You have heard about crawl space which is positioned in the basement area. It often gets neglected because it is generally not visible easily and it has no seeming implication to your home. But ignoring the crawl space can bring a negative effect to the rest of your home. Hence it suggested inspecting your crawl space-time to time to avoid such inconsistency.  There are few irregularities you might face due to the clogged or untidy crawl space.

High Electricity Bills

When a crawls space is wet, then it will soak moisture and also allow air to leak from the house. Sue to that your HVAC system needs to work for more hours because the heating air comes from outside which eventually led electrical efficiency to go down and electricity bills. It is important to seal back your crawl space accurately so that you don’t have to pay high bills due to HVAC overwork. Consult the waterproofing experts for giving the best solution for water damage in the house.

Bad Air Quality

You might have observed that if the crawl space is not monitored or cleaned frequently, it becomes the upbringing entryway for mold, moisture, and other dirt. Sometimes there you can find dead animals such as mouse, insects and all that. You might not aware of the fact that nearly 40% air arrives from the crawl space and it can be full of moisture, mold, dirt and other harmful stuff which generally makes the air quality bad. This bad air quality can cause several health problems to the residents living in the house. Don’t wait and call the waterproofing contractor and they will check if there is any presence of water leakage and moisture in the crawl space. After that, they will treat the space accordingly.

Risk of Structural Damages

The crawlspace is an area which generally gathers moisture via condensation and changing temperature, humidity or water damages. When the moisture level is excess in this area, it suddenly influences mold to grow and also become home of pests. Due to that the home structure come in the risk. If the moisture spread to the walls, it will destroy the paints and firmness of the walls, moisture in a wooden particle such as door can make it decay. The mold growth can be hazardous for the structural strength of the subfloor, which eventually enables the unwanted moving and contravention if space is not treated timely.

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