Interior Designers & Demand?

Home is undoubtedly the safest place in the world and people want to build and design it according to their respective choices.  Interior designer plays an important role to design and decorate your house and office as per your requirements. Indians are changing their perception about living & office spaces, now everyone wants to live in a beautiful house & office interiors are getting more creative and attractive day by day. So the scope of interior designing in India is hug in upcoming future. 

People often misunderstand the meaning of decorators and designers. One needs to know that the basic difference between interior designers and decorator is ‘knowledge’.

Become Interior Designer in India


Interior Designers Vs. Interior Decorators

Difference in Interior decoration and design


Well, we can say any person can become an interior decorator because people who love to work with textiles, furniture, fabrics, and colours. But if we talk about interior designing, there is always need the affiliation, certification, and education to learn the basics and nuances of interior designing and planning.  

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Things to Understand to Become Interior Designers in India

Well, there are some important points that help to become a successful interior designer in Indian Market.

1: Passion for Interior Designing Profession

Passion for Interior Designing Profession


The most important thing is to have the passion for this profession. You should have the interest in color, construction, textiles etc. You need to understand that while designing your home and office, you love the art of designing.

It doesn’t mean that you will become an interior designer but these symbolic gestures and interest can lead you to choose the path, however. The initial step to be a fruitful career is to follow your passion because if you love your work then you can do it in a better way.

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2: Interior Designer Need to become a People Voice

Listen Clients to become Interior designer in India


Being creative and your output is a good idea but that doesn’t mean that you can discard the inputs and requirements of clients.

You can ask any interior designer about the horrible experience with clients, where client absolutely rubbished the idea of an interior designer. You need to become a people choice because people are the specific and little bit more careful about their home and commercial space.  You need to understand the aspiration of clients and work with them in order to make them satisfy. Successful interior designers understand the need of people.

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3: Starting Salary for Interior Designer in India is Not Very High

starting salary for interior designer in india is low


Don’t expect huge money and salary at the early stage of Interior designing career because you are a raw person and you need the breakthrough.

At this time, you should understand that experience is the key that decides your future career. It also depends upon many factors like organizations, for example, if you are working in a furniture agency then you will get less salary, on the other hand, if you are working in the top class architectural company then you will get high salary. Well gain experience and work with multiple interior design projects will help you hike your fees. Make sure that never give up the learning and keep doing good.

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4: Prepare Your Interior Design Project Portfolio

Interior designing project Portfolio to become successful interior designer in india


The records, picture, and achievement speak volume and it is necessary for every interior designer to develop an organized portfolio where you can highlight your previous projects, the photo collection of project completion etc.  

If you have completed the interior designing course then you may get the opportunity of working for a low stipend or even for free, so don’t let the opportunity go and grab this quickly because the struggling and learning is the part of every career.

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5: Interior Designing is not only about Fabrics and Colour


Required Interior designers skills


Though fabric, textile, colour, and furniture are an integral part of interior design, there are many another task that is needed for the interior designer. The designer must have the knowledge about the architectural science, building codes, CAD, spatial methodologies and many others.

But one thing is important that if you want to get success in interior designing then you should make your learning strengths and get knowledge.

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6: Never Forget that This is a Competitive Field

Interior designing industry is competitive


Interior designing is undoubtedly the competitive profession so one needs to be specific and out of the box. If you have the excellent portfolio with you, then it will help you to get a good job. Always be creative and update with latest pattern idea and pattern of designing.  

If you set different and beyond thinking in your Interior designing work, you will definitely have an edge over other people. So this is not a cake walk, be prepare and learn every time. Get ready to fight your strong competitors to Become Successful Interior Designer in India.

7: Be Aware of Quality Standards and Laws

Interior designing industry law and information


It is very important to be aware of standards and building code, plumbing codes, electricity, furniture and all that.  This makes you updated and superior from other designers. These standards and laws knowledge can set you apart from others and people hire you for your expertise and knowledge. Keep eyes on Interiors Industry related information to become Interior Designer in India & stay ahead from direct local vendors


Well summarizing all the points, we just want to convey that interior designing profession required skills, creativity and expertise. You can be reputed interior designer in India only by getting certification and from the renowned institutions.

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