a lot of business going with ideal showroom interior design. Customers always prefer to get into a showroom that looks amazing and beautiful. When you have the amazing decoration and interior at your showroom, you find great vibes all around. The fact cannot be ignored that the retail industry is growing quite fast. The showroom interior can truly work to fetch more attention to your business. Hire the best Turnkey interior contractor in Gurgaon to handle everything in the right way.

How Technology Enhances The Quality Of Interior Designing?

We are part of the advanced world where everything is being done following advanced technology. Gone are the days when the digital era or traditional way of hand-drawing space of designs used to have. Now, it needs to go with advanced technology. Moreover, it also makes easier to get done interior designing projects. The new-age technology makes possible to draw as well as render going interior designing software and interior design tools too. There are many amazing tools used to have the best interior designer’s software such as Planner 5D, Rooms Tyler 3D Home Planner, Ikea Home Planner Tools, Design a Room, Sketch Up and so on.  You may also hire the professional Turnkey contractor in case if you have a wide project to get accomplished on the time.

How hiring Interior Designer in Gurgaon can make your Space Delightful

You are about to design or decorate your home and office, but you don t have any deal or plan to make this thing happens in reality. It is ideal to hire someone who has deep knowledge of interior designing plus he/she has certification, experience, and a great portfolio to reflect the credibility.  Most of the people might have the misconception that investing in an expert interior designer can be expensive for them but actually, it is not an expense but an investment. Well, you need to break this stereotype and read the important points which will make you understand how important to hire an interior designer.

Add grace to your space

Interior designer can understand the space more than you because they have studied for a long time. For them, it is not just a place but is a project, which should have a life and vibrancy. They observe your personality and taste, after that, they try to encapsulate every acceptable thing which can add elegance in the room. They are expert in utilizing the space fully so that it looks delightful.

Work on your determined budget

An expert interior designer in Gurgaon always keep your budget in mind and then create thing accordingly which means that he/she will try to cover all things with estimated budget and if there is a situation when the budget is going to overshoot, then he/she will control the property owner and take suggestion for further step. They will arrange things in a smart way so that you don’t have to pay extra bucks for the work.

Not everyone can do this

If you think that you don’t need an interior designer and you can do the decoration and n designing part on your own, then you are at fault.  It is a similar situation when someone is telling you to treat a person with the disease even knowing this, that you are a doctor. It’s something silly, however, if you a decoration idea, you can do it, but if you think that you can do the task with such finishing, then its big mistake. If this could happen then everyone could it, but since it is not everyone cups of tea. The professional inputs and inspection are needed for the space designing that is why hiring a professional interior designer is always a deal of profit because they will have your money and time both.

Good alternative for hectic people

We know that every one of us is today busy and it is because we have a hectic professional and personal life. Sur to that we are not free to give our time to the designing and decoration part of our home. In such a case, these professionally interior designer comes as the troubleshooter because they will do whatever is the designer of the owner with their specialization and competence. So they have become a good option for busy people.

Contact with other professionals

Interior designer work with many other professionals during the project such as electrician, plumber’s tiles and floor manufacturer etc. It becomes easy for you to get the whole team from a one channel. Interior designer will supervise and monitor their work, and you don’t need to take the extra headache of how work is going.

Project completion on time

The benefit of making the decision to hire an expert interior designer in Gurgaon is that they are passionate about their work and they always stick to their timeline. They will complete the project with all the specification on time and handover the project to the owner.