Today environment is facing imbalance due to limited sources of non-renewable energy and items. The global warming is the biggest concern of the world because the climate changing in past couple of decades has taken so many lives. The fossil fuels are limited and we should now think of using them carefully. We can conserve fuel by opting eco-friendly transportation. The consumption of natural food and organic items has shown that the environmental friendly things are not only filling your requirement but also sustaining the development. Now if we talk about interior designing, we can say that people are now using material which are renewable and chemical free which means that it doesn’t affect badly to the atmosphere.

When you are having the idea of using eco-friendly product, then you can use synthetic plants, indoor vines and flowerpots. Spacious windows look attractive as well as passing refreshing air. Eco friendly product like glass tiles, wool carpet, and bamboo can add elegance. Green plantation in your home can complete the look your home. Using environment savvy flooring can be used to add natural ambiance.

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Creating a small garden on your balcony or at your terrace is also a great idea. When it comes to home gardens, blend in styles with plants, flowers and recycled home accessories. Residential interior designer in Delhi can do this work every easily as they have years of experience and skills to change your space into the nature gateway.

Leverage vibrancy and dignity to your interior you can use raw ingredients and use them in the form of stylish shape. Wooden furniture with vintage look will emphasize the glory of your home interior. The sculpture and inscription created from stones will also give an eminent look. We have collected some significant strategy that will make your home’s interior eco-friendly

Using refurbished outdated decoration accessories is also a great idea, it is not only an eco-friendly concept but it will be affordable also. Using old items will make you nostalgia and it will make your interior vintage and traditional. Make sure the sunlight is easily entering all the rooms and giving natural brightness.  There are many other ways which makes your interior absolutely eco-friendly, here are these ideas.

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Using green plants as decoration

Green interior

The most significant acceptable way to make your interior environment basis is to decorate home with green plants, they provide oxygen, fresh air and eradicate harmful chemical from atmosphere. Not about making a mindful space, but it also give a rejuvenating and natural elegance at your residence. The flowers fragrances and bamboo stick will give the natural look.

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Allow Sunlight to enter the space


The accurate lighting can make a positive impact on whole space, when you reside in a cold climate, it is obvious get the spacious exposure of sunlight in your space through windows. However make sure that the windows are totally safe as per insulation terms so that the unnecessary heat and cold restricted outside. Making you space bright is another good idea, try to avoid dark painting on wall. If possible then the bathroom and bedroom face direction towards north where sun is less and loving.

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Using furniture that is made from natural elements  

natural home furniture interior

Plastic chairs are not ideal in this way, it is important to make your home interior eco-friendly, you should use furniture made up of natural wood and organic products. However all woods are not supportable. Make sure the wood that you are using for making your furniture has the highest quality that is directed by the wood industry and furniture fraternity. Using bamboo is also an appropriate alternative, but if you can get the used and antique fruitier m then it will be better enough.

Don’t use products made up of VOC chemicals

Voc free Interior

Volatile organic compounds (VOC) as the name suggests are organic chemicals which simply disappear as per the room temperature, they are commonly used household items, that includes air fresheners, carpets , furniture, cleaning chemicals, paints, adhesive and all that. These chemical are not only disturbing your eco-friendly interior but also degrading your health. There are many health concerns occurs due to VOC such as liver damage headache, nausea .eye itching, throat irritation, nervous system disorder and might cause cancer. So avoiding these VOC product is wise move.

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Utilize Natural Finishing and Textiles

Natural Finishing and Textiles

The list of household items that ought to be crafted from natural materials goes beyond furniture. Fashioning pillows, mattresses, upholstery and beddings from wool-stuffed materials, for example, cuts down on the production of synthetic materials that ultimately end up languishing in landfills. It also means upholstery isn’t made from petroleum-based materials and soaked in VOC-laced flame retardants, which can lead to serious health problems like infertility and IQ and developmental impairments in children.

The household items that you want to put in your home must made from natural components such as stylish pillow, mats, bedding from wool packed products. You need to reduce the synthetic items and use items made from natural elements such wool which is reusable, biodegradable, anti-bacterial, dust restraints and moisture soaking. Material made from natural fibers like wool, jute and cotton are 100% environment savvy and natural.

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