The foundation is the mainstream and crucial structural segment of your house. It needs to be static and strong, but it also comes across with multiple problems. The foundation problems should be addressed and rectified on time to avoid the major structural damage of the home.

The safety of your home foundation is obviously your duty and concern, so you need to educate yourself about the causes and other factors that allow foundation cracks such as cracks in windows and door openings, chimney, titling, walls, etc.

Since you are a layman and you are busy with your daily, life, so it becomes hard for you to identify these foundation cracks. It needs intense home inspection which can be done by only the reliable waterproofing contractor in Delhi because they are aware of this work and they can get the best solution to fill these cracks.

Causes of Foundation Cracks

Check it out the common causes of Foundation cracks highlighted below:

Inaccurate Foundation Compaction          

Often the foundation work was done with no professionalism, where the placement of concrete doesn’t apply in right and accurate area, due to the soil surrounding the concrete get insufficient compaction, which makes your house foundation setting erratically. This type of mistake can lead to the instability of your foundation and it gets crack because of inadequate sustenance.

Roots of Tree or bushes

House which is attached to big tree or bushes can cause the heaviness on the foundation due to root extension. It eventually turns to appear crack in the foundation. Make sure that no tree is near to your home foundation because the root of the tree can stretch their presence according to the height of the tree.

Type of Soil

The type of soil is also responsible for the crack of foundation, for instance, if the clay soils and clay soils are in the foundation then it is very volatile in terms of foundation construction. The foundation placed with clay soil growing due to excessive moisture and reduction, which eventually cause the foundation to settle down. Chockfull and amalgamation soils can be the reason for foundation cracks liable on the levels of moisture. There are plenty of basement waterproofing methods which can be applied to fill the cracks of the foundation in order to save your property from potential water leakage.


This is a surprising factor and often neglected because we have a myth that only lack of moisture in the soil will not create any problem for foundation. However, it is a moth as already described. It is because when the moisture gets dry out fully throughout the soil, the contraction befalls create a distance between the compacted soil and foundation, which enable the moving of foundation and consequently cracks appears in the foundation.

To identify the foundation crack is not easy, so there is a requirement of expert analysis by a waterproofing service provider to start the rectification process for the foundation cracks.


Who doesn’t know that the excess water availability to the foundation can be disastrous? It will not only damage the foundation but also compel you to spend thousands of bucks in repair work. The pressure of water that is upward is known as hydrostatic pressure and water pressure that direct inward is called lateral pressure, which can be hazardous for foundation walls.

Extreme water around the foundation and inside the soil cause puffiness which eventually put pressure on the wall. This force of soil cause cracks that can breakdown the structural strength of the house. There are other causes like bad grading, inadequate roof drainage, and plumbing leakage are also central reasons for superfluous water.


Don’t worry if you see these signs of foundation cracking. Make sure to avoid these causes so that you can prevent cracks of the foundation. But if still, you don’t get the way to eliminate the foundation cracks issue, then the capable and talented waterproofing contractor in Delhi NCR will do this difficult job and come up with the effective remedy.

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