This question is asked by many of our customers during our hot Brandon, Florida summer months.

This is a very common question asked by my consumer because they are fed up of the performance of their AC. To answer this question it is understand to know how old our AC. is If your AC is 5 years old or less , so it would be good to get it repair, because every manufacturer give 5-10 years warranty on AC condenser and other  component of unit. However make sure that the manufacturer is giving the said warranty on evaporator coils and other segment of unit.

The AC technician from manufacturer will visit and identify the problem and communicate with manufacturer whether the AC unit is in under warranty period or not. If it is in warranty, they will do the repair work for free or minimal charges.

Various agency that claims that they are the best AC repair near me company in Delhi, must be cross checked by the customers. If they have adequate experience, certification, license and skills, then you can ask them for Ac servicing. However if you air conditioner is older than 5 years, then it might be possible that the Ac compressor exceeds warranty span, it is suggested to replace the whole Ac unit. Normally we have seen that the Ac unit that are manufacturing today don’t give 10 years of warranty on the compressor and they only give few years of warranty on the same which means that, this was give earlier years but right you will hardly find any manufacturer that will give 10 years warranty on compressor.

The premier AC service nearby Delhi like SKC will inspect your entire AC and communicate with manufacturer to confirm the warranty period. This thing is noticeable that replacement of compressor for your AC will normally provide 1 year warranty and the cost of compressor replacement of AC is likely to half or two-forth the price of the new AC condenser.

Other parts in your AC except coils are low cost, so it would be good to repair them instead of replacing the unit.

AC which is older than 8 years of age, we suggest to replace the unit, because at this age the AC condenser system is liable to different internal faults with decreased efficiency. By replacing it with brand new air conditioner you can save thousands of your electricity bills.  However Ac repair and service in Delhi can be the good option to consult on this issue.

 If we talk about AC which is 12 years older, the replacement of AC condenser unit is essential. It is because if Air conditioner condenser is working fine or serviced time to time, then the efficiently of Ac will be increased with inside evaporator coil. Undoubtedly the AC unit that are present in the market are more effectual and affordable to functionalize as compare to those who were manufactured 10 years ago.

Other than this issue, if the AC condenser fan motor dismantled and unit is still running without giving any indication, then there could be disguised fault exist in the Ac. The Air conditioner compressor depend on the condenser fan performance which helps to eliminate heat, tear and wear on the compressor. The AC compressor is like an engine to your AC and if it is overheating, then it is sign of big fault. Don’t want for this situation and contact the expert AC repair center in Delhi, which has the skills to fix the issues.

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