As every profession have their own set of a glossary, so do we have in the interior designing field. If you want your interior designing task is done in an incredible manner, you need to choose the professional interior designer. They work in an accurate manner to accomplish their goals. It would be ideal to know a variety of design styles and their key-features in a detailed manner. Let us check it out in a detailed manner.

Why “Modern Design” Is The Most Preferred?

Modern design is preferred more by residential places or public spaces. It is simple lines and color palette along with usage of metal, glass or other props to make things look attractive. It amazes buyers with its unique lines and simplicity, which defines the major design as a major aesthetic style. A sense of simplicity is applicable in every element including furniture, wall piece, lights, etc. it is commonly called as Sleek as it is not a complex structure with clutters and objects, but a simple and classy piece of art. You should explain your specific needs with the interior company in Delhi NCR is want more in this context.

What About the “Minimalist” and How It is Useful?

Unlike modern, minimalist refers to a kind of design that requires less space as it is strategically designed to keep the place well ventilated and airy. Furniture is streamlined of a simple non- flamboyant styled in accessories and décor. It sends a feeling of class and keeps a chaotic mind at peace with its simple design and elegant colors. When you search interior designer near me, you will get the local results appearing in search engine where Keyvendors tops the list.

How “Industrial Interior Designing” Is Different From Others?

It is uncommon to see a design with exposed bricks, ductwork or wood. As the name implies, it draws inspiration from warehouses or an urban loft. You can visualize a room with a high ceiling, with electronic pipes carrying wires from lamp to lamp, few art pieces hanging on the wall with a focus light, dangling light metal fixtures or old timber. Art pieces are hanged concerning the color combination of accessories to have a contrast effect. Hiring a turnkey interior contractor in Delhi NCR is also a great idea to get your work done in a rapid way along with a talented team of interior designers.

Traditional: If It Is Still High In Demand?

Traditional designs include splendid furniture, classic details, and an abundance of accessories. Traditional houses often feature dark furniture, rich color palette, a variety of curves and lines and can include grills on windows. Hire the best interior design company in Delhi NCR. Furniture has fancy and elaborate details, classy fabrics like velvet or silk and brocade along with some colors and patterns. There is depth, layering, and spatiality among most ancient styles.

What Is Transitional Interior Designing?

It is preferred when the client wants to have the best of both the worlds. The traditional design is a combination of both modern and traditional designs. You may observe rich and lavish furniture along with some glass and steel fixtures highlighted with some focus of light. A key point of this design is that it includes neutral color palettes, creating a calming and relaxed space that manages to feel stylish and sleek, as well as warm and inviting. Most commonly used at places which is not “too much” in terms of one style or another?


It is best to have an introductory knowledge of the design and style you dream to have, which helps both you and the interior designer in Delhi to get the design to reality. Together we can help you get your desired design in your home. If you would like to consult with Keyvendors write to us at or call us at 9018181818

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