Unfortunately, the basement is the area that gets affected by the water damage first among all others. In this way, it is obvious that the homeowner might think about the resolutions of water damage. The basement is unquestionably one of the crucial areas of residential space. Now we will understand what is seepage? How it will affect your home? What are the remedies to prevent water flooding in the basement? You will get the solutions of your every question related to waterproofing and seepage here


What Is Water Seepage?

Water seepage is defined as the water traveling from one area to another through the tiny epidemic or holes in the surface or walls. It generally occurs due to the heavy rainfall. The level of groundwater suddenly increases and the overflow of water pressure leads to generating hydrostatic pressure on the home’s foundation, which can result in cracks and damage in the basement area. The intensity of water can reach the upper level of the foundation walls. Only the trusted Waterproofing service provider in Delhi can handle this issue and come up with best possible troubleshooting waterproof plan.

How to detect if your property is having water seepage issue?

It is not easy to identify the water seepage within the basement and other areas of the residential property. The worst thing happens after water seepage is the enhancement of moisture that leads the poor air quality and stinking atmosphere. The musty smell will make your basement unpleasant and it will increase the humidity level. Moreover, there could be the presence of stains, decaying paints, bubbling, cracks and peeling on the wall that signifies the issues associated with moisture. Consulting with a renowned company that deals in Waterproofing service in Delhi are an intelligent idea to implement. However, SKC waterproofing services has been the number one company in this field.


Reasons of Water Seepage

There are many reasons that are responsible for water seepage and one of the significant reasons is the window wells which means that if your basement area has the secretive window, then it can be the cause of seepage. However window wells are used to stop water from infiltrating your basement, but if they are not installed properly or having in poor condition, then the cracking a clogging can enable water to seep into the well which eventually disturbs the smooth draining system. To troubleshoot the water seepage, the property owner needs to repair window well liners or equip window well covers which can make your window long lasting. Don’t worry about the Waterproofing rates in Delhi because when the safety of your basement is on your mind, the cost hardly matters because it is important to have a better solution with high standard quality. In that case, if you have to spend few more bucks to save your property from water problems and moisture, then it is a beneficial deal, after all, you are getting service against the money spent.


Another reason for water seepage is your drainage pipe system that gathers water from your residential place by a sump pump device. Though this system is very efficient there is a high possibility of the clog, mud, and dirt and other pollutants, which can be an obstacle in flowing of water easily and in its place the moisture will enter via foundation walls, cove joint, and basement floor. To seek solutions for this issue the house needs to install exterior and interior drain tile system. Besides that, you can also take the help of Waterproofing Company in Delhi because they have the right tools, experts and solution for water seepage.

Damaging consequences of Water Seepage

No doubt, there are numerous repercussions that come with excess water. If you don’t treat water seepage right away, you put your basement at risk for mold and mildew. Unfortunately, mold isn’t just a cosmetic problem—it can put you and your family’s health in danger. Furthermore, mold cleanup isn’t an easy job; from carpet removal to drywall replacement, getting rid of mold is costly and time-consuming.


It is certain to have multiple bad effects due to additional water and it is important to treat the water seepage professionally through waterproofing contractors in Delhi NCR and if you don’t take action then things will be untreatable because it can collapse your personal articles and also invite unwanted insects. So don’t leave your basement untreated because it can bring lethal consequences. It is conscious need to expel water from the basement area to save it from the potential damages


Moreover, if water run down into the electrical component, it can cause a short circuit which eventually has the risk of fire. The worst thing about water seepage is that it can make your foundation weak which lead to the major structural instability like foundation sinking, unsettlement and finally, it can make your structure collapse within a few seconds. It will not only make trouble for your basement safety but it will also bring a burden on your pocket because the repair work becomes very costly now. That is why people suggest taking the help of waterproofing contractor in Delhi from SKC which is the prominent player in this segment.

How to Fix Water Seepage


Whenever you find any sign of water seepage, you should not wait till the problem get bigger in the near future. Treat the problem when it is in the first stage, so there is a need to take prompt precautions and steps to prevent the water seepage. As per the report published in the research paper, it is revealed if the household water leaks are treated professionally and smartly, then it can save nearly 10% of the water bill of the homeowners. That doesn’t mean that you need to do it on your own. Well, there is a broad marketplace where you can find the eligible and trusted waterproofing expert which can detect the water leakage and moisture issue and give solution accordingly. There foundation repair, sealant application, basement waterproofing, roof waterproofing and many other remedies to use for the elimination of water seepage issue.


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