You definitely want to transmute your home with the vibrant requirements of present interiors. Painting is the work which should not be avoided when you are renovating or building new construction. The best method to enhance the beauty of your home is painting the wall. It is not only used to make your home look good and mesmerizing but it will also get a firm shield to your wall. Several unfavorable conditions are responsible to damage your property such as changing the weather, leakage of water, termite and other pest attack and all that. Applying high-quality wall painting in the exterior and interior of the home is always ensure the durability of the space.

Many walls paint options are available such as oil-based and water-based, if we talk about wall paints for the interior surface wall then mainly we find plastic emulsion and distemper which are also classified into subcategories. Exterior wall painting can be divided into three categories such as textured plaster, acrylic emulsion and cement paint. You can find a variety of paints in metal and wooden surface.  There are few popular paint categories used in residential and commercial space which are mentioned below:-

Cement Paint:

Cement paint is a cost-effective, algae and fungus resilient, convenient to apply and give protection from bad seasonal conditions. Many painting contractors in Delhi recommends using this water-based paint for the finishing of the exterior wall.  It is available in a wide range of shades and color and you can get as per your demand from the local paint dealers ort suppliers

The basic ingredient of textured plaster in emulsion paint and it is widely available in the market usually applied to shield the exterior wall surface and enhance its durability. Therefore when you meet any Painting Contractor in Laxmi Nagar Delhi ask him that whether he knows about the textured plaster or not, it may be possible that you will have to use it in the future.

Premium The significant qualities of premium enamel paints have made it the best option for polishing metal surface because it has the lustrous impact, high-quality surface finishing and excellent protection virtue from the wear and tear due to changing weather tendency.

Wood Finishes

There are plenty of options for wood finished like melamine and polyurethane which has been a modern form of varnish. If we talk about  Polyurethane(PU) then we must say that it is costly but it has the capability to restrain your wooden surface or wood from moisture and scratches, moreover, it provides the long-lasting features to the wood. However, if you don’t have much budget then you should go for melamine, it will give attractive view look to the wood after the application but if we talk about the protection, effectiveness and durability factor, then it is not up to the mark as compared to PU. So it is absolutely your decision that in which options do you want to choose for the wood finishes because when you ask any Painting Contractor in Laxmi Nagar Delhi, he will suggest you the same.

Exterior Paint

Exterior paint has the quality to give protection from damage caused by the different seasonal condition. For that water-based exteriors, paints are best, therefore it is necessary to consult best Painting Contractor in Laxmi Nagar Delhi in order to get excellent finishing.

Plastic Emulsion

The most popular and widely used paint is Plastic emulsion because it is water-based paint and eco-friendly and less harmful than oil-based paints which cause skin irradiation, unbearable body odor and it has a high quantity of volatile organic compound which may cause several health risks to the property owner. But plastic emulsion is safe and has 3 types premium or silk emulsion, economy emulsion and regular emulsion.

Synthetic Enamel Paint

It has the supreme efficient finishing and surface protection, it is suitable for wooden and other surfaces. Moreover several of painting contractor in Laxmi Nagar also recommends using this Synthetic Enamel Paint in order to get a glossy look.

Acrylic Distemper

This type of paint is mainly made up of lime or powdered chalk mainly applied on the brick wall, concrete surface and plastered wall in order to protect and beautify it. There are different types of distempers and we all know that dry and synthetic distemper is not washable but on the other hand, acrylic distempers are washable and easy to clean. It is commonly used on surfaces like plaster, wall, and asbestos.

Acrylic Emulsion:

This emulsion is high efficient and strong resistant of bad weather condition. The water-based acrylic emulsion paint is chiefly applied to maintain the long-lasting finishing of the exterior wall surface.


When you hire any painting contractor in Indirapuram, Delhi or wherever you live, you need to make sure that the agency or individual whoever is going to handle the task must have the proper knowledge of the different types of paints. They should know that the exact use of paint for the right surface. Finding cheap level painting contractor can cause damage to your property because unskilled labor can destroy the beauty of your property. Therefore, when you are looking for quality work in painting service, don’t forget to consider that money is the secondary thing and if you want quality, you need to pay for it. Experience, committed, reliable past track records and timely completion of painting assignment are also some of the signs that you need to look for in a painter.

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