Sometimes your terrace can play an eminent role in organizing an event or party because the space is just big as pert the expectation. It is the best place to celebrate the occasion,   however you can make your terrace elegant and spacious by implementing few simple tips recommended by top interior designer in Delhi from keyVendors:-

Room Lighting

 Swing your mood with sophisticated lighting

During the night, the LED lamps, floor lamps and wall lamps can be used to enlighten your terrace. It is also a good idea to use LED strips to bright a particular space. Hanging different lanterns around the terrace area will definitely give a shiny look. You can use solar lamps and candles if you want to use them.

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Music, Fountain

Install a fountain to improve the artistic ambiance of your terrace  

In many party and events, you probably have seen singing fountain and normal fountain which give creative look to the party. It is not only making your mind calm but soothing atmosphere as well. A fountain is definitely a thing that can enhance the beauty of your terrace. To install the fountain it is very import to take the help of home interior designer to design the fountain that blend with the mood and décor of the terrace. However, make sure that there is no chance of leakage and or waterproofing issues.

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Artificial Turf

Using synthetic grass can also make your terrace pretty

Today we have availability of synthetic grass in the market and online store which give look similar to natural grass, it will give you the feeling lawn in your terrace. The green color of the grass will make you feel rejuvenated and fresh. However make sure that the waterproofing and drainage system of your terrace is working accurately before you put the synthetic grass on the floor of the terrace. Interior designer in Delhi from keyVendors will help you to do this simply.

Terrace  Plants

Maintain greenery of terrace by adding plants

You will love to see the plantation in your terrace, some of the people has transformed their terrace into a beautiful garden. You can buy planter boxes where you can get seasonal plants and colorful pots, this will make your terrace a spectacular garden. You can hang your planter boxes on the railing of your terrace and enjoy their flowering.

Terrace Furniture

Enhance the design by adding elegant furniture

If you really want to remodel your terrace as an eventful place, then it should have the proper furniture, there are many furniture which are season resistant. Make sure that the furniture restrains sunlight and UV rays so that it can be durable for a long time. Plenty of designs are available in sofas, coffee, table, chairs and many more to require in this space.

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Flooring work should be durable and appropriate for Outdoors

To get a flooring in terrace area will give an aesthetic look because substance such as slate, marble and stone for the usage of outdoors make it royal. For the latest and advanced style, choose interlocking tiles in different color and designs, make sure that the tiles are compatible enough for outdoor.

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