To protect your basement from the dampness and water leakage it is always a good reason to apply waterproofing services and there are numerous basement waterproofing methods that an expert use to stop the water damage and leakage.  Let us know about them


If it comes to select the most accurate basement waterproofing methods then sealing comes at the top position. In the process, the layer of waterproofing pain application, repairing leaking pipes, filing cracks through epoxy injection is involved. Some contractors don’t consider the sealing is alone capable to waterproof the basement. However, you can correct this by cover the bases. The big cracks happen to be found in the basement needs to be sealed by concrete properly and additionally, the foundation should be inspected to make certain that no cracks have been left to fill. Or else you applying the mixture of waterproofing methods will prevent your basement from surplus dampness.

Sump Pump

When it comes to preventing your basement from the dampness and water intrusion, nothing is better than sump pump which firmly skilled to lift heavy material to rescue basement from the water. The waterproofing contractor that you hire will need to equip tactically positioned pipes that will help in flowing spare water to drain into the basement’s sump pump. After that, the Sump Pump will do its work by pumping the excess water expelled from the area and it is also one of the ideal basement waterproofing methods. If you have any confusion about how your basement is waterproofed, you need to check your Sump pump, the maintenance of this sump pump is necessary with time to time. Only the sump pump should be present on the basement and keep tracking about the rust, damage, battery and power sources of sum pump. Regular maintenance and inspection of the sump pump are essential to keep it going for a long time. Make sure to buy a sump pump from the authorized and credible manufacturer so that you don’t have to face maintenance and service problems.

Vapor Barriers

If you are not aware of the waterproofing solution, you probably have not heard about vapor barriers. It is polyethylene plastic or foil sheet that is infiltrated inside of the walls and often place amid drywall and insulation. The vapor barrier is an effective precautionary solution, but it is not able to keep your basement dry completely. To make your basement completely, you should also apply other basement waterproofing methods along with Vapor Barriers so that the waterproofing of the basement done in a precise way. However, commonly, Vapor Barriers is a suitable choice to equip any area of your residence to prevent from water. The Vapor Barriers is created to restrict condensation which can result in water damage and mold in the property. Hiring a reliable waterproofing company in Delhi NCR is important to do things in a professional way and SKC is one of them.

Basement waterproofing methods

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